Monday, December 24, 2012

메리 크리스마스~~!!!!

메리 크리스마스~! (Merry Christmas)

Merry Christmas to you and all of your family and friends wherever you are! All over the world right now Christmas is being celebrated! Even in Korea! So here's a few of your favorite celebrities telling you "메리 크리스마스" 

Merry Christmas from Super Junior KRY (:

Merry Christmas from FT Island's JongHoon!

Merry Christmas from Super Junior's Siwon!

Merry Christmas from B2ST(BEAST)'s Gi Kwang! 

Merry Christmas from ZE:A's Hyungsik!

Merry Christmas from Teen Top!

So there you have it people! Some of the world's most famous K-Pop idols saying Merry Christmas to their loving fans! Who's your favorite of the above? Mine's definitely Super Junior KRY. Because their outfits are great and so are they. Ahhh Ryeowook. (':

So since this is a Christmas post, I want to say a few things.
1) Remember to always keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas. He's the reason we celebrate Christmas. Sure, presents are so great. And the thought of an oversized old fat man who loves children and knows when they're sleeping and when they're awake and if they're bad or good coming down your chimney and into your house at night might be great to think about...(?) The real reason for Christmas is because Jesus Christ was born. And that same Jesus Christ that was born on this day 2000 and something years ago died for our sins. So make sure that during your Christmas fun and family time to pray to Jesus and tell him how much you love him and thank him for dying for our sins. Even though that's more Easter-ish and Good Friday-ish, without him being born, he would have never done it at all. 
2) Be sure to keep all sharp and pointy objects away from you at all times. Since getting together with the family is usually always a pain, do not let someone get ahold of the knives.. And you step away from them too.
3) Have fun. Christmas is a jolly holiday that you spend with your family. Though like I said in number 2 that family can be a pain, they are still your family. Like it or not. Don't take them for granted. Though you may be wishing that grandma would get run over by a reindeer, when grandma's gone, you'll wish she wasn't. And never forget to tell your family you love them. You never know what could happen tomorrow.

So Merry Christmas to all of you! I really hope you all have a great Christmas and holiday season. I hope you get everything you want this year and if you don't, just remember that there are people who didn't get anything at all this year. As you're reading this I just want you to know that I love each and every single one of you! No matter who you are or where you're from. And I'm really thankful for all of you who read this blog. You mean the world to me. (':

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메리 크리스마스

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Obsession: Candy by H.O.T and a brief "Meet H.O.T"

Candy by H.O.T

By the way... My next blog is on Eusha Eusha by Shinhwa which is about the equivalent to this song..
If you have never seen them, heard of this song, or ever even heard of them.. Your life has not been complete, my friends...
So I give to you... The music video.

"Candy" by H.O.T

"Candy" is still the most epic song in the world. This song is completely infamous.. Just like "Cha Cha Slide" by DJ Casper,  "YMCA" by Village People, "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer, "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, "Buttermilk Biscuits" or "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot, EVERY SINGLE SONG FROM THE MOVIE "Grease", "Thriller" or "Beat It" by THE Michael Jackson. (Michael Jackson is just not right if you don't add "the".. Because just himself is an infamous man. We miss you, MJ) Or any other song that EVERYONE knows.. No matter what age you are.. That's "Candy".. It's just an overall fun song. So since I'm doing a blog on Candy by H.O.T, I feel I should go ahead and explain who H.O.T is, since if I did a "Meet H.O.T" blog I'd get spammed saying that they aren't together anymore.. Haha. 
But before I get into that.. Let me show you some videos of other idols doing "Candy".

"Candy" by Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, and Yesung from Super Junior

"Candy" by SHINee

"Candy" by Infinite

"Candy" by Big Bang

"Candy" by SNSD

"Candy" by Teen Top
(it wouldn't let me upload a video so here's a link)


If you couldn't already tell... H.O.T was one of the first generation kpop idols in Korea. Back in the 90's. They rose to fame along with Shinhwa and Sechs Kies. Their biggest rivals were Sechs Kies. They were formed by SM Entertainment. "H.O.T" means High-five Of Teenagers.. The first 4 members to get picked to be in H.O.T were Kangta, Moon Hee Joon, Lee Jae Won, and Woo Hyuk.  SM then traveled to LA to recruit more people. There they found Tony An and Andy Lee. They were then added to the group. But Andy's parents disapproved because they said he was too young, which caused him to leave the group. And later Andy joined Shinhwa. (Thank goodness... lol) H.O.T has been a major influence in Kpop idols ever since they debuted. They got major success in their years together. With their first album "We Hate All Kinds of Violence" they had lawsuits put against them for plagiarism. Despite all the lawsuits, they still continued with their career. And I'm glad they did, honestly.. Because if they hadn't.. They never would have made "Candy". "Candy" was their first hit song... That's what they are mainly known for. They eventually broke up in November of 2001. They official reason was never released... 


Hee Joon



So this is Moon Hee Joon, he was born on March 14, 1978, in Seoul, South Korea, which makes him 34, I believe. He was the leader of H.O.T. A few years after the group split he left SM Entertainment and made his own company called "PS Entertainment".  He went to the military later in 2005. He completed his military duties in 2011. He is now with the company SidusHQ. There's not really much to say about Hee Joon... Huge fans of him could probably say alot more than I could. lol I wasn't a huge fan of Hee Joon...
Ranking: 4th




Woahhhh say whaaaaat? Dude is FINEEEEE! There are some people who look much better with age, and he is definitely one of them... Well this is Jang Woo Hyuk. He was born on May 8, 1978, which makes him 34, too. He was one of H.O.T's rappers and dancers. Since H.O.T split up, he has been a solo artist.. 
Ranking: 3rd




Oh my Tony!!!! :DDDDD That right there should give away who my favorite is. LOL.. Well anyways this is An Seung Ho or Tony An. He was born on June 7, 1978. This makes him 34. I still believe he's not too old for me. :D HAHA! Now Tony has always been very cute, but just like Woo Hyuk I think he might have gotten more adorable with age.. Because now he is just absolutely adorable. Hehe(: After leaving SM Entertainment, just like the rest did, he created his own company called "TN Entertainment" name's weren't really complex back then, huh? He finished his military duty in September of 2010. And released a new single. After that he became a Teacher/Host/MC on "Oh! My School" (100 out of 100) which was like my favorite show... They just had to cancel it.. Depressing... Depressing... He's MC'd many things, I know... I just don't know all of them. And that would take up like 5 pages trying to describe all of them. Haha. He's a successful solo artist. In 2011, he released an album named "TopStar" which btw is a really great song.. I haven't heard any of the other songs on the album besides "Top Star".. And the dance he showed for it on "Oh My School" was absolutely adorable. 
Ranking: 1st. Definitely. Yup. Yup.




Kangta... I can't tell if he looked better then or now.. Cuteness wise, he looked better back then, but sexy wise he looks better now. Idk he looks good either way.. So this is Ahn Chil Hyun, otherwise know as Kangta... (I really wonder where they get their stage names from) He was born on October 10, 1979, which makes him 33. He is an extremely talented songwriter and singer. He was the lead singer for H.O.T. After H.O.T's break up, he was the first to release a solo album, and was very successful. He's acted in many dramas, but mainly Chinese ones.. Weird... He enlisted in the army in April of 2008. He finished in 2010. I just did math.. HA. During his time in the military, he starred in a military musical. He has fun with his duties, I guess. Since then he has made a few solo albums. Kangta was part of "S" which had Shin Hye Sung from Shinhwa in it as well as Lee Ji Hoon. Kangta also was in "Kangta and Vanness" where him and Vanness Wu of F4 from Taiwan collaborated. 
Ranking: 2nd.

Jae Won



Another that looks better now that he's older. This is Lee Jae Won. He is the maknae of the group born on April 5, 1980, which makes him 32. He was a rapper and dancer for H.O.T. Jae Won also left SM Entertainment, and in 2005 released his first solo album "No Pain, No Gain" He finished his military duties in 2011. 
Ranking: 5th.


JTL was the group of leftover H.O.T members who did not stay with SM Entertainment. It's members were Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony An, and Lee Jae Won. They debuted in 2001. In 2003 they won the favorite artist of Korea at the MTV Asia Awards.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Various Chipmunk'd or Sped Up Kpop Songs

This is one of the most fun blog posts I've ever written in my life... I was just on Youtube listening to Super Junior songs and a chipmunk'd version of one song came up.. And it went from there. So here are some different kpop groups with some of their songs chipmunk'd or sped up or both. :D Btw, if you see a video twice it's not because I put it twice... It's because it's different versions. Like one may be chipmunk'd and the other may just be sped up.  And btw.. I can keep up with all of these songs. Can you?

Super Junior:



Sexy, Free & Single


Sorry Sorry

No Other

It's You






Ring Ding Dong

Dazzling Girl

Big Bang:

Bad Boy


GDragon & TOP Knock Out

Teen Top:

Supa Luv

No More Perfume On You


Baby, I'm Sorry




On The Road

Kim Hyun Joong:

Kiss Kiss



Stop Girl


I'm a Loner




The Chaser



So these are some of the best ones I found.. I had Gangnam Style by Psy and Bounce by JJ Project, but for some reason it won't let me upload those 2 videos. Grr. So here are the links to those videos. 

Bounce - JJ Project

(Btw this is probably the best one of the ones I've found except Stop Girl.)

Gangnam Style - PSY

So the reason for me posting a blog about chipmunk'd and sped up songs is because it's just really fun to listen to. I listened to most of these songs like 5 times. I felt like my heart was going to explode because every one of them I kept up with without losing track. That's really hard to do with bad lungs that have low air capacity. LOL! But I prevailed and I ... Am... AWESOME... LOL Can you keep up with these songs? If not, they're just fun to dance to. I was literally bouncing in my seat for half of them.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No More Perfume On You - Teen Top

New Obsession:
No More Perfume On You - Teen Top

Now let me start off by saying a few things.
  1. Yes I do know that this song is horrible. Lyrics wise.
  2. Yes I do understand the lyrics.
  3. Yes I do know they talk about cheating
  4. Yes I do know that the video shows Chunji cheating on the poor younger girl with the pretty older girl.
  5. Honestly, I really don't care. 
  6. And also I really don't see what alot of people have stuck up their rearend to make them hate this song. I mean COME ON!! This stuff is advertised all the time! Movies, shows, other songs, but because some people think that Koreans shouldn't act like this.. They go crazy. Lemme tell ya something, They're human too, ya know? And yes cheating does happen over there. They aren't perfect, I promise. 
  7. I get they shouldn't advertise it.. But it's not like they have a choice. All they do is sing and dance to it.
  8. Btw I do not mean to offend anyone with the above statements, but I feel strongly that people should not bash them because they have ONE song about cheating. GET IT TOGETHER! 
So honestly, I really love this song. Very very much. And if you haven't seen it, here's the link.

and lyrics. 

"Noona's perfume
is very very sweet

No one around me has this perfume on their body
Noona's make-up is very very pretty
Even if you can't believe it
This pretty noona is mine
When I'm with noona
It feels like I became a man
Without even knowing I shrug my shoulders
When you put your hands around my shoulders
It feels like I have the whole world in my hands

No more perfume on you
If you do so my girlfriend will find out
Don't put glitters on you
Because you can't let it stick on my clothes
Noona is my noona but
If you really like me me
Don't say anything else
and do as I tell you, do it right
No more perfume on you

Noona's body
is very very sexy
say you're 10/10
When I'm with noona
It feels like I became a man
Without even knowing I shrug my shoulders
When you put your hands around my shoulders
It feels like I have the whole world in my hands

No more perfume on you
If you do so my girlfriend will find out
Don't put glitters on you
Because you can't let it stick on my clothes
Noona is a noona but
If you really like me me
Don't say anything else
and do as I tell you, do it right
Do as I tell you

Anyway noona can't live without me, you're mine
Glitters, perfume go away
This, between my girlfriend and me is
trouble maker
No more frowning on your face
Noona is the prettiest when she laughs
So don't say anything else, never
Just listen to what I say, you're the best thing I have
No more perfume on you

If you do so my girlfriend will find out
Don't put glitters on you
Because you can't let it stick on my clothes
Noona is a noona but
If you really like me me
Don't say anything else
and do as I tell you, do it right
No more perfume on you"

And if you didn't know this before, Chunji is my bias. Totally. So I am very appreciative of this... 

I am absolutely in love with Chunji. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life, and honestly, with a face like that, I can see why they made him the player in the video. 
Here's why.

1. Niel looks like a fish:

2. Ricky looks like a baby. Keep in mind I'm not insulting him because he's my 2nd favorite.

3. C.A.P. is older. And much hotter. So it wouldn't make sense for the oldest and hottest of Teen Top to be cheating on a younger girl with an older one who's about the same age.

4. Changjo looks like a baby too, not as much as Ricky, but he still looks like one. Plus he's not as cute as Chunji. 

5. L.Joe is... L.Joe... He's hot, but not cute enough to be the "player".

6. Chunji's smile is enough to seduce a woman. Just saying...

7. Then comes Chunji's wink. Which he does alot, btw. 

See I wouldn't mind being that noona... Ya know what I'm sayin? LOL!

So besides the song having bad lyrics, I really love this song as I've said before. It's very catchy. And I love their faces. Yessss. Even though they know they're singing about cheating, they don't care. They're happy. Lol! I love it, I really do. Sorry for all who disagree, but as I've said before my blog is seriously biased. 

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