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How My Obsession Started

How My Asian Life Began.

So it's kinda hard to describe exactly how my life being a Asian addict started, because I don't really share this story much, but who cares? lol. So it was 9th grade in high school at Warren Central High School. I came into high school just living, ya know. Didn't really care too much about anything. Especially not Asians. And after awhile I became friends with this Korean. He eventually became my best friend, and now he's like my brother. Saranghae, Oppa!! BTW that crush is invalid now lol So back then I totally had the biggest crush on him that you could have on anyone. And it was then that I realized I loved Asians.. Because the more that I saw them around. The more I'd squeal. The more I'd get all giggly. Back in those days I was just obsessed with Asians in general. Not a specific kind. So after awhile I became more and more obsessed with Asians. 

Facebook: So I had alot of Asians add me and me add them on facebook.. And that helped add on to my obsession. So on facebook there was this page called I am UGLY.... Utterly Gorgeous, Lovely and Youthful. I read all of their updates and eventually ended up adding the creators. Found out that the creator of the page was from India.  We became best friends, and to this day I don't know if I could live without the guy. He's been my best friend through everything. Also I had a few people from a different part of India add me too. For no apparent reason, really. lol. But I accepted their friend requests. And there was one in particular... He was the most adorable thing I had ever seen in my life. Not even lying. LOL! He also became like my best friend. Not so much as my favorite Indian that I spoke about above. But we always talked. And this is what started my obsession with Indians. Because not only did these people add me.. But I guess their friends would look on their page and go OMG HES FRIENDS WITH AN AMERICAN IM TOTALLY GONNA ADD HER. So I got numerous friend requests from many different Indians, just because they knew that I knew their friend. And they were all really friendly, surprisingly. So WhatsApp is a really handy app for all of my Asian friends. I can text them all(:

Later on down the road I ran into SHINee as I have mentioned in a past blog. I immediately fell in love with them. So SHINee and my best friend/crush at the time are what got me obsessed with Koreans. I watch Kdramas.. I listen to Korean music... I even have a penpal from there now(: 

I'm weird, maybe because there's just this thing in my head that I am not attracted to Americans. In any way.. Well except for friends, of course. But nothing more than that.. And after dating quite a few Americans I now realize why half of my relationships didn't work out. Because even though I claimed I was in love with these people.. I really wasn't. Me and my fiancee broke up about 7 months ago. And yeah he was American. And even though we were engaged I realize now that I never would have married him... Even if we hadn't broke up. I could never have married him. Because even though I loved the guy... It just wasn't the "I'm IN LOVE with you" type of love. I can't see myself marrying an American. My heart is never in it. I mean sure Channing Tatum and some other actors are cute, but even if I met them and they fell in love with me.. The relationship would fail by month 6, as mine always have. My heart has been stolen by Minwoo and Leeteuk. lol not really. But I've actually upped my standards to never dating an American again.. Unless he's Korean-American, ya know.. Those are acceptable... Barely.

I guess another reason why I like Asians more is because of their mind set. They're all so much calmer and cooler than Americans are. No matter how you look at it... Americans have this totally stupid mind set that they are the best... That their country is amazing and everyone else can just back off or we'll kill you or get in your business and screw up your lives.. And this is why I don't like America too much. Even though I live here. And I'm not saying this trying to be a traitor or anything.. In all actuality I love America.. I just hate the mind set of the people here. They're all so violent, and nosy. And they believe that their country is the best in the world and no one can compete.. Well I've got news for you.. There are PLENTY of other countries that add up to us. We are not alone. I promise. Sure, people may say that we're the only country who is not forced to join the military.. But Korea is just like us.. Even though they are forced to go to the military for a minimum of 2 years.. And the only reason they have to do that is because they are on the border of a terrorist country, people! Their northern Koreans are their enemies. If I was in charge of South Korea I would make my men go to the military too. Ain't no way in the world I would just let North Korea attack me and we not be prepared..

Blah so this blog turned out to be alot more than I thought it would LOL! I didn't expect to write this much since I am exhausted today, but still wanted to do a short blog, but ohhh well. 
Well anyways.. Thanks for reading! Share, comment, or email me and either tell me whatcha think or what I should do my next blog on. !

Drama Review - Assorted Gems

Assorted Gems

I originally was going to do Playful Kiss for today's drama review... But I just finished watching this show and I really have alot to say about it... Almost everyone is connected to everyone in this drama... And this review is going to be extra long. Especially since there were 50 episodes.


Go Na Eun plays Gung Bi Chwi, which means Jade in Korean, who is a very headstrong, reliable, and responsible woman. She's the eldest of her siblings, and has a very good head on her shoulders. She's an extremely lovable person with a warm heart. She eventually falls in love with Seo Young Guk. At first she owns an eatery, but then starts writing dramas and gets married to Young Guk. She also helps take care of Lee Tae Ri, which is Young Guk's mother who developed dementia. 

So Yi Hyun plays Gung Ryu Bi, which is Ruby in Korean, who is a particularly odd person... She's stubborn, and very very cold hearted unless it's about her family, or people she sincerely cares about. She's a nurse at a hospital where she works with Yoo Byung Hoon who is a doctor and her boyfriend. She becomes very close with Kyle, and even falls in love with him.. Though that was never confirmed either. You can just tell. Eventually she does marry Byung Hoon even thought they've had a complicated relationship.. And I mean VERY COMPLICATED!

Lee Hyun Jin plays San Ho, which means coral in Korean, who is a sweet, loving brother to all his siblings. He's studying for a huge test and while doing so he gets married to Lee Kang Ji, who is a well off daughter of professors, who's adorably cute, and has such a great personality. They have a baby, and even though so much is going on in San Ho's life. He still passes the test. 

Lee Il Min plays Ho Bak, which means amber in Korean, who is the youngest of all the gems. He knows what he wants out of life and he goes for it. To not struggle with money is what he wants. He goes after Seo Kkeut Soon who happens to be Young Guk's little sister. They are together for awhile and actually develop feelings for each other. He gets married to Kkeut Soon and the gems and seo's become double in laws. Yaaaay. HAHA

Han Jin Hee plays Gung Sang Sik, who is the father of the gems. He's married to Pi Hye Ja, and although they are married, he use to have a player background and had a baby outside of marriage named Tae Ja. He's quite goofy and although is very fun to watch, at first he was sorta annoying to me. lol 

Han Hye Sook plays Pi Hye Ja who is the mother of the gems... She's absolutely crazy. Nuff said. LOL No I'm just kidding... Sorta. At first in the drama she got a boob job. A BOOB JOB. Of everything else she coulda done.. She got implants. She does stuff without asking her kids forcing them to become irritated and eventually kick out her and her husband.

Kim Young Ok plays Kyul Myung Ja who is the grandmother of the jewels on the dad's side. She's honestly more down to earth than the other grandma. She's also got a kinder heart. In the end of the drama she starts living with a man who's become smitten with her. And I think they get married? What is it they do at the end? I wouldn't know. It looked like some Japanese stuff. *shrug*

Jung Hye Sun plays Baek Jo, which btw means swan in Korean, who is the grandmother of the gems on the mom's side. She's also crazy. She's wacky and goofy and very conceited and selfish, but she also has a warm side to her. I really don't have much to say about this one..

Lee Tae Gon plays So Young Guk, who is the daughter of the owners of a famous company. One day his dad decides that he should experience the real world, and send him out into the world by himself to learn the ways of the world. He goes out and rents a place at Bi Chwi's place. He becomes very close to Bi Chwi and Kyle Huntington (another renter), and even starts working for Bi Chwi's eatery along with Kyle. He falls in love with Bi Chwi, they get married and take care of his mother.

Choi Ah Jin plays Seo Kkeut Soon, who is the younger sister of Young Guk. The girl's beautiful, is she not? At first she's a rebellious teenager, who did nothing but upset her parents. When her mom developed dementia her mother sent her out of the house so she didn't find out about the disease. She falls in love with Ho Bak and in order to make her dad let them get married she pretends that she is pregnant by him. They get married in the end, although I thought it wouldn't happen because of a certain tragedy (that I'm mad about) on the way to the wedding.

Hong Yoo Jin plays Lee Tae Ri, who is the mother of Young Guk and Kkeut Soon. She's a very warm hearted person and very beautiful. She eventually develops Dementia and it gradually gets worse. But after meeting Bi Chwi who she calls Pal Ji (which means bracelet in Korean) she eventually gets SO much better. She starts remembering stuff. She starts eating again. She really recovers.. And oh yeah did I mention that he also dies?!?! Weren't expecting that were ya? Thanks for the big slap in the face, writer. I loved her character WHY WOULD YOU KILL HER? More on that later though... Sigh..

Park Geun Hyung plays Seo Ro Ma who is the father of Young Guk and Kkeut Soon. He's very sweet, even though his appearance comes off as a little harsh sometimes. He's absolutely in love with his wife so it's very hard on him, her having Dementia.

Michael Blunck plays Kyle Huntington, who is a foreigner from America who came to Korea to be a Buddhist monk. He rents at Bi Chwi's house, and becomes close to Young Guk and Ryu Bi. He is treated like family after awhile around the household. His stepmom and father are owners of a hotel in America and are rich. His stepmom is friends with Young Guk's mother. He eventually does become a monk even though it took awhile, and no one wanted him too. Even himself at times. It appears that he fell in love with Ryu Bi, but nothing was ever confirmed. He's got a kind heart, and is really fun to watch. 

Jung Yoo Mi plays Lee Kang Ji, who is the sweet wife of San Ho. Her father has cancer and wants to see her marry soon and have kids... SO. She gets married to San Ho and they have a baby. She feels that if she messes up his studies with all of the stuff going on in her life, that she'll be to blame. Thank God he passed that test. 

Yoon Jong Hwa plays Dr. Yoo Byung Hoon, who is a doctor at the hospital Ryu Bi works at and is her boyfriend. His mom gives them such a rough time and they end up breaking up for awhile. And after that so much drama went on between them. But actually they ended up getting married. Which surprised me. 

GOOD GOD THATS A LONG CAST... That took me almost 2 hours... Sheesh. 


This is gonna be long.. or i may extremely condense it.
The show starts off with an old lady getting breast implants.. And really, I thought it was a great way to start a show. Who doesn't want to laugh at an old lady getting breast implants? I was actually so confused in the beginning, but it didn't take me long to fall in love with the show. 
Bi Chwi's parents are seriously stupid. The mom spends all the money they get, so they don't have money for much. She spends it on BREAST IMPLANTS for one.. And then a fortune teller who is almost not completely a sham. I mean in retrospect she is, but she eventually was right that Bi Chwi would regret it for not holding on to Young Guk. The dad is somewhat of a "player" and eventually has a baby outside of the marriage. This makes the family extremely happy and they live happily ever after. YEAH, RIGHT. The family is ENRAGED. The mother is hurt and the kids just despise how he acts. The mom even rented out a room to a foreigner without telling any of the kids... Well actually she did it twice. So the parents really cause a lot of stress to the kids. To the point to where the kids are fed up and kick the parents out. 
Next important thing: Bi Chwi and Young Guk are in love. Young Guk gets the news about his mother developing dementia, and leaves in the middle of the night without telling Bi Chwi anything. She's completely crushed. The siblings are disgusted.
Next: Kang Ji and San Ho get married. (they're adorable)
Next: Dr, and Ryu Bi have a very complicated relationship. At first his mother despised Ryu Bi because of her parents and background... So she wouldn't let the marriage happen. Then later on she was desperate for her son to have a wife and since her son had been betrayed by his past 2 potentials she ran for Ryu Bi. In the end they actually do get married.. And surprisingly they're happy. Yeahhh.... If only that happened in real life?
Next: While a stomach cancer patient is in the hospital Ryu Bi hears that she's rich and treats her extra nice. Her name is Sa Jang. Eventually Ryu Bi gets really close to her and becomes the daughter that she never had. Her brilliant plan worked. Kudos to you, Ryu Bi. BUT she actually did kinda sorta feel bad about it.. But she never told ms Sa Jang about it. Good thing. Eventually everyone becomes close to Sa Jang and treats her like family which is good because she had none. 
Next: Absolutely adorable actor Hwang Woo Bin is in love with Bi Chwi.. He's also Young Guk's best friend. He tries everything he can to get with Bi Chwi, but in the end her heart is only for Young Guk. His depressed look made me sad. Even though he was kinda a horrible person, I fell in love with him. Yeah I did. Bad, Shanea, BAD! 
Next: Young Guk's mom Tae Ri falls in love with Bi Chwi. She treats her like a daughter even before Young Guk and Bi Chwi get married. With Bi Chwi around, her dementia slowly improved. She was nowhere near as bad as she once was. I absolutely fell in love with this character.. Sure, she had dementia, but she was absolutely precious!!! And here comes the worst part... Oh god..
Next: Ho Bak and Kkeut Soon go to get married and I DONT EVEN WANT TO BRING THIS PART UP. Oh yeah.. I'm so so mad about this.. But you must know I guess. Tae Ri dies.. SHE DIES! I shall now go on a rant.



Screwed up.. From the beginning to end.. Don't think I'm saying this because I don't like the show. I LOVED the show.. I just hate the writer.. And by that don't think that I don't like the writer... I like the writer. He/She wrote an amazing drama... But I guess what I'm trying to say is that I loved to hate it. It made me cry, made me mad, made me laugh.. That's what a good drama is suppose to do. Also, everyone is linked to everyone somehow in this drama and it's somewhat upsetting. So many dramatic things happen that made me want to pull my hair out. Forreal. There's points when I was screaming at my phone yelling NOOOO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! And wanting to throw my phone. lol. Especially when Tae Ri died.. I was like, " YOU BETTER NOT KILL HER, YOU BETTER NOT!! YOU BETTER NOT KILL HER, WRITER!! DON'T YOU DARE KILL HER.. OH COME ON REALLY YOU KILLED HER? I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU SO MUCH. I HATE THIS SHOW. I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT."

And this is my blog for today thanks so much for reading. Comment, share it, follow my blog and send me emails either telling me what you thought or what you want me to write about next.

Thanks again! 

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Celebrity Obsession - Leeteuk or Eeteuk

My Celebrity Obsession Right Now!

Leeteuk!!!! EEEE

Leeteuk is the leader of the Korean group Super Junior.. <3<3<3<3 I am absolutely in love with him. He is my soulmate so everyone else BACK OFF!! Just kidding.. But really this guy is amazingly amazing in like every way possible. Have you ever heard this laugh of his? It's like so amazing that you want to just kiss your computer or tv screen. If you aren't already in love with him.. You will be after this.

Dude it's absolutely amazing. This laugh is the most epic of all laughs. Everytime I go and watch his laugh on I laugh so hard that my insides hurt. Even if I am having the worst day.. His laugh just makes me so happy. That's the power of Leeteuk. And come on look at the dimple!! THE DIMPLE, I SAY!!  It's so adorable. I wanna crawl in it and go to sleep. LOL Okay I'm getting a little ridiculous here, aren't I? I just very much love him. My life would definitely be complete if I could meet him. Even if all he did was say hello to me. I would feel like he just kissed me on my heart. Awwwww(': Aren't I pathetic? LOL Okay but on a serious note, this beautiful hunk of man is going to the army.. And leaving Super Junior behind.. Therefore, Super Junior won't be doing any more albums at the moment and my heart is broken. 2 YEARS PEOPLE.. 2 FREAKIN YEARS I HAVE TO BE DEPRESSED BECAUSE SUPER JUNIOR IS ON PAUSEEEEEE!!!! My life sucks. I shall go to my room and cry now.

**2 Hours Later**
Whew Okay I think i'm okay now... It's all out of my system.. Oh no... Here it comes again.. Hu hu huuuu 

**Another 2 Hours Later** 
I think I'm in no condition to talk about him leaving anymore.. I shall now get on to other more happy things that won't make me cry so hard. :P
Ok before I get into happy stuff... I want you guys to see the saddest thing on this planet.. It breaks my heart. I literally cried for this one..

Doesn't this just make you want to scream and cry and HURT whoever makes him cry like this?? My favorite person of all time SHOULD NOT BE CRYING!! I am at a loss for words almost for this video. It's the most upsetting thing I have ever seen...

Ok well now on to his background.. 
Leeteuk's birth name is Park Jung-Su. He was born on the 1st of July in 1983. Which right now makes him 29. Who cares if I'm 17 and he's almost 30? I AM STILL ELIGIBLE!! AGE IS ONLY A NUMBER. I'm right, right? RIGHT? Yes, yes I am. Super Junior has been around since 2005 and they are still amazing to this day. My favorite song off their new album, Sexy, Free & Single? I can't choose. BUT if I had to... It would probably be DayDream. That song is amazingly beautiful.. It's got such meaningful lyrics that touch your heart and make you fall in love with it almost instantly.

Like I said it's a beautiful song. I am so obsessed with it right now I play it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Like, really. Leeteuk was a host DJ on Sukira. Which was Super Junior's Kiss the Radio. Which was adorable, ya know? haha. He laughed alot on there. He has also been know to introduce himself as "Teuki Teuki Teuki, angel. Forget the angel. Leeteuki" It's the cutest thing. If you watch this video below you'll see it in there eventually what I'm talking about. I about died from laughter watching this video.
Especially when he's like "I love you!" I wish I was Krystal.. Because I LOVE YOU TOO TEUKI!!!! lol

If you've never heard of Super Junior or Leeteuk I seriously think you should definitely look them up. You WILL NOT be disappointed in any way possible. Their songs are amazing.. They're dances are great.. And they are definitely nothing close to being painful to look at. Sexiness is beyond out of control for Super Junior. (My mom likes Siwon, btw 
And this below is him as a baby. AWWW LOOK AT THAT FACE.. I want a baby that looks exactly like that. Not even kidding.

Well anyways, thanks for reading my obsession with Leeteuk! Hope you liked it! Email me sometime if you want me to write about anything specific or just want to see your name up on my blog. LOL

Love ya later!!

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Drama Review - Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers

So my first review is going to be on Boys Over Flowers, since that is the one that got me hooked. As you can clearly see above the cast is absolutely sexy. Well.. Ya know, besides the girl :P LOL. 


I honestly don't think that they could have picked a more amazing cast. Especially for the parts that they play.
Ku Hye Sun plays Geum Jan Di who is this headstrong, engergetic daughter of a dry cleaner. The show starts off by a boy getting bullied because of F4 and he was about to commit suicide when this crazy decided to save him. She got a scholarship to Shinhwa(EEEEEE I LOVE THAT NAME) School which is the most prestigious, rich school around. 
Lee Min Ho plays Gu Jun Pyo who is the leader of F4 and the heir of Shinhwa. He's the most popular guy around. In the beginning he's cold hearted and really, is out for blood. D: But after awhile you see his soft side and it's beyond adorable. This show got me obsessed with him.
Kim Hyun Joong plays Yoon Ji Hoo who is a member of F4 and is the former presidents grandson. When Ji Hoo was young him and his parents were in a bad car accident. His parents didn't make it, but he did. And ever since then he really can't drive because it petrifies him. He's got so much musical talent and it intrigues Jan Di. He's very kind-hearted, very unlike Jun Pyo in the beginning.
Kim Bum plays So Yi Jung who is also a member of F4, an amazing potter, and his family is the owner of the world's largest art museum. He's definitely a player, but come on, if you see his smile.. You'd want it too.
Kim Joon plays Song Woo Bin who is F4's Don Juan. His family runs a construction company and also has connections to the mafia. He makes me laugh when sometimes he just blurts something in English. It's too cute.
Kim So Eun plays Chu Ga Eul who is Jan Di's best friend who works with her at a porridge shop. 


Shinhwa School is the most prestigious, rich school around and it's where the F4 (Jun Pyo, Ji Hoo, Yi Jung, and Woo Bin) go to school at. The F4 have this thing called a red card. And when you get the red card you are tormented by the whole school. Well Jan Di being a dry cleaner's daughter, shows up at the school to give this guy named Lee Min Ha his dry cleaning. She searches and when she finds him, he's about to commit suicide because he just couldn't take the torture anymore. Before she realized what was happening Jan Di tells him that she has his dry cleaning. What a clueless, crazy girl. As soon as he stepped over the ledge Jan Di grabs him and saves him. Photos get passed around everywhere and soon Jan Di is a hero. Wonder Woman. Because of this incident Shinhwa School is criticized and the only way the president can think of to fix things is to give this girl a scholarship to their school. Jan Di's family makes a huge deal out of this, but she is not at all happy. Even though they have a swimming pool and Jan Di is practically a fish. She starts school and sees who the infamous F4 is. She doesn't like how much of buttfaces they are. LOL! Anyways.. Later on her friend she met from school drops ice cream on Jun Pyo's shoe and Jun Pyo tells her friend to lick it off. Jan Di stands up for her, and the outcome was him telling Jan Di that since she is her friend SHE should lick it off. Jan Di sticks her ice cream in Jun Pyo's face. His face is completely priceless. The next day Jan Di sees that she's been red carded. Hell has begun, people.
So i just pretty much explained the first episode in great detail so I'm not going to be so detailed about the rest now that you see how the characters are and stuff.
Later on Ji Hoo and Jan Di  see each other around often and Jan Di falls for him, but Ji Hoo is in love with his childhood sweetheart, an actress. Jun Pyo falls for Jan Di, but Jan Di is blinded by her love for Ji Hoo she completely blows him off. Finally after awhile Jan Di figures out that she is in love with Jun Pyo and gives up on Ji Hoo.. And about that time Ji Hoo gives up his love on the model and is in love with Jan Di. Crazy love story, right? Meanwhile Ga Eul and Yi Jung spend quality time together and he eventually stops his player ways because he is in love with Ga Eul. Jan Di and Ji Hoo get married, Ohh yeah. Yeah they did. LOL 

Not for real though. Just to win a prize. But they're adorable, are they not? I wish that was me and him instead of her and him though. Grrrr... ANYWAYS!
Did I mention that Jun Pyo's mom (the president of Shinhwa) Absolutely hates Jan Di? No? Well  I'm just stupid because that is like the main thing in this drama. All the time that Jun Pyo and Jan Di are together, his mom is sabotaging everything. Eventually his mom makes him go to another place and sets him up with a wife. And Jan Di works in a clinic volunteering.. Little did she know that the doctor was Ji Hoo's grandfather. Ji Hoo is mad and upset, and Jan Di tries to fix their broken relationship. Eventually it works. Jan Di goes to where Jun Pyo is and sees him with his future wife. Who she has already met before. They are now good friends and Jan Di is jealous and crushed. Sadface. Eventually the wife woman catches on and at first doesn't want to let go. But eventually does. So Jun Pyo and Jan Di can be happy together. Jun Pyo has to go to America for a few years and wants Jan Di to come with him. But she's studying medicine and can't. So Jun Pyo goes and tells her to wait for him. Ji Hoo is also studying medicine. A few years later Jun Pyo comes back and proposes to Jan Di, and the other members of F4 come up and playfully say they object. And EVERYONE lived happily ever after, THE. END. lol 

My Thoughts:

I loved this drama. I was so in love with Ji Hoo at first. I wanted nothing but for them to get together, but after watching it for awhile I realized I was rooting for Jun Pyo. I know my story line thingy up there was scattered but i kept getting distracted. Darn you, facebook. :D Anyways I thought it was an absolutely amazing drama that kept me interested until the very end. It made me mad sometimes and i wanted to reach through my tv and slap some people, but that makes a good drama, huh?

So thanks for reading and leave comments! I wanna hear from ya!(:

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Hello there!!

Welcome To My Addiction!

Annyeong (because we're all friends here)! And welcome to my blog of my absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world.. SOUTH KOREA! I promise I feel so out of place in America. I honestly believe I should have been born Korean. Though some people find my addiction weird.. I plan to one day move to South Korea. Maybe not exactly in Seoul, because as I'm sure alot of people know it is rather costly. But maybe in a surrounding place. So this post is going to tell you a few things about me and some of the things you can expect from my blog. So here we go.

Things About Me

What got me started in loving Korea was actually K-pop. And not just any K-pop. SHINee! 

It started like 2 years ago when I had some friends that started high school, and they loved SHINee. It's all they talked about. So after awhile I went and looked them up and instantly fell in love with Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer. Ohhhh yeah. So since then I've loved k-pop. To the point where I don't even listen to English music anymore. And when I hear it it's like "Umm.. What is this crap playing in my ears?" So you can imagine how I feel when I put on Pandora and English songs come on. Not too much of a happy camper. 
I now have a new favorite Korean boy band and that would definitely be Super Junior, but Shinhwa is a close runner up(more on that later). So the first song I heard by Super Junior was Sorry Sorry.. And if you've never heard that song.. Trust me it's like a sweet bowl of ice cream flowing through your ear canals. It's so catchy and addicting. You NEED to look it up. Also Mr.Simple. It's great. If a person were to ask me.. "Hey Shanea, who's your favorite person in Super Junior?" I would as quick as I could respond LEETEUK! AGHHHH he is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in this world. Ok so I said more about Shinhwa later.. So Shinhwa has got to be the most amazing older group I've seen so far. Minwoo has my heart<3 They have been together for so many years and have this tight bond that is beyond unbreakable. So I may only be 17 and they're in their 30's. Not so far off, huh? :D 
Okay my last little K-pop section here... Even though I'm in love with Super Junior, my 2 favorite songs are Gangnam Style by Psy and Bounce by JJ Project. Gangnam Style - come on who in their right mind DOESN'T like that song?? And the dance. Psy is beyond genius for it. And Bounce - Who doesn't like bouncing???? And who could resist the adorable faces of JR and JB? NO ONE. Not even my mom who is absolutely in love with JB. 

What you can expect from this blog

This blog is going to have so much stuff and I'm really very excited to start this blog. It's going to have reviews of shows and movies that I have watched. Korean ones, by the way. My favorite songs of the week.  Random things about random Korean celebrities (Nothing Bad) Obsessions, fun facts, all about Seoul. It's just going to be a big cluster of awesomeness. Ohhh yeah. Yeah it is. 
Well anyways thanks for reading and I hope you come back and check up on awesome stuff I post. 
Love ya lots!

 oh btw.. This is me. Hey there!(: