Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrity Obsession - Leeteuk or Eeteuk

My Celebrity Obsession Right Now!

Leeteuk!!!! EEEE

Leeteuk is the leader of the Korean group Super Junior.. <3<3<3<3 I am absolutely in love with him. He is my soulmate so everyone else BACK OFF!! Just kidding.. But really this guy is amazingly amazing in like every way possible. Have you ever heard this laugh of his? It's like so amazing that you want to just kiss your computer or tv screen. If you aren't already in love with him.. You will be after this.

Dude it's absolutely amazing. This laugh is the most epic of all laughs. Everytime I go and watch his laugh on I laugh so hard that my insides hurt. Even if I am having the worst day.. His laugh just makes me so happy. That's the power of Leeteuk. And come on look at the dimple!! THE DIMPLE, I SAY!!  It's so adorable. I wanna crawl in it and go to sleep. LOL Okay I'm getting a little ridiculous here, aren't I? I just very much love him. My life would definitely be complete if I could meet him. Even if all he did was say hello to me. I would feel like he just kissed me on my heart. Awwwww(': Aren't I pathetic? LOL Okay but on a serious note, this beautiful hunk of man is going to the army.. And leaving Super Junior behind.. Therefore, Super Junior won't be doing any more albums at the moment and my heart is broken. 2 YEARS PEOPLE.. 2 FREAKIN YEARS I HAVE TO BE DEPRESSED BECAUSE SUPER JUNIOR IS ON PAUSEEEEEE!!!! My life sucks. I shall go to my room and cry now.

**2 Hours Later**
Whew Okay I think i'm okay now... It's all out of my system.. Oh no... Here it comes again.. Hu hu huuuu 

**Another 2 Hours Later** 
I think I'm in no condition to talk about him leaving anymore.. I shall now get on to other more happy things that won't make me cry so hard. :P
Ok before I get into happy stuff... I want you guys to see the saddest thing on this planet.. It breaks my heart. I literally cried for this one..

Doesn't this just make you want to scream and cry and HURT whoever makes him cry like this?? My favorite person of all time SHOULD NOT BE CRYING!! I am at a loss for words almost for this video. It's the most upsetting thing I have ever seen...

Ok well now on to his background.. 
Leeteuk's birth name is Park Jung-Su. He was born on the 1st of July in 1983. Which right now makes him 29. Who cares if I'm 17 and he's almost 30? I AM STILL ELIGIBLE!! AGE IS ONLY A NUMBER. I'm right, right? RIGHT? Yes, yes I am. Super Junior has been around since 2005 and they are still amazing to this day. My favorite song off their new album, Sexy, Free & Single? I can't choose. BUT if I had to... It would probably be DayDream. That song is amazingly beautiful.. It's got such meaningful lyrics that touch your heart and make you fall in love with it almost instantly.

Like I said it's a beautiful song. I am so obsessed with it right now I play it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Like, really. Leeteuk was a host DJ on Sukira. Which was Super Junior's Kiss the Radio. Which was adorable, ya know? haha. He laughed alot on there. He has also been know to introduce himself as "Teuki Teuki Teuki, angel. Forget the angel. Leeteuki" It's the cutest thing. If you watch this video below you'll see it in there eventually what I'm talking about. I about died from laughter watching this video.
Especially when he's like "I love you!" I wish I was Krystal.. Because I LOVE YOU TOO TEUKI!!!! lol

If you've never heard of Super Junior or Leeteuk I seriously think you should definitely look them up. You WILL NOT be disappointed in any way possible. Their songs are amazing.. They're dances are great.. And they are definitely nothing close to being painful to look at. Sexiness is beyond out of control for Super Junior. (My mom likes Siwon, btw 
And this below is him as a baby. AWWW LOOK AT THAT FACE.. I want a baby that looks exactly like that. Not even kidding.

Well anyways, thanks for reading my obsession with Leeteuk! Hope you liked it! Email me sometime if you want me to write about anything specific or just want to see your name up on my blog. LOL

Love ya later!!

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