Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Drama Review - Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers

So my first review is going to be on Boys Over Flowers, since that is the one that got me hooked. As you can clearly see above the cast is absolutely sexy. Well.. Ya know, besides the girl :P LOL. 


I honestly don't think that they could have picked a more amazing cast. Especially for the parts that they play.
Ku Hye Sun plays Geum Jan Di who is this headstrong, engergetic daughter of a dry cleaner. The show starts off by a boy getting bullied because of F4 and he was about to commit suicide when this crazy decided to save him. She got a scholarship to Shinhwa(EEEEEE I LOVE THAT NAME) School which is the most prestigious, rich school around. 
Lee Min Ho plays Gu Jun Pyo who is the leader of F4 and the heir of Shinhwa. He's the most popular guy around. In the beginning he's cold hearted and really, is out for blood. D: But after awhile you see his soft side and it's beyond adorable. This show got me obsessed with him.
Kim Hyun Joong plays Yoon Ji Hoo who is a member of F4 and is the former presidents grandson. When Ji Hoo was young him and his parents were in a bad car accident. His parents didn't make it, but he did. And ever since then he really can't drive because it petrifies him. He's got so much musical talent and it intrigues Jan Di. He's very kind-hearted, very unlike Jun Pyo in the beginning.
Kim Bum plays So Yi Jung who is also a member of F4, an amazing potter, and his family is the owner of the world's largest art museum. He's definitely a player, but come on, if you see his smile.. You'd want it too.
Kim Joon plays Song Woo Bin who is F4's Don Juan. His family runs a construction company and also has connections to the mafia. He makes me laugh when sometimes he just blurts something in English. It's too cute.
Kim So Eun plays Chu Ga Eul who is Jan Di's best friend who works with her at a porridge shop. 


Shinhwa School is the most prestigious, rich school around and it's where the F4 (Jun Pyo, Ji Hoo, Yi Jung, and Woo Bin) go to school at. The F4 have this thing called a red card. And when you get the red card you are tormented by the whole school. Well Jan Di being a dry cleaner's daughter, shows up at the school to give this guy named Lee Min Ha his dry cleaning. She searches and when she finds him, he's about to commit suicide because he just couldn't take the torture anymore. Before she realized what was happening Jan Di tells him that she has his dry cleaning. What a clueless, crazy girl. As soon as he stepped over the ledge Jan Di grabs him and saves him. Photos get passed around everywhere and soon Jan Di is a hero. Wonder Woman. Because of this incident Shinhwa School is criticized and the only way the president can think of to fix things is to give this girl a scholarship to their school. Jan Di's family makes a huge deal out of this, but she is not at all happy. Even though they have a swimming pool and Jan Di is practically a fish. She starts school and sees who the infamous F4 is. She doesn't like how much of buttfaces they are. LOL! Anyways.. Later on her friend she met from school drops ice cream on Jun Pyo's shoe and Jun Pyo tells her friend to lick it off. Jan Di stands up for her, and the outcome was him telling Jan Di that since she is her friend SHE should lick it off. Jan Di sticks her ice cream in Jun Pyo's face. His face is completely priceless. The next day Jan Di sees that she's been red carded. Hell has begun, people.
So i just pretty much explained the first episode in great detail so I'm not going to be so detailed about the rest now that you see how the characters are and stuff.
Later on Ji Hoo and Jan Di  see each other around often and Jan Di falls for him, but Ji Hoo is in love with his childhood sweetheart, an actress. Jun Pyo falls for Jan Di, but Jan Di is blinded by her love for Ji Hoo she completely blows him off. Finally after awhile Jan Di figures out that she is in love with Jun Pyo and gives up on Ji Hoo.. And about that time Ji Hoo gives up his love on the model and is in love with Jan Di. Crazy love story, right? Meanwhile Ga Eul and Yi Jung spend quality time together and he eventually stops his player ways because he is in love with Ga Eul. Jan Di and Ji Hoo get married, Ohh yeah. Yeah they did. LOL 

Not for real though. Just to win a prize. But they're adorable, are they not? I wish that was me and him instead of her and him though. Grrrr... ANYWAYS!
Did I mention that Jun Pyo's mom (the president of Shinhwa) Absolutely hates Jan Di? No? Well  I'm just stupid because that is like the main thing in this drama. All the time that Jun Pyo and Jan Di are together, his mom is sabotaging everything. Eventually his mom makes him go to another place and sets him up with a wife. And Jan Di works in a clinic volunteering.. Little did she know that the doctor was Ji Hoo's grandfather. Ji Hoo is mad and upset, and Jan Di tries to fix their broken relationship. Eventually it works. Jan Di goes to where Jun Pyo is and sees him with his future wife. Who she has already met before. They are now good friends and Jan Di is jealous and crushed. Sadface. Eventually the wife woman catches on and at first doesn't want to let go. But eventually does. So Jun Pyo and Jan Di can be happy together. Jun Pyo has to go to America for a few years and wants Jan Di to come with him. But she's studying medicine and can't. So Jun Pyo goes and tells her to wait for him. Ji Hoo is also studying medicine. A few years later Jun Pyo comes back and proposes to Jan Di, and the other members of F4 come up and playfully say they object. And EVERYONE lived happily ever after, THE. END. lol 

My Thoughts:

I loved this drama. I was so in love with Ji Hoo at first. I wanted nothing but for them to get together, but after watching it for awhile I realized I was rooting for Jun Pyo. I know my story line thingy up there was scattered but i kept getting distracted. Darn you, facebook. :D Anyways I thought it was an absolutely amazing drama that kept me interested until the very end. It made me mad sometimes and i wanted to reach through my tv and slap some people, but that makes a good drama, huh?

So thanks for reading and leave comments! I wanna hear from ya!(:


  1. omg i like totally agree with u ,but wich ones the husband and the soul mate???????????? ps: they should make a sequal ^u^

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  3. Will there be a boys over flowers 2 with the same cast

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  8. I was hoping Jan Di and Ji Hoo would be together. He is so calm and smooth. He keeps her calm and have she didn't have to deal with so much drama. I'll admit So JUn Pyo start to grow on me after he stop being so mean. I which they could have shown her wedding at the end.

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