Sunday, September 30, 2012

How My Obsession Started

How My Asian Life Began.

So it's kinda hard to describe exactly how my life being a Asian addict started, because I don't really share this story much, but who cares? lol. So it was 9th grade in high school at Warren Central High School. I came into high school just living, ya know. Didn't really care too much about anything. Especially not Asians. And after awhile I became friends with this Korean. He eventually became my best friend, and now he's like my brother. Saranghae, Oppa!! BTW that crush is invalid now lol So back then I totally had the biggest crush on him that you could have on anyone. And it was then that I realized I loved Asians.. Because the more that I saw them around. The more I'd squeal. The more I'd get all giggly. Back in those days I was just obsessed with Asians in general. Not a specific kind. So after awhile I became more and more obsessed with Asians. 

Facebook: So I had alot of Asians add me and me add them on facebook.. And that helped add on to my obsession. So on facebook there was this page called I am UGLY.... Utterly Gorgeous, Lovely and Youthful. I read all of their updates and eventually ended up adding the creators. Found out that the creator of the page was from India.  We became best friends, and to this day I don't know if I could live without the guy. He's been my best friend through everything. Also I had a few people from a different part of India add me too. For no apparent reason, really. lol. But I accepted their friend requests. And there was one in particular... He was the most adorable thing I had ever seen in my life. Not even lying. LOL! He also became like my best friend. Not so much as my favorite Indian that I spoke about above. But we always talked. And this is what started my obsession with Indians. Because not only did these people add me.. But I guess their friends would look on their page and go OMG HES FRIENDS WITH AN AMERICAN IM TOTALLY GONNA ADD HER. So I got numerous friend requests from many different Indians, just because they knew that I knew their friend. And they were all really friendly, surprisingly. So WhatsApp is a really handy app for all of my Asian friends. I can text them all(:

Later on down the road I ran into SHINee as I have mentioned in a past blog. I immediately fell in love with them. So SHINee and my best friend/crush at the time are what got me obsessed with Koreans. I watch Kdramas.. I listen to Korean music... I even have a penpal from there now(: 

I'm weird, maybe because there's just this thing in my head that I am not attracted to Americans. In any way.. Well except for friends, of course. But nothing more than that.. And after dating quite a few Americans I now realize why half of my relationships didn't work out. Because even though I claimed I was in love with these people.. I really wasn't. Me and my fiancee broke up about 7 months ago. And yeah he was American. And even though we were engaged I realize now that I never would have married him... Even if we hadn't broke up. I could never have married him. Because even though I loved the guy... It just wasn't the "I'm IN LOVE with you" type of love. I can't see myself marrying an American. My heart is never in it. I mean sure Channing Tatum and some other actors are cute, but even if I met them and they fell in love with me.. The relationship would fail by month 6, as mine always have. My heart has been stolen by Minwoo and Leeteuk. lol not really. But I've actually upped my standards to never dating an American again.. Unless he's Korean-American, ya know.. Those are acceptable... Barely.

I guess another reason why I like Asians more is because of their mind set. They're all so much calmer and cooler than Americans are. No matter how you look at it... Americans have this totally stupid mind set that they are the best... That their country is amazing and everyone else can just back off or we'll kill you or get in your business and screw up your lives.. And this is why I don't like America too much. Even though I live here. And I'm not saying this trying to be a traitor or anything.. In all actuality I love America.. I just hate the mind set of the people here. They're all so violent, and nosy. And they believe that their country is the best in the world and no one can compete.. Well I've got news for you.. There are PLENTY of other countries that add up to us. We are not alone. I promise. Sure, people may say that we're the only country who is not forced to join the military.. But Korea is just like us.. Even though they are forced to go to the military for a minimum of 2 years.. And the only reason they have to do that is because they are on the border of a terrorist country, people! Their northern Koreans are their enemies. If I was in charge of South Korea I would make my men go to the military too. Ain't no way in the world I would just let North Korea attack me and we not be prepared..

Blah so this blog turned out to be alot more than I thought it would LOL! I didn't expect to write this much since I am exhausted today, but still wanted to do a short blog, but ohhh well. 
Well anyways.. Thanks for reading! Share, comment, or email me and either tell me whatcha think or what I should do my next blog on. !

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