Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebrity Obsession: Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong

This guy is Kim Hyun Joong and he's one of my favorite actors of all time. He's actually my 2nd favorite actor, because my 1st is Lee Min Ho. He's also one of my favorite group leaders. He's the leader of SS501, btw if you didn't know. He's 2nd though, again, because Leeteuk is my favorite group leader. He's one of my favorite singers, too. And this time he's not 2nd, but he's not 1st either. Now I have always love Kim Hyun Joong. Always. Ever since I saw him on Boys Over Flowers.. So why am I just now writing a blog on him? Well because I was listening to some songs I haven't listened to in awhile, and I came across Breakdown by Kim Hyun Joong. So I decided to watch the music video. After doing so, even though I've watched this thing like a million times, I was completely shocked. How is he SOOO much different in these music videos than he is in his dramas?!?!
I'll give examples..

Boys Over Flowers:

This is Kim Hyun Joong back in his Boys Over Flowers days.. Long hair. Beautiful. Completely beautiful.

Playful Kiss:

Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss. Still beautiful, but not AS beautiful. No more long hair. Now it's only longish. <3

"Lucky Guy" Music Video:

Still beautiful. But slowly turning hot... Where is my beautiful Kim Hyun Joong? 

"Please" Music Video:

Dude's continuously getting HOT. As time goes by, dude gets extremely hot. BUT he's still somewhat beautiful here. He hasn't completely lost the beautifulness just yet.

"Kiss Kiss" Music Video:

There we go, KHJ, you're beautifulness is coming back. Slowly, but surely, but you still do have a little bit of hot mixed in there. But that's okay. You're slowly becoming beautiful again.

"Breakdown" Music Video:

My Favorite!(: <3
BAM! FORGET ABOUT IT! THE BEAUTIFULNESS IS GONE AND I AM DEFINITELY NOT COMPLAINING! DUDE IS FULL BLOWN SEXY NOW! Compare this picture to the Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss pictures. OH. MAH. GAWSH. This video is beyond great. He's soooooo hoooooooot!

So the main purpose of writing this blog post was to show you how much he's changed. And show how hot he was in Breakdown. LOL I just can't believe it's him, really. Compared to Boys Over Flowers, the dude is like COMPLETELY different! You can barely tell it's him. An no it's not because of the nose job or anything. And btw yes I do know that Kiss Kiss and Breakdown were at the same time. He just looks hotter in Breakdown. Do you not agree? lol 

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  1. ha ha he done nose job that's why I'm confusing while name seen. But I love old one ;)

  2. Replies
    1. I'm just going to guess you love KHJ huh? Hehe

  3. OMG! Can't stop loving him >.< <3!!

  4. Always loving him,sunbea

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