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Drama Review: Playful Kiss

Playful Kiss(장난스런 키스)

(Finally, huh? Took me long enough to actually do it. LOL)

Aren't they cute? She better BACK OFF my man. That's all I have to say about this drama. End of blog.
Definitely kidding.. Except for the part about she needs to back off. That was totally legit. She really needs to get her hands off of him. He's mine. :P
Now do not take the "End of blog" part as I don't want to write it because I really loved the drama and in all honesty, I really want to go watch it again.
Btw keep in mind that I haven't written a drama review in awhile, and I think I have forgotten how I use to do them... Ohhh boy, I should have never taken a break from this. D:


Let me tell you that this cast could not have been more perfectly picked. The actors just kinda fit so perfectly into the drama, it's almost as if they aren't acting at all, but are actually going through this.

Jung So-min plays Oh Ha Ni, who is a student at the bottom of her class and has a crush on the absolutely gorgeous Baek Seung Jo. A genius at the top of the class. She is an only child, and her father owns a noodle shop. She often helps out there. One day an earthquake hits her NEW house. They had just bought it, and this stupid earthquake comes and ruins everything. Boo. But I'm glad it did. ANYWAYS.. Her and her dad are left with nowhere to live, so they move into a friend of the dad's house. With Seung Jo's family. Crazy, right? The love story is a wild ride, and at one point she actually said she was going to stop loving him, buuuut she didn't. Seung Jo's mom is absolutely in love with this girl. She tries to get them together, but Seung Jo is way too stubborn. Even though his mom knows they BOTH like each other. Well they eventually do plan to get married and I think that the mom is way more excited than Ha Ni is. lol
Kim Hyun Joong plays Baek Seung Jo.. And before I go into this character I have something funny to state here.. And something very serious.
Funny thing: Everytime I see Kim Hyun Joong.. I sometimes think that he really looks like Ryan Higa. He very much reminds me of Ryan Higa. I don't know why. I really don't. Because if you look at them the only resemblance is that their skin colors are the same, and they look exactly the same with no shirt on and glasses. Ryan is Japanese, I believe.. And Kim Hyun Joong is Korean. Yet they remind me of each other.
Very serious thing: I am totally in love with Kim Hyun Joong. I can not even begin to explain how much I love this guy. I want to marry him, do you think he'd marry a dumb American like me? Nahh probably not, huh? Oh well, if I just got to meet him I'd feel extremely light headed because I will pass out. This guy gives me butterflies just by looking at him. This is love, people.. THIS IS LOVE!
Alright back to the show and characters.. Ahem.
Okay Baek Seung Jo is a genius, who is a natural genius, he doesn't even have to study, yet he still passes with PERFECT scores. The guy is seriously perfect. Except he is very cold hearted... (But not really) ((Isn't that how it always goes)) (((Are double and 3rd parenthesis really a legit thing or am i making them up right now?))) Well anyways, Ha Ni writes Seung Jo a confession letter and Seung Jo corrects all of her mistakes and gives it back rejecting her, and saying that he hates stupid girls. HARSH. She moves in with him, his parents, and his little brother because his dad and her dad are friends and an earthquake struck her house.. And only her house. Bad luck. They become closer and have a complicated relationship. She stalks him bad. LOL I will probably do that to Kim Hyun Joong when I move over there. I am totally almost kidding.. So Seung Jo has been set up with Hae Ra, who is a beautiful girl genius who is in love with him, by her grandfather. And they had plans to get married (against his will, but he would not speak up.) He meets Ha Ni out in the rain outside of his house and tells her to only like him. And kisses her. Sweetest thing I think I've ever seen.. Eventually him and Ha Ni get married, and he is the absolute cutest thing I think I have ever seen. He tells his mom and Ha Ni that he won't get the marraige license until she passes her nursing exam, when actually he had already got it. I was smiling from the inside out. LOL
Lee Tae-Sung plays Bong Joon Gu. If you have ever seen this drama and read my other blogs, you'll be really shocked at what I'm about to say, but.... I think this guy is extremely handsome. Ok, who am I kidding? The guy is HOT!! FORREAL! I loved him in the drama. He is so goofy. So Bong Joon Gu is a guy who is madly in love with Ha Ni. He is extremely goofy, extremely mushy, and a completely adorable. I immediately fell in love with him. I almost rooted for him to get Ha Ni, but I do love Seung Jo. There's something about cold hearted guys that just makes me like them. LOL well anyways he's so in love with Ha Ni that it's all he thinks about. He wants to have a stable job, so he can one day provide for Ha Ni if she becomes his wife. ISNT THAT CUTE?! He starts working for Ha Ni's father at the noodle shop, and makes food for her to try often. She eventually dates him, but she doesn't like him like THAT, really. In the end he doesn't get Ha Ni ( I felt really bad) but he meets this American who comes into the noodle shop ljke everyday because she likes him. And they live happily ever after? Quite possibly.
This beauty queen is Lee Si-young and she plays Yoon Hae Ra. If you've ever seen Boys Over Flowers, I bet you still don't recognize her, huh? lol. On Boys Over Flowers she played Jan Di's first best friend at Shinhwa school. The one who dresses down and pretends to be Jan Di's friend and then manipulates her and sets her up to break up Jun Pyo and Jan Di.. Yes this beautiful thing is her. Surprising, right? Well anyways on this show she plays a perfect genius girl, who falls in love with Seung Jo. Just like Ha Ni, she stalks Seung Jo, but honestly, this stalker he doesn't pay much attention to. They are friends for sure, but nothing else. But one day her grandfather meets Seung Jo and wants him to go on a date with his grandaughter who Seung Jo did not know was her. And they are being pushed to get married by her grandfather. Seung Jo doesn't like it, but doesn't speak up. But eventually he gets jealous of Ha Ni and Joon Gu and decides that he wants to marry Ha Ni. Definitely not the pretty beauty queen Hae Ra. Because since when does a hot guy wanna marry a beautiful girl? Pah! In dramas... Never. I really hated how Hae Ra's character was so cold at times..
Hello there, beauty queen who looks absolutely nothing like her character on this show. This is Jung Hye-young, and she plays Baek Seung Jo's mother, Hwang Geum Hee. She's a very fun, loving mother. Since Ha Ni's mother died when she was young, Geum Hee takes over and becomes like a mother to her. She falls in love with Ha Ni, like she's her own daughter. She hates how Seung Jo is so cold towards Ha Ni. She also knows that Ha Ni and Seung Jo like each other, but Seung Jo is just in denial. Every girl that comes along trying to take Seung Jo, she is against. She treats them coldly with a horrible attitude. lol. But she's doing it for a good cause.
Oh Kyung Soo plays Baek Soo Chang, Seung Jo's father. He's so cute!! He reminds me alot of Psy.. Ya know, the one that sings Gangnam Style? Idk why, but everytime I see him and see him smile and laugh it reminds me so much of Psy. Well in the show he is a cute little pudgy dad who is so sweet, but very busy with his work. He's definitely not a big star of the show. So there's really not much to say about him..
This kid here is so extremely handsome. He is so cute.. I want to have a son that looks exactly like him... And raise him as half American, half Korean. And I want him to grow up and be successful and marry someone worthy. No doubt about it I'm going to be a hard to please mother. So this cutie is Choi Won Hong and he plays Baek Eun Jo, Seung Jo's little brother. He doesn't like Ha Ni at first.. And even though he does start to like her, he would never admit it. He just keeps teasing her and insulting her. Calling her dumb.. Saying that she doesn't need to have kids and if she does they need to take after his brother because one dummy in the family is good enough. lol After watching other videos of him, I really think he's actually a sweet kid. Not at all like his character. And like I said he's handsome and cute at such a young age. This kid is going to grow up and be successful. No doubt about it. And I'll be watching him all the way. lol

So a girl at the bottom of her class has a crush on the male genius of the school.. She actually ends up writing him a confession letter telling him how she likes him and sees only him. He then takes the letter, corrects all of her mistakes, grades it, gives it back to her, and then tells her that he hates stupid people. He's quite harsh. She stalks him like crazy, while she's being stalked by Joon Gu. So an earthquake hit's Ha Ni's house and completely tears it down.. They have nowhere to go so Ha Ni's dad contacts his friend and his friend tells him that it is fine to come stay with them. To Ha Ni's surprise, it is Seung Jo's house. Small world, huh? OR maybe it's just fate.. Like me marrying Lee Min Ho. That's definitely fate.. But I can't let him know until I move there. Don't wanna overwhelm him with my awesomeness while I'm still in America.. Plus I'll have to get over the fact that he smokes.. But hey, no ones perfect. I always get so off subject... Anyways a WHOLE BUNCH of things happen in between but the story line stays the same. Seung Jo hides his love. Ha Ni is obsessed with him still. Until Seung Jo goes on a date with Hae Ra because of his dad's company. That's when Ha Ni gives up and goes on a date with Joon Gu. He's so cute, and so happy, but unfortunately she doesn't like him like he does. She still loves Seung Jo. And one day, Seung Jo meets her outside of their house.. And this happens.
From then on, nothing is easy. There is so much drama that goes on in their relationship. They by no means have it easy. Eventually they do get married. Ha Ni tries to become a nurse, but they turn her down for killing a dummy. She actually did save a person though later on. And Seung Jo told her than he would not go and get the marraige license until she passed the nursing test. But come to find out he had already went and got it. Such a cute move.

I did not know this until tonight that they had an epilogue to this show. The epilogue is made of 7 episodes that are each about 10 minutes long.
In the epilogue Ha Ni is a nurse and Seung Jo is a doctor. They've been married for a year/a few years. I really don't know which one. Its a cute little ending to the show rather than the first one was kinda left unfinished, but then again not really, but ya get what i mean right? It was a better ending than the first one. So in the beginning of the epilogue Ha Ni tries to make breakfast and she ends up burning it.. Like she always does. LOL The girl cannot cook for nothing. She even gets up at dawn to go to the store and get produce. She does everything right.. Except cook it right. LOL So even though she burnt breakfast completely, they eat an apple and have coffee for breakfast. And Seung Jo, being the oddly good husband he is, says that an apple and coffee for breakfast isn't so bad, and that he knew what she was doing because she was on the laptop in the middle of the night thinking out loud about it. He also heard her talking about her picking out his clothes and going to watch a movie. So he tells her that they had to go out to the movies now and she should go pick out his clothes. Now keep in mind that I have worked on this blog for 2 days now and I've been completely exhausted and overworking myself and I have slept for 3 hours since I watched all of this. But anyways in one of the episodes, Ha Ni gets a pregnancy scare. Of course Seung Jo's mother goes way overboard... She tells the whole school and when Ha Ni and Seung Jo go to the doctor, they find out that she is most definitely not pregnant. She's depressed and Seung Jo kinda feels bad. And when asked why she is so depressed she says she was excited in hoping her child would come out like Seung Jo. Seung Jo then tells her that her flat forehead and slightly sleepy looking eyes wouldn't be too bad for the kid.. But he hopes the kid doesn't have her brains. LOL. Seung Jo then proceeds to sweep her off her feet and carry her to the room. So cute. Lucky bleeeeeeep. Jk.. Not really. Another episode shows Seung Jo's friend coming back from the States to visit. She's trying to win Seung Jo back. Seung Jo doesn't want to believe this and believes that Ha Ni is truly unbelieveable and should just treat her as a little sister. When the girl and Seung Jo are talking outside, she starts to suck up and be stupid (lol) "Oppa, why do you like Ha Ni?!" And asks if he really loves her. Ha Ni comes out, does a little yelling and tells her that she feels like she's dying whenever she's away from Seung Jo. The girl then says "I get how you feel, but does Seung Jo feel the same?" Ha Ni looks at Seung Jo, and he doesn't say anything. Ha Ni runs off. And Seung Jo tells little sister that what she just saw there, is the reason he loves her so much. And he runs after Ha Ni. He finds her sulking on the stairs and goes and puts a jacket around her. And tells her that he chose her. Baek Seung Jo chose Oh Ha Ni. Of course she's happy then. I would be too :/ Unfortunately i don't think Kim Hyun Joong would return my love. He really needs a twitter. LOL. So another episode Seung Jo has been extremely busy and hasn't come home in awhile, so Ha Ni made him lunch to eat at the hospital, but when she finds him she falls down a flight of stairs and he goes to catch her and gets knocked unconcious. She freaks out.. Yelling about how much she loves him and how he can't die. She becomes the nurse who takes after him while he's in the hospital. She's horrible. LOL! Well anyways the chief doctor comes to check on Seung Jo and Ha Ni is flippin out because she doesn't want him to die. He then tells her these exact words "No one has ever died from a broken ankle" Hahaha. Turns out the reason he was unconcious was because he was sleep deprived and exhausted. Well after he wakes up and is completely fine, chief doctor brings in a bunch of charts that need fixing. Ha Ni tells them that she will take care of them for Seung Jo. What she does is make his injury seem worse than it is so he has to stay in the hospital longer. When chief doctor comes in again and gives the charts to Seung Jo he is really surprised, and they both figure that this is Ha Ni's doing. When Seung Jo confronts her about it, she gets so upset and starts crying. Why did she want him to stay in the hospital longer? Because he was completely exhausted and she wanted him to get some rest before going back to work and being extremely busy again. Seung Jo asks why she is crying, and she says that she's not fit to be Seung Jo's wife. And Seung Jo tells her that if that is the case, then he is not fit to be her husband either. And that episode ends by him saying that he's seen his loving wife grow so much. Another episode shows that Ha Ni is scared to give shots. She doesn't like them and she doesnt want to give them.. Eventually she tries on a bear but that is not a real test subject... So Seung Jo offers his arms for her to try on. She's absolutely horrible at giving shots. She bruises up his arms but eventually does get one to bleed. Finally. lol. Another episode shows Ha Ni standing outside of their house with the car keys.. She wants to drive him to work. Turns out she's bad at driving too. Even though she got her license. And she wants driving lessons from Seung Jo, but he refuses. But then he changes his mind saying he doesn't want to be a widower in the first year of marraige. They have a fun day spending time with each other. The last episode it is Ha Ni's birthday. Seung Jo is not the mushy type.. But since he sees how shook up Ha Ni is about her birthday and him not doing anything he does actually do something. He fills his car up with 100 roses, buys her a present, buys her a cake, and puts balloons on the car. But when he tells her to come outside a pregnant lady runs up to the car and Ha Ni comes out and tells her to hurry she's in labor. On the way there it's chaos. They lady is screaming and pulling Ha Ni's hair. After Seung Jo gets the lady in the hospital room, he comes back out and Ha Ni is smiling at the realization of what he's planned. It didn't go well, but he did try. She asks if the present in the car was for her. And then he tells her to turn around and not look. He pulls out a squished ugly lookin cake with bent candles and gives it to her. The crazy pregnant lady had hurt the cake lol and out of all 100 roses there is only 1 left. So he gives it to her. And she is beyond ecstatic. She then asks him to sing happy birthday. He should have sang Because I'm Stupid or something, because its so beautiful.. Lol but I guess thats very unrelated though... But he does and whenever he gets to the part saying he loves her she tells him to repeat it over and over again. The End.


This show is really great.. I absolutely loved this show, really. I had so much fun watching it. Of course I am in love with Kim Hyun Joong. So I'm kinda biased. But I really think that it was perfectly cast. The storyline is great. Its based of a Manga, ya know? And I like how the added the epilogue because I never wanted the show to end. I stayed up all night one night and watched it. I was that addicted. I just really think you need to watch this if you haven't already. Definitely.

And this concludes my post on Playful Kiss I really hope you enjoyed and you don't know how thankful I am that some of you follow me and alot read my posts. I work unbearably hard on all of my posts. I research, I make sure that I know almost everything and then I write it and still research while I'm writing it. I keep watching clips from the shows over and over again and let me tell you.. The hardest thing about my blog is definitely the drama reviews... Agh its so nerve wrecking. Okay well here are some ways to contact me for questions, suggestions, and ideas about new posts.
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  1. You did this so well! Congrats! This drama is too much haha it's so adorable ><

    1. Hey thanks so much! Sorry for so late seeing this! I love this drama! :)

  2. Great post. Playful kiss is the first Korean drama that I've ever watched. All the characters are amazing. Felt very bad for Lee Tae Sung.
    Post: Freeads

    1. Thanks so much!!! I'm glad you liked it. The drama was very great and yes Lee Tae Sung's role was so pitiful.. lol i felt very bad for him.

  3. i'm biased by KHJ as well .. i really can't get enough of the guy .. and i love him more by the day
    great review and awesome job .. i love this drama so much (maybe biased too)

    1. Oh thanks! Yes everyone in the world loves KHJ. Hehe:)

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