Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friends from Korea!

Do You Have Them?

I do!!
So recently I have gained alot of Korean friends. And I see everywhere that people are asking where you can find a safe, easy to use website to find friends from a certain country. Well ~Da Da Da Daaaaa!~ Shanea here to the rescue with my top websites and/or apps to find you some Korean friends who not only you want to talk to, but they want to talk to you too!
So like I said, recently I have made alot of Korean friends. And people who know me are like, "Geez, Shanea, where do you find all of them?" Well I'm here to tell you! You're welcome.
So here's my list of good websites and apps to find Korean friends/penpals.
  1. Epenpal. Epenpal is an app that I know you can find on Play Store (Google Play), which is the store for Androids. I do not own an iphone so I can't tell you if it is on the app store for iphones or not. But so far this app has gotten me SOOOO MANY FRIENDS. I have met so many cool and interesting people from all around South Korea. And when I say soooo many friends... You have no idea. I probably have about 200 or more different messages from people in Korea. And I do reply to all of them. I am a busy person. Lol. Though I do reply to all of them, I do sometimes not talk to people much. I may exchange like 5 messages with them. Just the casual "Hello, How are you? Where do you live? How old are you?" conversations. And then there are others who don't speak English barely at all and they send you messages and you are like WHAAAAAT? lol and so you have to tell them, Hello, there, I am American. I only speak English, and I'm sorry, but I don't understand you well. And either you will get a message telling you "Thank you for your time." Or you won't get a message at all. NEVER just ignore them, or be rude about telling them they don't speak the language well. That's totally unfair to them. It's not their fault they can't speak it well. Now this app has a selection you can choose from to tell exactly what kind of person you want to talk to. What age range, what languages they speak, what sex. And it's very convenient. Its completely the best of every website and app I have seen.
  2. Now is a website apparently. And it has all the same features as Epenpal does.. But I find Epenpal alot easier to use and better. Because if you are not paying for penpalworld, its very inconvenient, and really you can't do anything.. You don't get to read your messages except through your email. You only get a certain amount messages you can send per day, a certain amount of comments. Its just very crappish.
  3. DokiDoki Postbox. It is an app on the Play Store for Androids. Now out of all the apps and websites I have gone to, this one is the most unique. I find this app so crappy. And I have encountered someone on there who thought the same. LOL. She was American. And I hate it when Americans send me messages on there. For one, because I want to talk to people abroad.. Not from America. And 2 because most of the Americans looking for other Americans are just looking for anonymous sexting. So on DokiDoki Postbox you have no idea who you are talking to. It is completely anonymous. All you get to know about the person you are talking to is their sex and where they are from. If you get to talking to someone and you start to like them and want to be friends with them.. Too bad, you're screwed. And half the time you can't even remember the person you are having a conversation with. It's really really really bad. Lol.
Well these are just 3 of MANY MANY different apps and websites you can try to find friends from Korea. Now it doesn't have to just be Korea. You can find them from everywhere! Especially on Epenpal. So I seriously recommend Epenpal. It's really the best choice.
So thanks for reading this! And please if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions on what I should write next you can contact me in many different ways listed below.
2)Twitter: HAS_Shanea (this is my username)
Thanks again and remember to keep checking back and seeing what I have written! Love ya lots! Bye!
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  1. i used after ur recommendation and i find Epenpal is very nice app.

  2. Hi! I installed epenpal after reading this but it wont let me see messages from other people i know who i sent a message when they liked and followed my profile but there's no reply also on chats and i wouldn't think something was wrong if it just happened like with 2 or 3 people i messaged like 50 people and there's no notification or reply, does that happen because my account is new?
    Help :(

    1. Sometimes when an account is new, it takes a little bit for it to adjust. Also Epenpal just had an update recently. Check to make sure you have that update. If not then that might be why it is messing up. Keep in mind that not everyone you message, will reply. Some don't. I've had that happen way too many times. Whenever you message someone, to avoid this problem, check the last time they signed in. It's on their profile. Also if you're having internet problems, that causes Epenpal to go crazy and not send you the notifications until your internet connection is stable. If none of this advice helps, and the problem doesn't get fixed.. You can uninstall the app and reinstall it. You sign into it, and your information is saved on the app. You don't lose anything except your message history. I hope all this helps you! Good luck with the app! <3

  3. I don't know but i find many koreans not that nice. It's always me who ask them question and yeah they answer but not asking back -_-

    1. Oh really? What a shame! I have alot of Korean best friends.. They're amazingly nice with good senses of humor. Maybe why they seem not nice is because they don't speak the language well. People can seem very rude if they don't speak English well. If you really want to meet Koreans, keep trying. There are MANY nice, sweet, and funny people out there in Korea. You'll eventually find one and then be glad you didn't give up. But from my experiences.. Epenpal has the nicest Korean people I've met. Maybe it's because there's alot more people on there.. That are looking for the same things you are. It's like a penpal facebook. If you want someplace else to find Koreans at.. Badoo is also a good app. I know that alot of people think it's a dating app.. And it mostly is. But if you type in Seoul, Korea to the nearby places.. Then you'll find many Koreans. Some of them are nice.. Some of them don't speak English at all. And some don't answer simply because they don't speak English. I hope that this reply helps you. I'm always around if you have questions. :D

  4. The application stopped work !! It's gives messege " can't log to servec please run the application again '!!!!

  5. hello everybody .. welcome to my self hahaha _^^

  6. I recommend its a new generation penpal website.

  7. Hi! I use epenpal too recently. But, I don't understand. Do I can't posting a post, comment or like if I don't verify my account?

    Looking forward for your reply..

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