Saturday, October 27, 2012

Leeteuk is leaving me...

Leeteuk Going To The Army

The most beatiful and loving leader of all the kpop groups. When Heechul left for the army you see him crying like crazy. That has got to be the saddest video I have ever seen in my life. Sometime in the next few days, Teuki will go to the army for 2 years.. And my heart is broken.. As soon as I find out he leaves.. I'm going to be in a depressed state for days. I probably won't even be able to function. Some people may call me extreme for this, but I absolutely fell in love with Leeteuk. Since the moment I started listening to Super Junior years ago. He is the sweetest and greatest leader of all. He always loved his fellow Suju members. And he would do anything for them. That's why they have stayed so strong over the years. A Super Junior without Teuki is just not right... I hope the rest of Super Junior doesn't weaken while he's gone, though. Even though idk if I could listen to Super Junior without him, I need to, so that way I can spread all of their new songs to everyone worldwide and keep Super Junior going while Teuki is gone. And when he comes back, I'm going to put a blog post up saying HES BACK!!! And everyone will know what I'm talking about. lol. I am extremely in love with this guy, but even so, if I ever met him.. I wouldn't freak out like other people would. Especially Koreans.  Because Korean fans are absolutely horrible... I hope to be in Korea by the time he comes back, so maybe I can actually be there when he comes back! Now see, some fans freak out and wanna touch their idols... I would pass out and smile so much I cry. So I have a note that I want to write to Leeteuk. And it's going to be horrible because Idk hangul....
Note to Leeteuk:
Dear Leeteuk, I hope that you don't go through too much struggle in the army. I hope you stay healthy the whole time you are there. I will miss you so much when you leave, and be waiting for you to return. So don't disappoint me, okay? Stay healthy, much love from America.
-Shanea Michelle Parker
특, 너무 많이 허둥 거리지 마라. 당신이 건강을 유지 희망. 유감스러운, 나는 한글을 몰라. 당신을 사랑. 안전 돌아 오세요. 난 미국에서 온.

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