Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meet U-Kiss!


So at the moment my new obsession is none other than U-Kiss!

One may ask, "Shanea, why U-Kiss of all the K-pop groups? Didn't you use to be in love with Super Junior? And SHINee? And Shinhwa? Shanea, are you a K-pop whore?" My answer would be... Yes.. Yes I am. Now don't think I'm trading in my Shawol, and ELF-ish ways. I am a serious diehard Shawol and ELF for life.. So my love for all of my other Korean obsessions have not stopped. Just kinda been pushed aside for the moment. And the main reason they have become my favorite is because of their new song Stop Girl. I am seriously in love with this song. Especially Kevin's part. Kevin has an amazing voice.



This cutie here is Shin Soohyun. He is the leader of U-Kiss as well as the main vocalist. He was born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea on March 11, 1989. That makes him 23? I think? Sadly, his father died when he was in second grade, and never got to see his success. When Soohyun was younger, their family struggled and did not have much money for food. U-Kiss's debut was in 2008-2009, and ever since then they have become a huge success. All over the world. I think that Soohyun is the cutest thing EVER! Ok well not ever.. Because you'll read down below and I will probably tell you that Kevin and Eli are the cutest things ever. Ranking on my favorite list is 3rd. 




Next cutie is Lee Kiseop. He was born on January 17th, 1991. Which makes him 21, I believe. He joined U-Kiss in 2009 for the "Man Man Ha Ni" Comeback. He didn't start at the debut. Along with dancing, he has another special ability and that's martial arts. Taekwondo to be exact. He's also good at beatboxing and acting. And to be honest, when he has his hair like in the last 3 pictures above, he reminds me of a guy off City Hunter.. Not Lee Min Ho, but the guy he kept having to fight. But it's not him, of course. Oh well. But anyways apparently he has another talent, and that would be making faces. LOL! And according to Dongho(who is the youngest) he's the nicest one of all of them. Ranking on my list: 5th.




Now this hottie here... This is Eli. And this is no ordinary Eli... This is THE ELI!!! And he plans to marry me and have a happy life together and have kids and he will be an amazing father... Don't I wish... Life is unfair. But on a serious note, Eli was born on March 13th, 1991. Which makes him 21, too. He is one of the English speaking members.. He is Korean-American . He was raised in Washington, DC, by his Korean parents, but spent most of his time in Virginia.  He has one older sister and one younger sister. He dropped out of high school and went to Beijing, China to further his studies and learned Mandarin.  His is the main rapper in U-Kiss and one of the 3 English speaking cuties. He also knows Taekwondo and Kung Fu. He is my soulmate and all of you can back off.. I know I said before that Leeteuk was my soulmate.. And he was.. But unfortunately we can never be. For Teuki is in the army now.. And also almost 30... I don't think he would like me too well. Sadface.. So ranking for Eli on my list would be: ... 2nd. AHAHAHA you thought he was first right?? YOU'RE WRONG!!! My favorite will be revealed later...



AJ or Kim Jaesop.. Was born on June 4th, 1991, which means that he's 21.. He's cute, right? I really know absolutely nothing about AJ.. I just know that he's there and thought that he deserved the right to be on my blog. He is one of the 3 English speaking cuties.. He's currently studying in New York. Though Simonandmartina from youtube are skeptical. What are you really doing over there, AJ? Martina says he's probably partying. LOL Kevin says that he sends them pictures and stuff sometimes... Ok I have nothing else to say on this one.. So ranking on my list: 7th. Poor AJ. You probably actually deserve much higher than that. 




This cutie here is Yeo Hoonmin, but known as Hoon. He was born on August 16 (which is the day after my youngest brothers bday), 1991,  which now makes him 21. He is a singer, actor, dancer, and occasional model. He is a vocalist in U-Kiss. He's currently studying at Dongguk University, majoring in Theatre & Film. You go Hoon!! Even though I love Hoon.. I really do. I'm sorry to say that he is my least favorite (besides AJ). Now don't get me wrong.. It's not because he's not talented or anything. The guy is extremely amazing and talented, and I love him very much. It's just that compared to the other members, he just doesn't appeal to me as much.. Sigh so I'm sorry, dear Hoon, but ranking on my list is 6th. Love you always, though! Promise!




This beautiful piece of Korean human being is Kevin! He is also Korean-American! And these pictures here do him no justice. The guy is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life. (See I didn't just say ever) But I am absolutely in love with this guy. He's extremely talented in like every way possible. He was born in Danville, California on November 25, 1991, and currently is 20. He lived in the USA with his parents and older sister. In high school, he was in the choir, and auditioned in Korea on vacation and was chosen. That's when he decided to be a singer. At the age of 15 Kevin and his mom moved to Korea to follow his dreams. He was first part of XING, and ended up leaving and debuting with U-Kiss in 2008-2009. Along with singing with U-Kiss he has also sang by himself and has an absolutely amazing voice.. Beyond anything I've ever heard, really. If you don't believe me, follow the link below.

Also I really love the lyrics.. Especially the chorus which says,
"Please forget our memories. Baby please forget our memories. 
Just leave and don't ever come back to me. 
You don't deserve a guy like me. 
Don't look back just turn away 
Baby don't look back just turn away. 
I know I'll regret it. 
But I just want what's best for you and me. "
It's just so sweet, and I don't see how anyone could not like it, ya know? Especially with an amazing voice like that singing it..
So if you haven't guessed by now.. Ranking on my list: 1st! Love you, Kevin!!!




Last but certainly not least is Shin Dongho. He is the youngest of the group, born on June 29th, 1994, which means that he is 18. He's only a year older than me.. I was born on April 29th, 1995(: WOOOO GO US! He is one of the rappers for U-Kiss. Dongho can also communicate in Mandarin, because he studied in Beijing, China. But as for English? His accent is horrible. To everyone else, at least. But to me I think it's adorable when he's trying to speak in English. (I watched Raising Idols). For being so young, he really is very talented. 

Special announcement: ALSO PART OF U-KISS IN THE PAST IS XANDER AND KIBUM.. But since I don't really know them at all, besides that they were there once upon a time, I won't include them in this blog beyond this announcement. Sorry, guys. I'm sure you deserve it, but I just really don't know anything about you. lol 

Ok so as I said before, what got me started on U-Kiss was their song "Stop Girl". The song is really catchy and awesome and has great lyrics. The music video is pretty great, though I much prefer the colored one to the black and white one. But I will put the links to both on here! comment on this blog and tell me what you thought and which one you liked best. 
I will also put links to other songs I like. So thanks for reading, make sure to comment and follow me!

By the way.. I know I usually put the actual videos here.. But my computer has been spazzing lately and won't lemme upload vids:/

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