Monday, October 22, 2012

New Obsession: Dazzling Girl by SHINee!

Welcome to my new obsession:

Dazzling Girl - SHINee



This song is definitely by far my favorite song right now. I am totally in love with this song, and definitely in love with the video and if you haven't seen it yet.. The link is below. Sadly, they removed the full version from Youtube though... I'm devestated... Really. You just don't understand. I loved that video so much.. Booo!! Well anyways I'll give you the short version.

Short Version


Live Version

OMG I WANTED TO GIVE YOU OTHERS!! Like the dance version, and the audio version. But everything from this song is gone.. Which is so sad. Because everyone loves this song. Like really. Everyone who has heard this song and seen the video loved it. Now I understand that it is a brand new song. It just came out this month. But why remove everything? Let the fans have their indulgences from SHINee!

Well anyways.. Picture time! (That I could find because apparently they are taking down pictures, too)

I'm starting to wonder if Minho is just a figment of my imagination. It was seriously HARD to find a picture of him... I couldn't even find the solo shot of him in the chair. This is seriously ridiculous.. Just because a song becomes popular to where everyone loves it you decide to take it all down? What a tease. Breaks my heart:'(

Well anyways.. In this video it's quite obvious that Onew and Minho are wearing skirts. And some people wonder why. And some other people question their sexuality because of it. The reason that they dance with skirts on is because Minho and Onew are not the best dancers at all.. And the skirts help them to dance. It makes it easier. The song is great.. The music video WAS great... Now it's gone.. Except the short version which does nothing but tease you..
Well let me just apologize for this blog. This is really not what I wanted it to be. I just watched this video earlier. They work fast to take stuff down. Blahhhh.
So anyways I'm sorry again. Thanks for reading even though this blog post suckedddd.
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