Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Slacking!

So sorry for no blog posts! Love you, though! And hopefully will get one up today or tomorrow!

So alot of people have been asking me why I haven't been writing blogs in the past few days.. Do you know what my excuse was? "Because I've been so depressed since Teuki left." 100% not true, by the way. Actually it really is true.. I really am depressed that Leeteuk leftttt Huhuhuuuu:'( but it's not the reason I haven't written anything. I've just been a mixture of being lazy and being busy. Most of the time I was busy, so then when I had a chance to write, I would be lazy and just not do anything but camp out in front of my tv and play Black Ops on my Xbox. Ahhh Black Ops. I can't wait until Black Ops 2 comes out! Off subject. So I have like 10 different blog posts lined up that I need to do and hopefully I'll get on that tomorrow. Or I might end up doing one tonight. Depends on if I can sleep or not. Which btw, I usually don't. So you might be in luck. So just keep checking back and I will definitely have 2 up tomorrow. 

But since I haven't written anything... How did everyone's Halloween go? Mine was great, the 2nd half of it anyways... The first half was crap and my costume broke. So I went as myself. HEYYY maybe I can go as a website page next year and be Advertising at it's best, huh?!?!?! So here's some pics of my Halloween. Leave comments and tell me how yours went!
My brother. HAHA

Meeee. I went as myself. Great costume. Everyone should be this. Not kidding. HAHA

Meeee... I still think it's a great costume. Shirt says "Like a Boss" Btw.

Me and my mom.

Made a mask... The sticks are suppose to be in circles but it was SOO hard to do.. So I left it at U's.

Thanks for reading! I promise I will definitely stop slacking on you guys. I'm a horrible person, huh? :P
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