Friday, January 25, 2013


Though this may not seem like alot to some. I am extremely excited about this. 

So today I look at my Blogger Dashboard and this is what I see. And I'm like freaking over here.. Because this is so cool. I have reached the 20k milestone. Ahhhh I'm a happy camper right now. 

Where do most of my reads come from?

USA, Turkey, Philippines. Those are the top 3. And I'm really honored that so many people from the Philippines read this!! I love Filipino's!

Now.. What blog post do you think is the most popular? Do you think it's any of my drama reviews? Or a Meet ______? Haha nooo. This one surprises me..
It's my Kim Hyun Joong "Celebrity Obsession" blog. That honestly surprises me. Though... Kim Hyun Joong is the most anticipated artist of 2013. So I'm seriously excited as to what will come next from KHJ. 

But I really want to say.. Thank you. To all you who continue to read this blog. I know I'm not the best blog writer. . I KNOW. But even so alot of people read my blog and continue to keep up with it. So thanks. so much! :D I am extremely honored for every single one of you to read my blogs. I feel like a queen. (:

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So thank you again!! And I love you all!!!! 

I Miss Leeteuk...

I'm not the only one, right?

I'm not the only one, right? These days for some reason Leeteuk just pops in my head and I get so sad... There is still so much time before he comes back. Huhuhuuuuu:'( But on the upside.. He's doing quite fine. He's participated in a military musical called "The Promise". Go Teuki! 

I love that smile... :'D

Also with him being in the army he was asked in an interview what was of great importance to him now that he's in the military. 
He answered:
His family
Girl groups. Weird right? But also while Tony from H.O.T. was in the army he listened to mainly girl groups too... 
He also states that he loves HyunA... Lucky woman... 

ALSO! Congrats to my Teuki Angel for winning the popularity award at the MBC Entertainment Awards! He did give a congratulatory speech via video. I would have cried watching that. 

So the main reason that I wrote this blog is so that I could express how much I miss Teuki. And to also write a small blog since I haven't wrong one in awhile. 

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hehe had to do it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome Back, Super Junior-M! New Obsession: "Break Down" - Super Junior-M

Super Junior-M Is Back With A Bang, Baby!

Yesssss. It's true. Super Junior-M has made their comeback! YES!!!! I AM SO HAPPY! And proud to say that I am now obsessed with this whole album. 
If you haven't seen or heard the whole album here's a link..
But! My favorite of all time is...
And do you know why? Well only because it's AWESOME! And the music video is quite great. 
Time to break down "Break Down" ... I'm so cool.

If you haven't seen the music video or heard the song yet... It's your lucky day because here is the link!

Is this not amazing? My goshhhh. So there is a few things in particular I want to say about this video. 

1) Sungmin... Is abnormally sexy. Like never ever have I seen Sungmin be this irresistibly SEXY! 

Like, WOAH!!! HELLO SEXY! Sungmin is never my favorite person.. But in this video he comes in straight first. Love you, Sungmin!

2) I'm not the only one that wants to take Siwon's eyes on a date am I? Look closely at Siwon if you haven't already! 

Helloooooo eyes. How you doin? Wanna go look at a sunset together? <3
For some reason there is just something about Siwon with these eyes that are completely gorgeous. I couldn't help but STARE! 

3) Also about Siwon.. Like most other music videos for any Super Junior song.. Siwon is NOT DANCING. lol I noticed awhile back that Siwon does not dance. He danced in a few, but for the most part they just show sexy clips of Siwon throughout music videos. He's never dancing. :P I wish he would have danced in this one... Hes just completely sexy. Aghhh. Siwon is never on my favorites list either, but in this video he's seriously 2nd. 

4) Again about Siwon... I'm odd because I love his hat. I have seen so much hate for his hat. No. I love it. 

5) Henry is adorbz. Completely. I love Henry. 

6) I think Kyuhyun is so cute and flawless looking.

7) I'm so glad they showed alot of Zhou Mi. He's getting handsomer these days. He also has an AMAZING voice!

8) My Ryeowook is so great(': I love him SO MUCH!

9)Donghae should keep his hair. It looks great.

10) Eunhyuk is getting hotter.

11) Also about Eunhyuk.. They cheated him out of showing off his dance skills in this video..

12) Also about the dancing. I love the dance. Its simple and looks great.

13) I love when they throw the feathers. Lol it looks so cool.

14) I'm actually done.. I just want to express again how much I love this video.

Thank you for reading, my lovelies! 
You guys make my life!  ALSO!
I got my first big number of views from South Korea the other day! FINALLY! My audience is finally spreading to the place this blog is about. I'm so honored. I love you guys.

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Rant Of The Month: Americans Views On Male Korean Celebrities.

This one's going to be serious.
If you are American and get offended easily...
Also please keep in mind that I'm not saying I hate Americans... I'm simply just saying I hate how they do this.. 
I love Americans.
I am American.
So do not take it the wrong way...
And do not get offended
Just a warning...

So this blog is about most Americans.. NOT ALL OF THEM! But most of them. Just want to clear this up ahead of time that I'm not saying all of them think this way.

So I've encountered many things like this before, but tonight I just completely went over the edge and got seriously mad because some people wouldn't stop going on about it. So what makes me mad is that Americans have this view on male Korean celebrities as being "Girls" or "Fags".. And it seriously irks me. Especially when they WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT!! Let me sum up the reason they say these things, okay? 
1)They wear makeup.
2)They have baby faces.
3)They have longer hair.
These are really the only reasons. So let me start my rant.

Koreans wearing makeup. Gay or not? NOT. The reason that Korean celebrities wear makeup is for the same reason that most girls do. To enhance their facial features. They wear eyeliner because it shows off their eyes. They wear foundation so their skin looks flawless. They don't do it because they are "Girls" or because they're "Gay". Let me compare this to Emos.. Who most American girls are extremely in love with. 

Korean Celebrities I've posted about that people say these things about:

Kiseop from U-Kiss

Kim Hyun Joong from SS501

JB from JJ Project

Lee Min Ho... My brain doesn't even compute how anyone could think he looks like a girl... But I mean whatevs..

Emo Guys:

You see they wear makeup right? But do Americans just look at Emos and think "Oh my god..... They're all girls.. They're all gay." No. And do you know why? Because they're American. Because they're the same race as you.... They aren't immediately classified as "gay" Yet most of them are....   Whereas Koreans are immediately classified as "gay" yet most of them aren't. Do you see why this irks me?

Long haired guys: Gay or not? NOT. Just because some Korean males have longer hair.. They get classified as "gay" or "girly"... 


No Min Woo

Kim Soo Hyun in the beginning of "Dream High"

Long Haired American Males(Keep in mind that I love these people.. Just stating a point):


Leonardo Dicaprio

Do they get immediately classified as "gay" or "girly" because they have/had long hair. Nope. Why? Because they're American. Again, because they are your race, you don't immediately assume they're gay.

Baby faces: Gay or not? NOT. Baby faces are adorable!!! Examples of my point here... And this one is different from my last 2 because these Americans do get labeled as gay. Just for having a baby face...

People popular in America:

Zac Efron

Justin Bieber... One of the biggest baby faced male celebrities there is... Gets called "gay" by millions of people everywhere.

Nathan Kress.

All of One Direction.. lol 



All of SHINee

All of B1A4

All of Teen Top

 Just because a person is extremely cute and has a baby face does not make them gay or girly in any way. 

So please people... Before you start calling people "gay" think of what you're saying. It's completely wrong to just assume that. Especially because they do things different than you're use to. Just because you may not do any of these things or have any of these things.. Doesn't mean someone should be "gay" just because they're different. I understand that you aren't use to it. But please don't just go judging people by how they look or what they wear or how long their hair is. Koreans are GREAT people. With a great sense of respect. Mostly all of them are really sweet and DO NOT DESERVE TO BE PICKED ON because of how they do things. If people knew more about South Korea and America was also more like South Korea... America would be a much better place to live. And alot of people wouldn't try to leave so fast. 

So these are a few things that irk me... And why I think that most Americans are completely repulsive in their ways of thinking. Do not hate me, okay? Lol! I promise this is not meant to hurt anyone. Just hoping I can change a few peoples views...

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