Friday, January 25, 2013


Though this may not seem like alot to some. I am extremely excited about this. 

So today I look at my Blogger Dashboard and this is what I see. And I'm like freaking over here.. Because this is so cool. I have reached the 20k milestone. Ahhhh I'm a happy camper right now. 

Where do most of my reads come from?

USA, Turkey, Philippines. Those are the top 3. And I'm really honored that so many people from the Philippines read this!! I love Filipino's!

Now.. What blog post do you think is the most popular? Do you think it's any of my drama reviews? Or a Meet ______? Haha nooo. This one surprises me..
It's my Kim Hyun Joong "Celebrity Obsession" blog. That honestly surprises me. Though... Kim Hyun Joong is the most anticipated artist of 2013. So I'm seriously excited as to what will come next from KHJ. 

But I really want to say.. Thank you. To all you who continue to read this blog. I know I'm not the best blog writer. . I KNOW. But even so alot of people read my blog and continue to keep up with it. So thanks. so much! :D I am extremely honored for every single one of you to read my blogs. I feel like a queen. (:

So! If you want recognition for helping me get to this many pageviews!! Tweet me!

Also.. If you want to contact me in any way!!

Personal Facebook: 
Facebook "Like" Page:

Instagrams.. Haha

(If i ever change any of them i'll update immediately. Sorry for the long personal ig name. lol )

So thank you again!! And I love you all!!!! 

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