Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome Back, Super Junior-M! New Obsession: "Break Down" - Super Junior-M

Super Junior-M Is Back With A Bang, Baby!

Yesssss. It's true. Super Junior-M has made their comeback! YES!!!! I AM SO HAPPY! And proud to say that I am now obsessed with this whole album. 
If you haven't seen or heard the whole album here's a link..
But! My favorite of all time is...
And do you know why? Well only because it's AWESOME! And the music video is quite great. 
Time to break down "Break Down" ... I'm so cool.

If you haven't seen the music video or heard the song yet... It's your lucky day because here is the link!

Is this not amazing? My goshhhh. So there is a few things in particular I want to say about this video. 

1) Sungmin... Is abnormally sexy. Like never ever have I seen Sungmin be this irresistibly SEXY! 

Like, WOAH!!! HELLO SEXY! Sungmin is never my favorite person.. But in this video he comes in straight first. Love you, Sungmin!

2) I'm not the only one that wants to take Siwon's eyes on a date am I? Look closely at Siwon if you haven't already! 

Helloooooo eyes. How you doin? Wanna go look at a sunset together? <3
For some reason there is just something about Siwon with these eyes that are completely gorgeous. I couldn't help but STARE! 

3) Also about Siwon.. Like most other music videos for any Super Junior song.. Siwon is NOT DANCING. lol I noticed awhile back that Siwon does not dance. He danced in a few, but for the most part they just show sexy clips of Siwon throughout music videos. He's never dancing. :P I wish he would have danced in this one... Hes just completely sexy. Aghhh. Siwon is never on my favorites list either, but in this video he's seriously 2nd. 

4) Again about Siwon... I'm odd because I love his hat. I have seen so much hate for his hat. No. I love it. 

5) Henry is adorbz. Completely. I love Henry. 

6) I think Kyuhyun is so cute and flawless looking.

7) I'm so glad they showed alot of Zhou Mi. He's getting handsomer these days. He also has an AMAZING voice!

8) My Ryeowook is so great(': I love him SO MUCH!

9)Donghae should keep his hair. It looks great.

10) Eunhyuk is getting hotter.

11) Also about Eunhyuk.. They cheated him out of showing off his dance skills in this video..

12) Also about the dancing. I love the dance. Its simple and looks great.

13) I love when they throw the feathers. Lol it looks so cool.

14) I'm actually done.. I just want to express again how much I love this video.

Thank you for reading, my lovelies! 
You guys make my life!  ALSO!
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