Friday, February 1, 2013

New Obsession: "I Got A Boy" - SNSD

"I Got A Boy" - Girls Generation(SNSD)

Not even afraid to say I think this is the sexiest they've ever  been. Weird, right? Now... I have alot to say about this music video. But before I go into this... 
If you haven't seen the music video here is the link!

It really is a great song and a very great video. Getting into my break down of the MV...

1) This is like a completely different SNSD! When you first start watching the music video you expect something cute and sweet like all their other videos. Oh gosh are you wrong. The song is completely different.
2)Their fashions are something I'd expect on 2NE1. 
3)The dance. OMG the dance!! I am in love with the dance. I am attempting to learn this dance. And lemme tell you it's harder than it looks. 
4)Another thing about the dance.. If you're one of those people who love to watch dance covers.. I have 3 amazing videos.  Starting with my favorite...
Even if you aren't into watching dance covers... Everyone should watch this one. These guys do it so great and don't make it look so girly. Bonus that they're adorable!!! Special announcement. If any guy was to be man enough to learn this dance and come dance it for me and actually do it energetically and not all funny-like.. I'd seriously be putty in your hands. Bonus if you're Asian!! 
Next are girls I wish I looked like... Not kidding.
They do the dance perfectly and look great doing it. I'm completely jealous.
The only downside to them is they are honestly WAYY to skinny. 
Next are girls that I came across that I think did it so great. 
I think they did it absolutely perfectly. This one is probably my favorite one besides the guy one up there. 

If anyone wants to send me a video of you doing it... I will promote you big time all over this page.. And this page keeps getting bigger and bigger.. SO! If you and your awesome friends, or just you... Want to be promoted on here and like to dance. Send me a video of you doing the dance and you'll be advertised like crazy. (: 
You can either send it to me on twitter just follow me and tag me in the tweet.. @KissMeShanea
Or you can post it on the "Like" page on facebook for this page.
Just look up "Heart and Seoul" Blog. I will promote you on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and here. Never hurts to have advertising does it?
5) At one point in time they make everyone in the MV look absolutely flawless. Examples...



See how flawless they all look??
6) Yoona is and always will be my favorite. In my honest opinion she is probably the prettiest one out of all of them.

She's one of the best dancers in SNSD and also imo the prettiest one.
7) Is it just me or did they make Seohyun look absolutely horrible in this music video? Like I know she isn't the best looking one in there.. But they just did her wrong in this mv..

I don't know why.. But she just doesn't look right...
6)Yuri looks great!!!!

 She looks so great!!
7) I never really think Hyoyeon looks gorgeous, but in this video she does.

8) Also about Hyoyeon.. She looks quite happy dancing to this song. I guess that's cuz this is more her style of dance.
She smiles like throughout the whole video. 
9) I FORGOT! About Yoona.. Her rap was the cutest thing. I loved her rap.
10) The whole orange hair thing was really weird. Very very weird. Only very few of them pulled it off. 
11) Sunny keeps dying her hair throughout the video. She looked better with the pink.



12)Everyone loves Jessica.

13) For some reason I really love Sooyoung in this video. She looks so confident and happy.

14) I honestly don't like Taeyeon in this video..

I don't know why.. She just isn't as pretty as she normally is. And makes weird faces. lol 
15) Again.... WHAT IS UP WITH THE ORANGE HAIR!?!?!?! I do not get it. I do not like it. Noooooo. 

16) This was really a great way to have a comeback. I'm done now. 

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  1. I have no idea what's their name and I just can't remember one of their name! lol

  2. Oh sooyoung is pretty okey but why does not she say anything?? İ love her voice and face. But people don't love her.