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New Obsession: "Stand Up" - J-Min (Lyrics- Hangul, English, Romanization)

Stand Up - J-Min

MV with clips from "To The Beautiful You":

Actual MV:

Now if you don't know this song.. It's because you're completely lame and haven't watched "To The Beautiful You" yet. Which btw. I HIGHLY recommend. Though I did just say you're completely lame... I was kidding. It's okay if you don't know this song. But let me tell you.. You're seriously missing out. And though alot of you live in Korea, you probably wouldn't know this song if you haven't watched the drama? Why? Because even though J-Min is through SMent, they do not advertise her in Korea like at all. And it's not because they don't like her or her kind of music or anything. It's because her style of music is more like J-Rock so they advertise her mainly in Japan. I wouldn't have known anything about this girl or her amazing music if it wasn't for "To The Beautiful You". So of course me being a rockhead.. The only music I listen to besides Korean is rock.. I was like WOW!! AN ACTUAL ROCK SONG THATS KOREAN! And it does ROCK! It's a great song! And an equally great MV!! 

One thing I want to say about the music video.. 

Yes he's the rockin guitar player with the awesome hair flips. OMGAWSH I love Jungmo. If you don't know who Jungmo is.. Let me inform you. Jungmo is also known as X-Mas and is a part of TRAX. A group through SMENT. They use to be metal, but after Rose left the group.. they turned pop. Though I'm not really complaining.. Their metal days.. Were so awesome. More about TRAX in my next blog because they are another one of my "New Obsessions". 

So.. I've gotten many suggestions telling me to do this.. So.. Now. I will start putting lyrics up on my blog for songs that I write on. You're welcome, I guess.

삶이 힘들어도 끝까지 포기 말아
하늘이 네 곁을 지켜줄 거야
너의 발걸음이 힘겨워 소리 내어
주저앉아 한숨 지어 보지만
한번 더! One more try
당당하게 하늘을 봐
이제 시작일 뿐이야 어깰 펴
네 안에 같은 네가 있어
힘들어도 포기 말아 너의 미래
일어나 손을 잡아 세상을 가져
시간이 흐르면 꽃잎이 떨어지듯이
구름은 비를 약속해
몸부림 쳐봐도 하늘의 마음대로
달라질 수 있어 don’t worry never mind
그 날을 기다려
당당하게 하늘을 봐
이제 시작일 뿐이야 어깰 펴
네 안에 같은 네가 있어
힘들어도 포기 말아 다시 한번
일어나 손을 잡아 다시 일어나
고갤 들어 whoa whoa whoa
제발 흔들리지 말아
이제 시작일 뿐이야 어깰 펴
네 안에 같은 네가 있어
힘들어도 포기 말아 다시 한번
일어나 손을 잡아 다시 일어나 yeah yeah
지켜봐 느껴봐 서로 다르다 해도 my friend
혼자가 아니야 다시 일어나

Salmi himdeureodo kkeutkkaji pogi mara haneuri ne gyeoteul jikyeojul geoya
Neoui balgeoreumi himgyeowo sori naeeo jujeoanja hansum jieo bojiman
Hanbeon deo! One more try

Dangdanghage haneureul bwa
Ije sijakil ppuniya eokkael pyeo
Ne ane gateun nega isseo himdeureodo pogi mara neoui mirae
Ireona soneul jaba sesangeul gajyeo

Sigani heureumyeon kkot ipi tteoreojideusi 
Gureumeun bireul yagsokhae
Momburim chyeobwado haneurui maeumdaero dallajil su isseo don't worry never mind
Geunareul gidaryeo

Dangdanghage haneureul bwa
Ije sijakil ppuniya eokkael pyeo
Ne ane gateun nega isseo himdeureodo pogi mara dasi hanbeon
Ireona soneul jaba dasi ireona

Ireona gogael deureo whoa whoa whoa
Jebal heundeulliji mara
Ije sijakil ppuniya eokkael pyeo
Ne ane gateun nega isseo himdeureodo pogi mara dasi hanbeon
Ireona soneul jaba dasi ireona yeah yeah

Jikyeobwa neukkyeobwa seoro dareuda haedo my friend
Honjaga aniya dasi ireona

Even if life is hard, don’t give up, the skies will protect you
Even if your footsteps are heavy and you fall down with a groan and sigh
One more time! One more try

Confidently look at the sky
This is just the beginning
Widen your shoulders, the same you is inside of you, don’t give up on your future even if it’s hard
Stand up, hold my hand and take the world

Like how petals fall when time passes
The clouds promise rain
Even if you’re struggling, the hearts of the skies can change don’t worry, never mind
Just wait for that day

Confidently look at the sky
This is just the beginning
Widen your shoulders, the same you is inside of you, don’t give up on your future even if it’s hard
Stand up, hold my hand and take the world

Stand up and raise your head whoa whoa whoa
Please don’t be shaken
This is just the beginning
Open your shoulders
Widen your shoulders, the same you is inside of you, don’t give up on your future even if it’s hard
Stand up, hold my hand and get up again yeah yeah

Watch and feel, even if we’re different, my friend
You’re not alone so stand up again

So. I thank you so much for reading. And seriously think that you need to go watch "To The Beautiful You" AND start liking this song, and all of TRAX's songs(:

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Monday, May 20, 2013



So just in case you didn't know.. Yesung was planning on going into the army sometime this year.. I DIDNT THINK IT WOULD BE THIS SOON!!! AND THIS WAY!!! 

So.. As I'm sure you can see.. I'm irritated. Very. Not at the fact that he's gone exactly.. But that he left QUIETLY! Unlike Kangin and Heechul and Leeteuk.. He left without the big goodbye ceremony. And though I get why he did it.. Us fans in other countries who aren't in Korea so can't hear news as fast... Don't know if you leave quietly. Thanks alot, Yesung. I love you to death. But you've depressed me for tonight. 

So here's the story. 
Yesung wanted to leave as quietly as possible.  And he definitely got it. It was so quiet.. That he didn't want the other Suju members there. Because that would draw too much attention. 
SM states : His military training area is far away, and he wants to enlist quietly.
I mean.. That's cool I guess.. But still.
So on May 6th he set off to the military. 
He didn't leave completely quiet though. He did have many people standing outside his enlistment site waiting for him to leave. And did not come out of his car. But he tweeted :

" Thank you for coming so far.. I told you not to come.. Everyone, be healthy. See you again, ELF^^."

I also think that he could have waited until Heechul got out for him to go in..  Buuut. Oh well.. 

With all this being said it turns out that Yesung is doing quite well it looks like since he's gone. Though it hasn't been long. Finally a picture has surfaced of him without hair.

He looks really rough without makeup and hair. BUT. He's still a cutie. And I hope he does will in the military. 

Stay safe and come back in one piece, Yesung. We love you. <3

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Let me know what you guys think of the Yesung situation. If you think it was a good thing to do. If you're disappointed. Just let me know(:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Why So Serious by SHINee!


Yeah.. Honestly you should have seen this blog coming guys. So. As some of you are probably wondering.. "Well.. Why are you so late posting it? You usually post comeback blogs right after they happen." The answer to that is... I have researched many people and many different opinions on this comeback. Because as most of you have probably noticed.. There's something different about this comeback isn't there? You're right. We're missing a SHINer? Does that work? Would SHINer work as explaining the members. Anyways... The whole world is going absolutely nuts.. Why? Because we're missing our dearest Jonghyun. 
Why is he missing from the comeback? As many of you know Jonghyun was in a non severe car accident on April 1st.
(Crazy date to have an accident on btw)
But it was actually true. Sment says that he ran into the guard rails on Dongho Bridge while driving to the dormitory from his house. Crazy. Though it was not major he did mess up his nose pretty bad and end up having to get surgery on it to fix it. So as of now he is recovering from his nose injury and could not do "Why So Serious"
There are also crazy theories that his accident was staged.. That it was decided long ago that he wouldn't be in the video instead of him making the decision after the accident. I honestly don't know. I mean in a way that sounds very reasonable. If maybe he wasn't the lead vocalist. or maybe if Jonghyun was thinking of quitting SHINee because fans didn't like him and he wanted to test it. But lets be real. He's JONGHYUN! Who doesn't like him? Besides.. Ya know.. Weird people.
Now.. There are some theories that Jonghyun is still singing the song in the video. He's just not there. Incorrect. As most people are stating.. "Taemin has no talent.. And the only reason he has face time in the video is because Jonghyun couldn't be there to sing his parts so they had to put a face to the voice and Taemin looked right." NO. Taemin has an amazing voice and since alot of people are mad that Jonghyun is not in there.. You're taking it out on Taemin. STOP. The guy's awesome. In the video.. Taemin is singing that version. He really is. BUT. Jonghyun CAN be heard in the album version. So listen to both.. And decide which one you like. Btw the parts were split up between Onew AND Taemin. So shush. Yes I'm ranting about everyone bashing Taemin. Why? Because I'm Taemin biased. You happy? lol.

So anyways.. Onto the video and video edited song.. Despite Jonghyun not being in it.. I think it is an amazing song. And an equally amazing video. Not saying I think Jonghyun should stay gone. Because I LOVE Jonghyun. Just saying that even though he wasn't there.. It was still great. 
Here's why:

1) When Taemin was younger.. He was not a "BIG" part of SHINee. Sure he was the dancer. But now in this video he's the main singer. And he ROCKS IT! I love that they used more of Taemin and I really think they should use more of him in the future. Don't make this just a one time thing. I'm begging you. 
2) Another thing about Taemin. Has anyone else realized that with his getting older.. He's looking better? (Besides when he did Lucifer cuz that hair made him so sexy) 
From this

Then this

Then this: (Which btw.. Is one of my favs)

Then this: (Which is one of my not favs)

Then this:

To Finally.... This:

Now I know that was a REALLY long thing about Taemin.. But it's crazy the transformation he's made in only like 5 years. 
3) Does anyone else besides me think that Onew looks hella happy in this video? I mean there are videos where he looks happy. But this one? He looks extremely giddy and like he's having the time of his life. Not complaining. Just think it's weird. Just look at him throughout the video. Always smiling and being silly. It's nice.
4)Another thing about Onew.. He's looking better as he's gotten older too. And here's another picture timeline.
He went from.. This:

Then this: 

Then this:

Then this:

Then this: (Please tell me im not the only one who thinks he looks like an elf or leprechaun)

To Finally.. This:

It's crazy. Not as crazy as Taemin of course because Taemin was hideous back in the "Replay" days.. But geez they're growing up so fast. 

5) Another Onew thing... I'm not the only one seeing them showing him dancing am I? They never have Onew as a focus at all in dancing. And definitely never in front. Why? Because he can't really. Sad, but true. 

6) Onew again.. Do you hear that one part he does where his voice is like really low (for him anyways).. Am I the only one who thinks it's absolutely sexy?

7) Minho.. Was doing possibly his favorite dance ever. I swear.. Him and this dance.. Were MADE for each other. 
He does it so well..

8) Something else about Minho and dancing. He doesn't dance either. Yet they have him in the front dancing half the time. Awesome. And it's a goofy little dance too.

9) Another thing with Minho.. He hasn't changed at all. Lol. Look at this face.

10) Key. What to say about Key except I think they're making him more divaish with every album. I mean sure he's already the diva of the group anyways.. But omg.. When he's almost doll like here. 

I love Key to death. But I don't think he needs a bigger ego than he already has. But they're boosting it so much. Oh well. Expect to see many hissy fits and temper tantrums in the near future.

11) Another thing about Key. Does anyone realize that little dance for his solo part is kinda cute? Idk why. But I love it.

Overall. I think this music video is addictive and awesome. Even though it would have been a million times better with Jonghyun in it. We miss you Jonghyun. Recover fast and be safe and come back to us soon okay? <3 
So..What do you think? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Was it okay? Was it almost repulsive? Lemme know. Either comment below or you can contact me here:


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So thanks for reading and please. Lemme know what you think of the music video. I'm very curious as to what everyone thinks.