Monday, May 20, 2013



So just in case you didn't know.. Yesung was planning on going into the army sometime this year.. I DIDNT THINK IT WOULD BE THIS SOON!!! AND THIS WAY!!! 

So.. As I'm sure you can see.. I'm irritated. Very. Not at the fact that he's gone exactly.. But that he left QUIETLY! Unlike Kangin and Heechul and Leeteuk.. He left without the big goodbye ceremony. And though I get why he did it.. Us fans in other countries who aren't in Korea so can't hear news as fast... Don't know if you leave quietly. Thanks alot, Yesung. I love you to death. But you've depressed me for tonight. 

So here's the story. 
Yesung wanted to leave as quietly as possible.  And he definitely got it. It was so quiet.. That he didn't want the other Suju members there. Because that would draw too much attention. 
SM states : His military training area is far away, and he wants to enlist quietly.
I mean.. That's cool I guess.. But still.
So on May 6th he set off to the military. 
He didn't leave completely quiet though. He did have many people standing outside his enlistment site waiting for him to leave. And did not come out of his car. But he tweeted :

" Thank you for coming so far.. I told you not to come.. Everyone, be healthy. See you again, ELF^^."

I also think that he could have waited until Heechul got out for him to go in..  Buuut. Oh well.. 

With all this being said it turns out that Yesung is doing quite well it looks like since he's gone. Though it hasn't been long. Finally a picture has surfaced of him without hair.

He looks really rough without makeup and hair. BUT. He's still a cutie. And I hope he does will in the military. 

Stay safe and come back in one piece, Yesung. We love you. <3

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Let me know what you guys think of the Yesung situation. If you think it was a good thing to do. If you're disappointed. Just let me know(:

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  1. Awwww my Yesung!! I was already so upset over other crap last night when I found out that it really didn't hit me....until now. I am going to miss his voice and his cute lil face for the next two years. Saranghaeyo Yesung. FIGHTING!!!