Saturday, July 6, 2013

To all my readers...


You guys know that I'm going to be honest with you.. And I connect with all of you on a personal and business level. So I'm going to tell you my past month or so. 
Ok so I know that some of you are mad at me.. Because I haven't written anything lately. But let me tell you that my life has been beyond hectic lately. And I was kinda in a depressed slump. So with those 2 things put together.. I never got around to writing blogs.. I'd get on my blog.. and I'd start writing a blog.. But I'd lose interest because my brain would think about a million things and I'd either get upset.. Or just lose interest. I have SO many drafts in my post folder it's ridiculous. And some of them I'm not even going to finish anymore. Why? Because it's OLD NEWS. Like I started one about Jonghyun from SHINee being back. How long has he been back now, people? I can't post about that.. That'd just be a tad lame. lol. 
BUT. I am determined to get out of my depressed stage.. And get on with writing. Because I'm starting to realize.. That I have ALOT more fans than I think I do. And it's a good feeling. Rather than just writing and thinking no one ever reads my stuff... I now KNOW that alot of people read it.. And they LOVE it. And honestly.. I can't thank you enough. For reading, liking, and sharing posts. Each and every one of you means so much to me. More than you'll ever know. Which is why I like connecting with you guys. I like getting tweets and facebook messages from you. Because you all mean so much to me.  So I guess the point of this post.. Is.. To tell all of you that I love you, and you make my life(:
And also that I plan on writing a TON of blogs from now on. 

And just so you know.. I am feeling slightly better these days.. And if you don't believe me.. Here's pictures.. 

There ya go! I started taking pictures of myself again! Lol!! 
So again.. Thanks so much! And keep checking back for more stuff(:

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Thanks again, everyone! <3


  1. WOOOOHOOO! So glad to hear!! So....ummm will we get a blog on Big Bang? LOLOLOLOL