Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ALMOST EXACTLY 11 MONTHS LEFT! And a few days for Heechul!! But sadly very very long for Yesung...

11 months and 1 day from today people.. MY TEUKI WILL BE BACK!!! :'D I have waited a whole year so far, and for the most part I've been okay since at one point in time I lost interest in most things Korean. But now that I'm back into it just like I was before, I'm starting to realize just how much I miss Leeteuk. Watching Super Junior videos, I've literally almost started crying. Because he still isn't back. But I thought that 2 years would go by SUUUUPERRRRR SLOOOOOOOWWWWW. But surprisingly it has already been a year and he comes back in 11 months!!! AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!


And another great thing happening sooner than Teuki coming home, thank god, is Heechul is back in about 4-5 days! 
Why do I say 4-5 days? Because I honestly don't know when his official release date is. It is somewhere between August 30 - September 1st. But either way THE TIME HAS COME FOR HEECHUL TO BE BACK PEOPLE!! The wait is almost over!!!

Who's excited? Huh? WHO IS EXCITED?!?!?!??! I AM!! I AM EXCITED!!!! I'm ecstatic!! That's way past excited. WHO ELSE IS EXCITED?? Heechul is. Heechul is coming back into Super Junior. He is so anxious to get back into Super Junior's activities and such.
Are you guys thinking and hoping the same thing as me?? Do you realize what they did when Kangin came back? Sexy, Free, & Single is what they did. So I'm hoping that with Heechul's return, they do another album! That would be great!! And they can keep doing albums and then on July 29, 2014 they start working on the BIGGEST ALBUM EVERRRRR! Because then Teuki will be back :D

Unfortunately with all this good news, comes depressing news. And that is that Yesung only enlisted on May 6th of this year. So sadly, he will not be back any time soon. And you know just how much Yesung's vocals are needed for a song? Very much. BUUUUT BUT I do have to say that I think Super Junior can do it and do it well until he comes back!! 

As a concerned Super Junior fan, I'm praying that even though its not too terribly long of a time for Leeteuk to come back, he is safe during the rest of his time in the army.  And that Yesung be safe and come home safe and continue with his amazing vocals in Super Junior. Because no matter what, even if Suju does okay while he's gone, we still need Yesung's vocals!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Rocking - Teen Top

If you're like "what are you talking about? That song doesn't exist..." Then apparently you are not in the know. And haven't been on Youtube today since the Music Video was released today. And I'm going to tell you that I am not at all disappointed. I would honestly rate this the best song of the year. I love it that much. If you haven't seen the music video link is here.

Being completely honest.. I haven't been writing  blogs lately because nothing has really stood out to me. Nothing caught my attention or made me actually want to write about it. But this... This is on a whole different level than anything I've seen recently. 

So as you can guess, I'm going to have alot of comments on this music video. Because I've only had it on replay for the past 5 hours.

One.. Let me start with telling you who is who in case you don't know..
And do you know how extremely hard it is to get screenshots when they only flash their faces in there? Holy crap this took me forever...




Niel (Fish lips. rofl i'll explain later)



And some other fun pics that I captured of all the members while trying to screenshot. lol some are funny.. and some are sexy. just sayin.

Niel like "Wassup dudes?"

C.A.P Being irresistible. 

Changjo looks disgusted.

L.Joe is having a little too much fun. 

Does anyone realize that Chunji makes the most horrible faces while singing? Unless he's winking. lol 

C.A.P's smile kills me.

Neil's face. Rofl

Just a really good picture of these 2.

Ricky's lip bite everyone's going nuts over. lol

Ok so enough pictures.. Time to start on some serious comments on this mv.

1) The dancing is absolutely NUTS. Now Teen Top dances are always over the Top. Haha. Top. Teen Top... anyways... They're always crazy and awesome.. But this dance is amazing. and amazingly complicated. Like I wonder if while they were dancing they fell.. Because if I tried something like this I would bust my butt so fast. And what's so bad is they make it look super easy. If you don't actually look at the dance it looks like just a bunch of leg flailing. But it's so much more complex than that. I'm glad that with Teen Top they make the dances super crazy because, especially in this case, it really paid off. Another part of the dance I like is when they're all in a line and doing that like shuffling looking move. I don't know why, but it just looks so cool. But this dance is just seriously CRAZY. I wish I could do something like this. It's almost too cool for words. I can't even begin to explain just how cool it is. lol.

2)WHOSE IDEA WAS IT TO PUT CAP IN SHORTS WHEN THE REST ARE WEARING PANTS? This honestly seriously irritates me.. I can't stand it. Like when the parts he's wearing shorts come in, I look away.  It just looks seriously retarded for some reason... 

3) I want L.Joe's pants from the beginning of the song. Just saying...

4) Something else I want.. Is Neil's hair. At the moment I already have blonde and pink hair (I'll put pics at the bottom)... But his is pink and blonde and its streaked with like dark purple and for some reason it looks seriously amazing. 

5) I said I would explain later.. Fish lips. I have always called Neil a fish. Because ever single time I see him, he reminds me of a fish. I guess it's just the huge lips... Idk.. But in this video.. He doesn't even remind me of a fish. And idk how I feel about this. LOL. I've always known him as a fish, it's weird to look at him and see a person.. And a good looking person!!! 

6) I found myself not even caring about the girl or the fighting in the music video.. Because I was just so focused on them.. I didn't even realize that there was a girl in the video until after the 4th time watching it. Sad, but true. 

7) Why is Neil surrounded by a mountain of hats at one point in the video?

8) I adore Prince Ricky. Really. I do.

9) Why is C.A.P so happy? Lol I'm not complaining, he just seems to be very smiley. He looks cute(:

10) I honestly think that Neil and L.Joe look the best doing the complicated dance.. Maybe it's because at one point they're the only ones doing it and it just looks so much better than Chunji and C.A.P's one. lol Though I think Neil looks better doing most of the dances Teen Top does anyways. 

11) I still have it on replay.. And I still am so irritated at C.A.P's shorts.. WHYYYYYY???? UGHHH.

12) I really love the times when they're just in pairs of 2's doing random things. I'm just weird though. 

13) Did anyone besides me think that at one point of the song they were cheerleaders? LOL seriously if you watch this one part of it, they look like they're doing a cheer. 

I probably have alot more thoughts than this, but at the moment.. I can't really think of anything else to comment on. 

Okay the pictures of me and my hair. 

There you have it people, my pink and blonde hair. I'm actually fixing to get it redone. Maybe not blonde and pink now that I've seen Neil's hair :D

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Thanks for reading, and please... Do me and yourself and Teen Top a favor.. And go watch this song a million times.. And like it.. And favorite it.. And share it to everyone you know. Because this song really deserves it.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Your Opinion: Putting Jung Yong Hwa in more dramas.

There is a poll on the right side of the screen. Please vote on it.
I am asking everyone's opinion on a topic that is controlling my life reently. So I know that I haven't been around lately. 정말 미안해요. If I ever decide I want to talk about it, I'll tell my readers first before I even tell my friends.  But. Even though I've been having a very rough time lately, the past 2 weeks I have started watching K-dramas again. Which even though I've been listening to Kpop this whole time.. Through all of this, I stopped watching Kdramas. So I felt like maybe it would help me through my bad times, watching them. And out of the millions of Kdramas in the world, do you know which one I picked to watch first? Heartstrings. Why? Because I loved it. and I have a serious addiction for Jung Yong Hwa. Watching this drama again though has intensified the obsession by like 10,000,000%. :D So if you've never seen this drama or any drama with Yong Hwa in it for that matter, then you'll have no idea why I say this has been controlling my life recently. 

Jung Yong Hwa has only been in 2 dramas.


"You Are Beautiful". 

Some interesting facts about both of these dramas are:
1. They both have Park Shin Hye in them. Yong Hwa and Shin Hye in dramas is PURE MAGIC. Like fireworks going off in front of your eyes that give you tingly feelings all through your body especially your heart. Weird way to put it, huh? But seriously the both of them should just get married and do dramas forever. 

2. They all revolve around music. Saying as how Yong Hwa is the lead singer of CNBLUE it makes sense, huh? 

But no matter what.. These dramas are just so great. Why? Because they have Yong Hwa in them. You see him on stage and he's charismatic, sexy Yong Hwa who looks like he could be cold hearted at times.. But then you see him in dramas and its like "Oh wow. Even if this is fake... This is a different side of him! This is so great!" He's such an amazing actor that everytime you look at him, you see him in a completely different way. I really think that he should do more acting. Not if it would mess up CNBLUE though. Saying they're my favorite Korean group of all time. So I really want to know what my readers think. Do you think he should do more dramas? Let me know at any of these ways to contact me below. 

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