Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ALMOST EXACTLY 11 MONTHS LEFT! And a few days for Heechul!! But sadly very very long for Yesung...

11 months and 1 day from today people.. MY TEUKI WILL BE BACK!!! :'D I have waited a whole year so far, and for the most part I've been okay since at one point in time I lost interest in most things Korean. But now that I'm back into it just like I was before, I'm starting to realize just how much I miss Leeteuk. Watching Super Junior videos, I've literally almost started crying. Because he still isn't back. But I thought that 2 years would go by SUUUUPERRRRR SLOOOOOOOWWWWW. But surprisingly it has already been a year and he comes back in 11 months!!! AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!


And another great thing happening sooner than Teuki coming home, thank god, is Heechul is back in about 4-5 days! 
Why do I say 4-5 days? Because I honestly don't know when his official release date is. It is somewhere between August 30 - September 1st. But either way THE TIME HAS COME FOR HEECHUL TO BE BACK PEOPLE!! The wait is almost over!!!

Who's excited? Huh? WHO IS EXCITED?!?!?!??! I AM!! I AM EXCITED!!!! I'm ecstatic!! That's way past excited. WHO ELSE IS EXCITED?? Heechul is. Heechul is coming back into Super Junior. He is so anxious to get back into Super Junior's activities and such.
Are you guys thinking and hoping the same thing as me?? Do you realize what they did when Kangin came back? Sexy, Free, & Single is what they did. So I'm hoping that with Heechul's return, they do another album! That would be great!! And they can keep doing albums and then on July 29, 2014 they start working on the BIGGEST ALBUM EVERRRRR! Because then Teuki will be back :D

Unfortunately with all this good news, comes depressing news. And that is that Yesung only enlisted on May 6th of this year. So sadly, he will not be back any time soon. And you know just how much Yesung's vocals are needed for a song? Very much. BUUUUT BUT I do have to say that I think Super Junior can do it and do it well until he comes back!! 

As a concerned Super Junior fan, I'm praying that even though its not too terribly long of a time for Leeteuk to come back, he is safe during the rest of his time in the army.  And that Yesung be safe and come home safe and continue with his amazing vocals in Super Junior. Because no matter what, even if Suju does okay while he's gone, we still need Yesung's vocals!

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