Sunday, August 18, 2013

Your Opinion: Putting Jung Yong Hwa in more dramas.

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I am asking everyone's opinion on a topic that is controlling my life reently. So I know that I haven't been around lately. 정말 미안해요. If I ever decide I want to talk about it, I'll tell my readers first before I even tell my friends.  But. Even though I've been having a very rough time lately, the past 2 weeks I have started watching K-dramas again. Which even though I've been listening to Kpop this whole time.. Through all of this, I stopped watching Kdramas. So I felt like maybe it would help me through my bad times, watching them. And out of the millions of Kdramas in the world, do you know which one I picked to watch first? Heartstrings. Why? Because I loved it. and I have a serious addiction for Jung Yong Hwa. Watching this drama again though has intensified the obsession by like 10,000,000%. :D So if you've never seen this drama or any drama with Yong Hwa in it for that matter, then you'll have no idea why I say this has been controlling my life recently. 

Jung Yong Hwa has only been in 2 dramas.


"You Are Beautiful". 

Some interesting facts about both of these dramas are:
1. They both have Park Shin Hye in them. Yong Hwa and Shin Hye in dramas is PURE MAGIC. Like fireworks going off in front of your eyes that give you tingly feelings all through your body especially your heart. Weird way to put it, huh? But seriously the both of them should just get married and do dramas forever. 

2. They all revolve around music. Saying as how Yong Hwa is the lead singer of CNBLUE it makes sense, huh? 

But no matter what.. These dramas are just so great. Why? Because they have Yong Hwa in them. You see him on stage and he's charismatic, sexy Yong Hwa who looks like he could be cold hearted at times.. But then you see him in dramas and its like "Oh wow. Even if this is fake... This is a different side of him! This is so great!" He's such an amazing actor that everytime you look at him, you see him in a completely different way. I really think that he should do more acting. Not if it would mess up CNBLUE though. Saying they're my favorite Korean group of all time. So I really want to know what my readers think. Do you think he should do more dramas? Let me know at any of these ways to contact me below. 

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