Monday, September 2, 2013

SPAM FEST! Heechul is back, my lovelies!!

Heechul is most definitely back and he came back with a BANG in the Instagram world. He's been back since a few days ago BUT i couldn't write a blog post, was very busy. SO. For those who have Instagram and you don't know his name it is @Kimheenim So you can go and follow him and look at what he's up to.. For those who do not have Instagram, but want to know whats up with Heechul, you definitely want to keep reading.

Why do I say spam fest? Because in a matter of like 2-3 hours of him being back he had uploaded 28 pictures and/or videos and spammed the Instagram world with his awesomeness. From eating food to smacking his friends butt on a motorcycle, he's shown the world.. "Hey. Heechul is back" 

So you want pictures don't you? :P Well, here you go!

Ok so these are pictures that came from videos or that he just posted. I did not take all of the pictures.. Simply because Some of them weren't of him. LOL! So I took the best looking ones and the funniest ones.  I honestly think that Heechul should not grow his long hair back out. I loved Heechul with long hair, but just something about the way he looks now is just so much more attractive. Even when he's being silly and inappropriate. lol. 

I am actually super freaking excited that Heechul is back!! I hope he starts back with Super Junior IMMEDIATELY!! 
We're definitely glad you're back, Heechul!

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  1. AHHHH HEECHUL!!!! Boy knows he is so damn cute! Now....we need Teuki!!

  2. Hey just thought I'd tumble by and say I love your blogs, they're amazing.

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