Friday, October 25, 2013

Dongho has left U-Kiss....

If you know me.. Then you know how much I absolutely adore U-Kiss... So hearing this news..... Has seriously depressed me. 
I've been very out of touch with the Kpop world lately.. So I had no idea...

Imagine you're waiting for a U-Kiss comeback... For a few months. But nothing has happened. So after not checking Twitter for awhile.. You see this tweet from Kevin's sister.
"U-KISS - "Mysterious Lady" on repeat!! Love these boys! We miss and love Dongho! "
I was so confused.. So I looked it up and HE LEFT U-KISS :'( WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Geez I'm so freaking sad...........

I was so happy about how they were starting to show Dongho alot more in music videos. And then he just left.. I was waiting for the comeback.. So happy that they were showing him more.. Waiting to see my baby Dongho. And he's gone. 

If you didn't know, Dongho was very sick in October of 2012. He got rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with Pleurisy. And possibly needing lung surgery. Thankfully, he didn't need lung surgery. And slowly started recovering more and more.. Or so I thought.. He did stay active in the celebrity world for a full year before his departure. With his departure, he said that he feels that his health condition and stamina are not well enough to continue the life of an active celebrity. And from now on he wants to live a normal life, rather than a celebrity life. 
Though I'm very sad about this and I will miss Dongho soooo much.... I respect his decision. His health is not good enough to be a performer. And I support him. 

This being said.. I love you, Dongho. I hope you have a great life and that your health improves to where you can do anything you could ever want to do. Stay safe and all Kissme's will miss you so much. <3

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