Monday, October 21, 2013

Surgical Masks

I think everyone has seen Koreans, or any Asians for that matter, wearing face masks or the actual name for them is surgical masks. If you haven't here's some examples!

So these are just a few examples. And at first I thought it was a little weird that they all wore them. But now that I am being made to wear them everytime I go out in public, I understand why they would wear them. 

In case you were wondering, these face masks are used for if you are sick, the air is polluted, or to prevent getting sick. They work especially well in preventing the spread of the flu. And though alot of them are just plain and boring. Some of them aren't.

I actually have ordered some off of Ebay, and I feel like if I have to wear masks for the rest of my life to not catch every virus and illness that goes around.. then i'm not going to be plain about it. Instead. I found some very awesome ones that I love. They aren't all blingy. But they're very awesome to me. 

So these are just a few examples of some of the ones I am getting. I don't really fathom the thought of wearing a face mask for the rest of my life. But I figure that since I have to.. I'm going to do it in style, and in a way that definitely suits me. 


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