Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Sooo through special request of my lovely friend Shanea
I've decided to take her up on her amazing offer to do blogs on (lol)

My name is Vincent Chambers and I love B1A4
Okay so for a very long time I have been interested in South Korea(SK),
their language, culture, cities, fashion, and music.
No other country that I have seen has had such a unique pull on me like SK,
I've loved their Dramas and music for awhile now, and they have not failed to make an impression on me.

But there comes a time in everyone's life where you listen to really good Korean music  and  you have fun with it, get pulled into the culture, but you feel like something's missing, you feel that you need to settle down and stop playing games(or not), you feel that you need..a main.

What is a main? Something I just made up to describe having one Kpop group that you absolutely love and run to whenever someone's pissed you off or made you sad.

Who's mine? None else of course but B-1-A-4
I absolutely LOVE these guys, they're the ones that really pulled me all the way into Kpop
Their eccentric and cute, but cool fashion, their amazing hair, the music..wait I'll just post some pics to do the rest of my talking on this..

Introducing Jinyoung, the lead vocalist(red hoodie) and Sandeul, the main vocalist(doggy holder), They look strikingly similar love'em :')

Hi everybody this is Baro (the rapper of this group)and he is the favorite!
OMG dude I love this so. (xD)

Now say hey to Gongchan~, one of the vocalists!
Omg the hat

AND CNU!! He's vocalist and rapper, everybody say WOO!

Now these guys are particularly amazing because of there electro-pop+rap+kpop fusion music with very fun original fashion.

I would really appreciate also if you all listened to  “걸어본다” (Tried to walk)

This video(I assume) is about Baro and some girl, who probably wasn’t good enough for him anyway(SNAP), about their leaving each other, its lyrics are beautiful which is another thing I LOVE about Asian music, they have really deep lyrics most of the time.
But Baro really changed his style up in this video with the pink hair and the suit thing. OMG I love the video!! Okay forget it, I love Baro!!!

They will make my time in Korea when I move, a really, really, more really, REALLY good time.
Please listen to their music, you can tell they have so much fun making it, their lyrics will pull you innnn and they really do love each other. To me they seem to be in this thing for fun.

They all have amazing personalities which really made their music their own, and I love them to death, or life; depends on your views (xD)

Anyway their first solo concert attracted 11,000 people, they debuted in 2011 and are continuing to rise.
Well anyway, this blog is my first so if they’re not really good this time, I’ll improve! 화이팅!
BUT I will need you guys to improve also! On what? Well I also really like the Korean language, so there will be things I will blog with a bit of Korean in them and I want you to learn these basic things, it’ll make your Kpop experience and experience on this blog even better! 화이팅주세요!

감사합니다~! 안녕!


  1. oh my!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE B1A4 Hahaha! Especially JinYoung! he's my bias in that group! lol. wait... no it's Baro.... not it really is JinYoung!!!