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Taeyang's Comeback!

Ringa Linga

Link to the music video:
Link to the dance version:

First things first.. Let me say.. That Taeyang is basically perfect. He's the BOMB. Why? He can sing, dance, and rap. And also is sexy as can be.. He's got it all..


Words... Can not.. Even begin.. To explain.. How much.. I LOVE THIS... Like.. I've never loved something so much in my life. That's how much I love this song. 
And let me tell you something.. I haven't really liked any of Taeyang's solo songs. As a matter of fact, I haven't liked any of BIGBANG's members solo songs except G-Dragon. I'm not super big on just rap music.. And that's all T.O.P does.. Like I only like 1 part of T.O.P's new song "Doom Dada".. and that's the Doom Dada part of it. The rest of the song.. No.. I'm not too big on Seungri anyways.. I love him but he's my least favorite. He has an amazing voice but his songs sound funny. If Daesung would make more songs, I would probably love his songs. Because I can listen to his voice all day. But I've never liked Taeyang's songs. So when I saw he released a new song I was like... Ok.. Another song by Taeyang. So I wasn't expecting much.. But he just went BAM! 
"손 들어라 광복 된 것처럼
뛰어봐라 발목 삘 것처럼
발작 온 듯이 흔들어
다같이 노래를 불러"
And I swear to you I was oh "OHHHH YEAHHH GET IT TAEYANG!!!" I have seriously never loved a song so much in my life. So.. This is going to be a LONG ONE. And have alot of pictures.

Things I probably don't have to say but am going to anyways (; 

1)This song has 2 music videos.. The actual video and the dance version. The first points are going to be about the actual video. 

2) The song starts off all pretty and amazing.. So you think.. Well it's not gonna be a crazy awesome CRAZZYYYY song... Because it sounds like it'd be slower.. Like "Don't Go" by Exo.. It sounds like it'd be along those lines.. Slow.. Meaningful.. Heart touching.. But then it just HITS YOU! It's like a heavenly slap in the face. By something you really love.. If you love fried chicken then it's like getting slapped in the face by fried chicken... AND GETTING TO EAT IT AFTERWARDS. That's how amazing this slap in the face is..

3) The sky behind him.. Is absolutely beautiful. 

It's gorgeous. And so is he.

4)He is up so high.. That's actually really scary looking.. I would have a heart attack..

5)In the beginning its all dark with blue lights everwhere.. Which makes him look extremely cool. And don't forget sexy. 

For some reason I really like this look. Exremely sexy. Not just the flashing blue lights either. that's not all I'm talking about. I'm also talking about the weird hair. It looks extremely amazing on him.

6)I think that Taeyang can literally pull off anything. He has like weird black Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoos on him.. Yet he rocks them. He also has a hat that has weird braids.. Had any of us worn that hat.. We'd look extremely retarded..

7) The dance is extremely fast-paced. Its complicated and definitely something that I cannot do. Even if I tried.. I would not be able to do it.. Nuh uh... You have to be extremely talented to do it. Not I. 

8)Does anyone besides me think that the shimmy with his shoulders in the beginning in the video is extremely sexy? LOL!

9) Non-Kpop listeners would hear this song.. And the only thing they would hear is something about a rollercoaster ride and baby don't kill my vibe. 2 things very popular in America.. Rollercoasters and Vibe-killers. Everyone can relate to this song. Hahaha.

10) I seriously think they did the right thing with putting G-Dragon in that car with him. They only show flashes of it here and there, but I think it's one of the best parts of this video.

11) Watching any of their music videos, have you ever just had this longing to party with them? Like before you die, you want to party with BIGBANG once? Because I seriously have that feeling while watching this MV. They have so much fun with everything they do. And they're nuts. It seems like so much fun. 

12) One thing about this music video kind of scares me... And that's the black light/negative part. Omg it's creepy. 

13) I have entirely too many pictures of Taeyang now. LOL!

14) I thought that overall the music video was pretty great. And I loved it so much.

Moving on to the dance version.. Which btw I like more than the music video.

All of my pictures are going to be right here for this one..

1) One reason why I like this better.. Is because you can see more of Taeyang and his awesome sexiness.. And his arm muscles dear god those arms..

2) I seriously wonder.. Are all of YG's backup dancers foreign? Or did they just travel somewhere else and pick random dancers? Because none of the backup dancers are Asian at all. lol

3) Another reason that I seriously like this one better is because the dance is just awesome. And unlike most dance versions... This actually shows the backup dancers. Like they actually exist. Most dance versions just show the stars. This shows both. Which is really cool.

4) I really like how they shot the hallway part. It's really cool looking. Haha. I guess small things amuse me. Because I was also extremely amazed at Growl by EXO's dance version because of how it was shot.

5) There really isn't much to say about dance versions. Lol its just dancing. 

Okay so while going through the video taking screenshots.... I decided to take random ones and put it all at the end. THERE ARE MILLIONS OF THEM. So you do not have to look at them if you do not want to.. But I highly recommend it because half of them are REALLY GOOD. The other half are silly or just normal. 

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