Wednesday, November 13, 2013

There's a new addition to Heart And Seoul Blog!

I want everyone to welcome our new addition to the blog, Vince.

This is our new author, Vince. He's almost as interested in Korea as I am except he is very obsessed with Japan. 
Some things you should know about Vince are:
1)He LOVES B1A4. Almost as much as I love Kim Jong Kook.. And that's ALOT.
2)He plans to live in both Japan and Korea. He wants to permanently live in Japan, but he wants to stay in Korea for a little while too.
3)He is new to this.. So if his first blogs are not as good as you would like do not hold it against him.. I made him become an author against his will. And just remember that practice is what got me to where I am. But honestly I think he will do just fine. 
4)He's very friendly. He thinks he's socially awkward.... But really he isn't. He doesn't bite. 
5)He's one of the awesomest people you will ever meet and I really am excited about having him as a part of my blog. 

So everyone treat him kindly with loving, open arms. 

Love you bunches!


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