Saturday, December 21, 2013


Ahh,so welcome back to another amazing blog!!

Been a while since I’ve made a blog but I promise this one is good.

Sooo recently I’ve traveled, to a far away place filled with as many stylish and hilarious Asians as you could imagine, but where?
Well ehh, it might not be as obvious as you think..
I went to Japan!!
Now you may be thinking “Omg, cool!” or you may be thinking “Ex-squeeze me, aren’t you on the wrong subject and wrong place?”
But as I’m sure if you’re at all interested in South Korea, you’re probably somewhat interested in Japan also, and so in an attempt to mesh both of these topics together I’ve decided to tell you guys about the Kpop scene or even Korean scene in Japan as I walked through Koreatown located in Tokyo! Have fun ;)

“Irasshaimase!” “Irasshaimase” are words I heard while walking to one of my best experiences in Tokyo, while hearing those words from the staff members of shop owners walking to Koreatown, they slowly began to fade and things while still very..”Asian” looking started to look different, I was nearing my destination but didn’t know it, as soon as I walked across a busy street trying not to die, I came to a beautiful and very detailed traditional Korean restaurant, it looked expensive, then I turn to my right and spotted it..what did I spot? A giant Kpop fan shop, I almost fell trying to look and get past all the people, but upon my arrival to the was locked -__________-

Frustrated, I didn’t know what to do so I kept walking through the town and thank God I did, as soon as I made another left, there was the Korean marketplace with Kpop fan shops everywhere and Korean restaurants in abundance! Here take a look ^^

I couldn’t focus on the teenaged Japanese girls trying to walk, so they had to dodge me, but anyway I found my shop and I did some very exciting shopping and had the time of my life in a Kpop themed traditional Korean restaurant, yes they exist!!

I listened to “Ringa Linga” as I wolfed down my 짜장면 and Korean spicy chicken
My impression of Japanese population’s interest in Kpop seems to be girl-dominated and maybe not so much for guys, as I went into a fan shop I heard a Japanese girl say “あれ、お姉ちゃん?” which means “Huh, sister?”, so she either was saying that I was getting for my sister or that I was a..sister xD

But anyway I couldn’t gather much on Kpop outside of Koreatown but I do know that Japanese radio has Kpop music and not the Japanese ver.; the original! I think that many specifically Japanese girls like Kpop and are becoming more interested in Korean culture which in turn in a female dominated entertainment scene like Japan’s, can be a new and good thing and could also ease at least the tension between the 2 countries, which there is not a lot of but still.

Yes, I have to say that the Koreans I saw appeared to be very friendly and warm, I love you Korea and cute Korean girl that waved and said “안녕!” to me while I was leaving the restaurant.

But anyway while this is sort of different from our usual, thank you for reading another one of our blogs, we really appreciate it. Continue to read our experiences and news and such, this is only one of our experiences abroad! We want you guys to know about Korea and Kpop, so please comment on our blogs about certain things relating that you want to know, we want our idea’s to be viewer inspired also! So              내가 당신을 위해 무엇인가 있는 일이 있으면 주저마시고 알려주세요!!
Please if you can, if you ever decide to live in Korea, take a trip over to Japan, it’s amazing!
Have a good day and till next time,


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