Monday, December 23, 2013

"Letters From Korea" - Jihye Yoon

A Letter from Jihye Yoon. 

Hi everyone! I am Jihye Yoon from Ansan, South Korea! 
Let me introduce about my town, Ansan!
Umm of course I know Seoul is well known to all of you, but I want everyone to know about Ansan, where I live, from now on!
Ansan is a part of Gyeonggi-do which is near Seoul, so my friend and I often go to Seoul on weekends or holidays:) it takes 1-2hours to get there!
Ansan has a lot of parks and mountains (so the air in Ansan is very clean)! 'San' means 'Mountain' in Korean! so I guess that is the reason why Ansan is named anSAN :)(i said Ansan has lots of mountains, right?) also it's silent and clean! So it's a good place to live :D haha
There is a place called Jungang-dong in Ansan! Teenagers and many people go there to enjoy themselves, like me and my friends, because there are many things to enjoy or play! such as theater, restaurants, cosmetic shops, department stores, amusement arcades, cafes and pubs. My friends and I usually go to Jungang-dong to watch movies, buy some cosmetics, and just talk at the cafe! hehe I love that!
When you get the chance to come here, I will be the guide for you!
Lastly! Grapes are so famous! especially these are grown in Daebu-island which is located in Ansan. and lots of festivals are held in here such as The Street Festival and Flight fair or so. (sorry, there are so many festivals but i forgot what festivals are in Ansan)
Thanks for reading everyone! I'm so glad that i let everyone know about Ansan and I hope everyone was interested in my town while everyone was reading :) Bye!
감사합니다 ^^

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