Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Obsession: Miracles in December - EXO

My lovelies, I know its been quite awhile since anyone has written anything on our blog. That would be because the other author Vince is in Japan for a little while and I have had no laptop.. Mine and my moms broke. So I'm very sorry for the pause in writing, I promise I'll try to write about anything and everything while this computer works. 

Back to the subject at hand.. I'm very late posting this.. And normally if I'm late posting something, I usually just don't post it... But with this song. I can't just ignore it. This song is so beyond amazing.. That watching the video and listening to the song, I was in tears.. 

If you haven't listened to it yet, I am not even close to joking when I say that you are missing out on one of the best songs you will ever hear in your life. So here's the link. 

Now I like the Chinese version, do not get me wrong. And I love Lu Han.. But there's something that the Korean version has that EXO M could never have... And that's D.O... Do not get me wrong.. D.O is not my bias.. Surprisingly enough Chen is my bias followed by Baekhyun and then Chanyeol, but voice wise.. No song sounds completely perfect without D.O being in it, because he has one of the best voices I have ever heard. For that reason, I like the Korean version better. Plus I am a big Korean person so I think the Korean language is extremely beautiful. 

So here starts my thoughts about the video..

1. Like I said in above paragraphs, I literally cried at this song.. Because it was just so beautiful and the music video was so beautiful.. And the lyrics are so beautiful.. It was just so overwhelming with beautifulness.
2. This song is only sang by D.o, Baekhyun, and Chen in the Korean version. In the Chinese version it's sang by Lu Han, Baekhyun, and Chen.
3. If you know EXO then you know why this song is beyond perfect. It features the best 3 singers out of all 12 EXO members.. Like if Chen and Lu Han were in EXO K instead of EXO M then EXO M would literally just be a rap group because their vocalists would be gone. They couldn't even do any singing without those 2. And then EXO K would still be the better rap group because they have Chanyeol.. It sounds like I'm insulting EXO M and take it as you may, but deep down inside you know that it's true and EXO K is the superior EXO...  But I totally respect your opinion if you think EXO M is better. To each their own. 
4. The other 9 members of EXO are all included in the video which I really do like. I wouldn't like this music video as much if it just showed the singers singing. It would still have the feeling, but I'd be kinda sad not to see the other members. Which btw, in case you don't pay really close attention to all EXO videos.. All the members are in there at least once. Usually all together. An example would be History. At one point they're all there with their hands in their pocket looking cool and stuffs. 
5. Who here thinks that in every music video, Kai should have a puppy? Because I think this is just too adorable for words. And what I'm thinking watching this.. is that the puppy sure does look like Jjanggu.. Kai's dog.. But his dog is bigger than that already, so does that mean they've been filming this for a LONGGGG time? If so, that goes to show how much work our Kpop stars have to do to make music videos. It doesn't just come together in a months time. 

6. Like I know the background is just a set.. But does it not look absolutely freezing? This probably isn't really something cool or interesting to point out.. But still.. I look at the background and I'M COLD.. JUST FROM LOOKING AT IT. I wonder if they made it like 90 degrees in the room just so the people watching them sing wouldn't feel cold. Or maybe I'm just extremely weird.. Hmm...
7. Another thing about the setting is that even though it looks freezing, its seriously beautiful. Like it's so pretty. And then the white piano in there with it.. and then the 3 members standing up there... It just looks so beautiful. 
8. Kris is very focused on his painting.. And sad. He's probably painting "Be sad, Kris... For the music video" that way he can look that sad.
9. Lu Han needs to bring me all that stuff he got from Nature Republic.. Because I want it.. Which btw... That was advertising at it's best.. Because Lu Han is one of the faces of Nature Republic.. And just so they could advertise the company.. They made sure they showed the box in there that said "Nature Republic" on it. They knew how many people would watch this video and want it because Lu Han was holding it. Haha. Well played advertisers, because it worked on me.
10. One of the most beautiful parts of this music video is when they look like they're rotating in a dark room and clips of the members are on the wall behind them. I think this was such a great idea to use. Because I thought it was just extremely cool and beautiful watching it.. 

Doesn't show the clips.. But oh well... 
11. If you don't know why Tao turned back time.. It's because the lyrics say.. "Stopping the time, (I) go back to you"
12. I have never seen Chanyeol or Tao cry.. And I'm going to tell you that I NEVER want to see it again. When Chanyeol started getting teary eyed, I felt like dying.. 

13. Last thing I'm going to say is.. That EXO are amazing actors.. Some people can't genuinely look sad.. But everyone looked so sad, that you completely grasped the feeling of the song even without speaking Korean. 


Hahaha... Happy Holidays everyone and hopefully you'll hear from me soon. 
Love ya bunches,

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