Saturday, December 21, 2013

Obsession: Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook (김종국)

If you don't understand why I love Kim Jong Kook.. Then you've apparently never watched "Running Man" or heard any of his songs. And that's not cool. "Running Man" is by far the best variety show I have ever seen. And Kim Jong Kook's voice is so unique and amazing. His songs soothed my pain while I was going through the breakup of my boyfriend of 4 years. Even his depressing songs.. It's just his voice. It's that great. In case you don't know much about him here's your chance to get to know one of the best singers in Korea. 


April 25, 1976 a little baby was born.. And I can't help but wonder if this said baby was born muscular, or if he just grew up that way. Hmm.. But anyways.. His birthday is only 4 days before mine. Fate. It's fate. 
Kim Jong Kook has been in the music industry for as long as I've been alive. Literally. Because he started in the group "Turbo" in 1995. Their most famous song is "Black Cat Nero" which I absolutely love, but if you aren't into Korean 90's music.. Then you probably might not like it too much because it does have a weird sound to it. 
Here's a link for anyone who wants to hear it..

Turbo was not as popular as most 90's groups.. So they didn't really last long and they aren't well known.. But Kim Jong Kook later broke away from the group to be an extremely successful solo artist. The other members from Turbo, I have not heard of, to be honest... Except Mikey who featured in a song with Kim Jong Kook a few years ago. 
Jong Kook is well known for his muscles.. And apparently sounding like a mosquito. Haha. Everytime someone asks me if I like him, they always tell me the same things..
"Oh his body is so great. I wish I had one like him"
or.. " His voice resembles a mosquito." Which makes me laugh... Because even though I love his voice, I can see why they say that. Haha.

Kim Jong Kook was on the show X-man until it ended in 2007. But he is now on the variety show "Running Man"  and is doing quite well. 

"The Commander- Sparta Kook" is his nickname on Running Man because of how fiercly he can catch everyone on the show. He's the number one guy on the show.. If you were to be on the show you would always want to be on a team with Jong Kook because if not, you seriously might lose.. He's that great. On the show, besides being The Commander, he's known as being very close with Kang Gary and HaHa. They're called "The Commander and the 2 Kids"

Jong Kook has already done his military duties already.. He was in the military from 2009-2011. After his military time, he immediately returned to tv and started on Family Outing.

Jong Kook has released 7 albums in his lifetime.. My personal favorite being his 7th "Journey Home" which was released in October 2012. 
Here's some of the songs.. One of which includes his 2 kids from Running Man. 

"Words That I Want To Say To You" ft HaHa & Gary -

"Men Are All Like That" -

"How Lucky" -

Kim Jong Kook is honestly, my ideal man. He's manly, he's nice, he's awesome, he's strong, he's sexy, he's cute, he's funny.. He's got everything. I would literally love to marry someone exactly like him.. Yes the muscles have to be included. Rawrrr(;

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  1. Haha, and who may i say got you into Running Man! kkk.
    Man i haven't seen your blog in awhile, I'm sowwy!

  2. i love him so much too...he amazing guy.he can do everything. and he have everything too =))

  3. <3 kim jong kook!!

  4. He served from 2006 to 2008