Tuesday, January 7, 2014

GOT7 Teasers

If you did not know there is a new gorgeous 7 male group coming from JYP and they are called GOT7. I for one am EXTREMELY excited for GOT7 to debut and their first song is being released NEXT WEEK! AGHHH I'm so excited. Here's a few pictures of the members. I do not know anything about them yet just so you know. That's because they haven't even debuted yet.. They have released profiles, but I don't read Korean very well yet. So I have no clue what they say. So here's some pictures.. But just a warning.. I had to get these pictures off the internet because the pictures from JYP are on my phone, not my computer. So they may be a little crappy. Very sorry if they are.  








Youngjae is seriously tall.. Like omg seriously tall.. lol. And handsome.. And he does have a second picture but I can't find it anywhere... :(

So my favorite as of now.. Is BamBam. Definitely BamBam. Who's your favorite? 

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