Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Letters From Korea" - Jen

A Letter from Jen Jo.

Hello everyone >_< my name is Younji Jo and I'm from Seoul, Korea XD
As you know Seoul is most famous city in Korea and its pretty big city.
So I want to introduce about Seoul more detail.

Firstly,I live in Mok-dong and its a small town that belong in Yangchengu Seoul.
Here is many apartments and schools and department stores.
Its very calm and quiet than other towns.
And also there is a park, its called 'Paris Park', it was built in 1987 and to symbolize the friendship
between Korea and France on their 100 year anniversary of diplomatic ties.
Its very beautiful and nice so sometimes me and my friend hang out at the park.
So most of student, like me, they usually go to the main street such like Hongik Univ street, Jongno, Myung-dong, Itaewon, Gangnam...
Its all famous streets and hot places in Seoul XD
Especially Hongik univ street, Myungdong and Itaewon are very popular and well known to many foreign tourist.
There is a lot of shopping mall and restaurants and spectacles.
And Myungdong is my best place to shopping XD it because there is also have a lot of load shops, its little cheap than other brand clothes and also pretty :)
A few days ago, before the Christmas day, I went Myungdong XD there was many beautiful lights for Christmas
So I took a pic a bit

too many people crowded >_< but I had a great day with my friend XD
So if you want to shopping in Seoul I want to recommend this place haha and avoid weekend its hard to shopping because of people XP

And of course I love hongik univ street its smaller than myungdong but really really popular place in youngsters.
Because there is many good restarants and clubs ! its famous for club and bar XD
Its 30minutes away from my home so I usually go there in weekend XD  and there is also have many shops and accesorry shops and cafe.
I love cafes in there because the mood is little diffrent and very unique cafes are there include vintage shops.
And there is karaoke its very famous karaoke that I know >_<
I like sing a song so I often go there with my friends XD its really cool hehe
Lastly, if you want to visit in Seoul, I recommend these two hot places in seoul XD and I hope that my information was useful to you guys ;)
And thanks for reading about my letters ! and thank you Shanea that involved me in this project !! Thank you and 감사합니다 ! >_<

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