Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meet U-Kiss: 2nd Version.

This pains me to write.. Because with this updated version... I have to leave Dongho out of it. And I love Dongho.. But that's okay. I hope he's doing well. 
By the way.. If you haven't seen their latest music video "She's Mine" then you need to go take a look at it. Here's the link.

She's Mine MV:

Dance Concept Video:

 So basically I'm not going to go into details about where they're from.. Or when they were born.. Or their background.. Because I already have done a blog like that about U-Kiss. 

Link is here :

Basically this blog is just going to tell little things that I find interesting about each member now that I know them better.. Because before when I did the blog about U-Kiss, I didn't know much about them.. I just knew that I was obsessed with their song "Stop Girl" and the information that I looked up.  So let's start shall we??


I feel like I have to warn you all.. That in my previous U-Kiss blog.. My bias was Kevin... And I'm going to warn you ahead of time.. That it has changed.. Kevin is no longer my bias. SORRY! DONT KILL ME!  It's actually really hard to pick my bias now.. Like I keep going back and forth... But anyways.. The member list will be in order of who I like the most. I might cry because of how low my favorites will be just because I like some more than them.. Ughhh. But here we go.


I LOVE Eli... Lol like he use to be my second favorite U-Kiss member.. But after a turn of events (by that I mean I started watching more U-Kiss stuff and found out I really loved Eli) I have come to like him more than anyone. Now of course everyone would automatically assume that I only liked Kevin and Eli because they're from America.. And though that may be partly true.. It's not entirely true. The reason Eli is my bias is because out of ALL Kpop groups and ALL the members, he is by far the most down to earth person I have ever seen. If you don't know why I say that.. Then you probably don't actually know much about Eli. And that's completely fine. But go watch Simon and Martina's interviews with U-Kiss. Or any English interview for that matter.. Eli is so down to earth. And I love him. Too much. Another interesting and amazing thing about Eli? He has an eyebrow piercing. Just like me. 

We're cute huh? Hahaha. Speaking of Eli and piercings.. Eli use to have the absolute WEIRDEST piercing I have ever seen. Don't believe me? Look for yourselves.. 

Besides the weird piercings and down to earthness.. I think that Eli is probably the sexiest one out of all of them.. Which is a really close competition because of my next favorite one.. 


Can you believe that the member who is now my second favorite.. Use to be my 5th???? Haha!! I don't know why I didn't use to like him.. What started to get me liking Kiseop was I follow him on Twitter, for one. And he posts alot. And I translate them. And I love him. He also posts alot of pictures that was an up-side too. One thing I really like about Kiseop is the fact that he can either be cute or sexy. Examples you ask for? Okay.. 

Cute Kiseop:

Sexy Kiseop:

That is really the one thing I love about Kiseop the most.. Is that he can be super cuddly adorable.. But he can also be super "I want to touch his body" sexy.. Another thing about Kiseop is that he is extremely nice. He also knows the full "Gee" dance by Girls Generation. Did you know? LOL he should come teach me. He can also protect me from creepy people in Korea because he knows Taekwondo. Oooo lala!


I can't believe that Kevin who use to be my absolute favorite one.. Has sadly become my 3rd favorite one.. It's sad, but nothing can be done. I absolutely LOVE Kevin. He is also VERY down to earth. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they're from America.. But I doubt it. LOL. And Kevin is also extremely funny. And very fun to watch.. But for some reason I just love Kiseop more than Kevin now. :( Something very funny about Kevin is that, the longer he lives in Korea, the more English he starts to forget. Sometimes he has trouble explaining things to interviewers in English so he has to have Eli take over. I find it funny and kind of adorable at the same time. Another interesting thing about Kevin is that everytime he talked about Dongho.. I love that he always called him.. Our baby Dongho. I thought that was so sweet. Kevin is a really sweet and sensitive guy. And I love him so much... And it pains me that he's in 3rd now. :( But again.. It can't be helped.


The member in 7th place last time is now in 4th. Can you believe it? I'm going to tell you the reason he was in 7th. The only reason he was in 7th is because back when I did the first U-Kiss blog... I literally knew NOTHING about him.. Like it was even hard for me to find pictures of him back then.. Which is crazy.. Because now that I've watched EVERY SINGLE U KISS VIDEO IN EXISTENCE... I have seen him many many times in many many videos.. And it is definitely not hard to find pictures of him. But now that I know alot about AJ.. I've seen that he's a very down to earth person too! And he's funny.. And he's adorable.. And he barely even has an accent when he speaks English. Which is AMAZING. Like my first U-Kiss blog said.. He was studying in New York.. And I find it VERY funny what he was studying in the USA. If you don't know.. Prepare to laugh.. He was studying Japanese... In the USA. Very funny to me. But now he is back in Korea and is doing better than ever. I really like AJ now.. After listening to him rap alot.. I really like to listen to him rap.. Just like Eli and Taecyeon from 2pm. I am in love with his rapping. And he makes the funniest faces while rapping these days. I really love AJ's personality.  He's funny, sweet, and most of all adorable. I love to watch AJ now that I know about him.. And I feel bad that he was in 7th before. But at least now there is no 7th place to put someone in.. Which should be a good thing.. But I feel very sad that there is still no Dongho.


This decision... Was probably the hardest one. I didn't know if I liked Hoon better or if I liked Soohyun better. I literally couldn't figure it out.. But after watching music videos.. I decided that I like Soohyun more. He use to be 3rd on my list.. But now he's 5th.. Huhuhu:(  The main reason that I like Soohyun is because he's very nice and he has an amazing voice and I just love him so much. Hahaha. Really... What's funny is that he kind of looks like K. Will and Daesung.. I think that they all must be related. Hahah! A cute thing I LOVE about Soohyun is that when he gets nervous he has a nervous giggle. And his hands shake. Haha I think it's adorable. He loves to act like a monster too.. And I think sometimes he really fits the role of a monster. Hahaha.

Hoon.. Hasn't moved at all on my favorites list.. LOL! I can't believe this.. And I really love Hoon.. Wow. Well anyways.. I think Hoon is a very interesting person. He has a bad habit of spacing out.. And he's a workout addict. I find this very interesting. They're some of the many reasons I love Hoon. He's literally addicted to working out. But that's okay. It's a healthy addiction. Unless he becomes a body builder.. Then I will probably throw up. I really hate body builders. I'll tell you a reason he was in 6th last time.. It's because in "Stop Girl" they just made him look SO UGLY. Like really so ugly. And so I didn't like him. LOL But the only reason he's in 6th this time is because I just LOVE EVERYONE ELSE. <3 Love you, Hoon. Don't get offended. Haha.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't post like a million pictures of KiSeop! lol!

    1. LOL! I KNOW!! I'm surprised too! But I did put alot more of him than anyone else. Hehehe