Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Obsession: GOT7 Girls Girls Girls

Okay.. At first I was going to write a disappointment blog.. Until I watched them perform live. I extremely just did not like the music video. I liked the song.. And I liked them. But the music video just threw me off so bad.. But.. Will you believe that they took down the music video? I actually think that it may have been a great idea. Because when alot of people watched the music video.. They were extremely disappointed just like me.. But seriously now that I'm watching the performances.. I love it alot more. So if you need some links to performances here they are:

(this one has both Follow Me and Girls Girls Girls)

My personal favorite is Inkigayo. Hehe.

Now. What is my favorite thing about GOT7? That would be... JJ PROJECT BABYYYY!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!! 

Jr. and JB have another chance to be extremely famous like they need to be. Like seriously because I was OBSESSED with JJ Project and their song "Bounce" FOREVERRRR. Like literally I still listen to that song ALOT and they debuted in 2012. But they never got extremely famous.. And I don't see why.. But I'm glad they have a second chance. GOT7 will hopefully be VERY good for both of them.
If you haven't seen JJ Project's "Bounce" here it is:

I found this song while I was going through the relief after a breakup about a year ago. And it was the best time in my life. 

So you can imagine how happy I am that JJ Project is back. AGHHHH IM SO HAPPY. I'm actually watching the "Bounce" music video now. 

UGHHHH ADHD! I'm suppose to be talking about GOT7... And I've talked so much about JJ Project.
So obviously, my bias(es) in GOT7 are JB and Jr. And my 3rd bias? BAMBAM! OMG I LOVE BAMBAM! How cute is he??? 

Okay enough about my bias(es)... I'm going to actually talk about the group as a whole now.. 

One thing I really like about GOT7's "Girls Girls Girls" is the dance. I LOVE THE DANCE. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Even watching the music video which i despised.. I loved the dancing. It's adorable. More than OMG THAT SO CRAY! It's OMG HOW FRIGGIN ADORABLE AND AWESOME! lol I see why Girls Girls Girls they love them. <--- that was definitely lame. But I don't care. Because I'm a girl girl girl I LOVE THEM! lol that was worse. Don't judge me...

and his lovely, hot, sexy hips. WOOOOOOO!

*dies* Ughhhhh.
And umm.. This made me literally ROFL..

HAHA Random but i love this. 

Who loves Mark? Because I do..

I really feel like I should write something about Youngjae and Yugyeom.. But quite honestly.. They're at the bottom of my list of favorites. 
But I will say something about each of them..

Once upon a time I thought that Youngjae was extremely tall.. But.. Even though his pictures look like he's a skyscraper.. He's barely taller than me.. He's 5"7. HAHA! He's so cute though. Who needs to be tall when they have a face like that?

I really don't have anything to say about Yugyeom except that he's extremely adorable.. And he is the maknae. Which is surprising to alot of people as BAMBAM or Mark look the youngest.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of GOT7? I'm really curious to know. 
Love you lots!

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