Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Obsession: "I Don't Know" by Fiestar

I Don't Know.... Why I like this song...

Okay before you say anything like "Why don't you know if you like this song if the post name is obsession" Let me tell you.. If you've ever heard this song.. You know why I say that.. Because this song.. Has the melody of "1 little 2 little 3 little Indians" But the thing is.. It's an EXTREMELY catchy song! And the Music Video is extremely funny. Like seriously I can't get enough of it. Just to let you know there are 2 videos for this song. There's the original video and then there's the special clip.. And honestly I don't know which one I like more. 

Here's links for the videos:
Original mv:

The difference between the 2 videos is that the special clip is like a mix between a dance version and an aegyo version. 
So here's what I like about each video.

One reason I like the actual music. Is because of the guys staring at the girls boobs. I find that it was absolutely hilarious. Especially the first guy. His face he makes is completely too funny. Like, I literally laughed so hard at the face this guy made looking at the girls boobs. And then the fighter on the video game starts staring at the girls boobs and loses. Ahh it just makes me laugh so much. 

Another thing that I really like about this music video is the perverted Pinocchio.. Because Pinocchio's nose only grows when he lies.. But this Pinocchio totally got way too excited looking at the girls boobs and his nose grew. You get it don't you? I mean some people really see it as idiotic because thats not why his nose grows.. But I don't care.. I thought it was hilarious. 
Again with the boobs thing.. The girl wins the video game.. And is so excited and is clapping and wants to high five the guy.. And she does.. But the guy isn't excited about her winning.. He's excited about her boobs jumping all around while high fiving her. And is staring at them the whole time. I have a very perverted sense of humor.. So maybe that's why I like music videos with this kind of humor to them. It's the funniest thing ever.
So if you didn't know.. this is a very innocent song. Basically saying.. Why are you inviting me over at night.. This is my first time.. Why is my heart racing.. I don't know anything.. Blah blah blah. It's VERY innocent. So that's why the girl is acting completely coy. And then beats the guy up when he tries to kiss her. LOL! I like that part too. Basically the main reason I really like the music video.. Is because it's extremely funny to me. But honestly I really think I like the special clip better. Haha. 

Ok so the reason I really love the special clip is because they are all too adorable. Like I really wish I was that adorable. 

Something else is that in the special clip you can basically see the whole dance. And I LOVE IT! Lol it's so cute! It's suppose to be sexy too sometimes.. But I don't really see it as that. Haha The chorus dance where they're basically just moving their arms? I loved that. It's so simple.. Yet it was one of my favorite parts. 
Every single one of these girls is amazing at aegyo. Like I wish I could look that adorable and cuddly. Haha. I also love their outfits in the special clip more. 
Something else I really love about this special clip? The guy dancers. You can actually see their faces. And they're ALL cute!! Haha! 
I find it weird and funny that they have fruits in their hand while doing the chorus on the last part. LOL

Basically I just wanted to write a short and sweet blog on this song.. Just like the song. But still I don't know why I like this song.. Because "One little, Two little, Three little Indians" doesn't seem like it'd be a good song melody. But it's surprisingly very catchy. Haha


  1. I loved i Don't know too! It's my Favorite song in the whole world!
    Linzy's parts are very disney-like and gave me a feeling of nostalgia. It's like I'm listening to a soundtrack of a disney song :)

    You can read my review her too :

  2. Yes! It's a very fun and cute song. I read your review! Great review! Hehe :)