Thursday, January 16, 2014

Something else for the ladies again.

Here you go again, ladies!

Kpop Shirtless, 2nd Edition!

Introducing model number 1, another one of my favorite shirtless guys. 2PM's Taecyeon!!!! AGHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm dead. I'm surely dead.

Taecyeon is by far one of my favorite shirtless guys. He's also my bias in 2PM if you didn't know. Rather than extremely cool rapping skills, he has extremely sexy abs. *Drool*

Model 2 is mainly for my mom. Because she requested it. And I definitely don't mind having this one on here.. Because.. Dear god this man... So model 2 is Super Junior's Donghae

Donghae is just too sexy for words. Ovaries overload. Seriously. He's just.. Way too sexy. Ughhhhh.

Model 3 is none other than SHINee's Minho. You're welcome.

I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen Minho as a man before now. I literally never have. I thought he was just adorable and cute and had a great personality. Never sexy. But OMG NOW? Wooooooah.

Model 4 is one of my favorite people in the universe. U-Kiss's Kiseop!

Kiseop... Was very hard to find shirtless pictures of. I knew he's been shirtless before. But for some reason I just couldn't find any. But OMG HOW SEXY IS HE?

Model 5 is for everyone in the world who loves Rain. You're welcome. 

Rain is just so sexy. Those abs, man, THOSE ABS!!!

Model 6 is someone else I never saw as a man. 2AM's Seulong. 

After looking at these pictures... I don't know how I never saw him as a man. OMG. THE MUSCLES. UGHHHH!

Model 7 is everyone's favorite shirtless guy.. Super Junior's Siwon. 

Like literally EVERYONE LOVES SIWON SHIRTLESS! I understand why. Rawr(;

Model 8 is the lovely and my bias in MBLAQ.. Lee Joon

"Lee Joon ssi lovely"
If you don't know why I said that.. Then you've probably never seen "Oh My School" and that's okay. But so that you're filled in.. Here's a clip.

Model 9 is the one and only.. B2ST's Kikwang!

I love Kikwang. Rawrrrr.

Model 10 is Dongjun from ZE:A. Now I don't post alot of ZE:A things.. But maybe I will from now one. 

Really. I might post alot of ZE:A stuff now..

Thanks for reading and if you have a suggestion for Kpop shirtless.. Then you can message me at the bottom of the page.. Or you can just comment. Thanks again! <3


  1. Too bad, you forgot Shim (Max) Changmin of TVXQ too. (or, Tohoshinki) :( He also has a ripped bod, esp. his abs...ugggggh. O.@ They may be my biased Kpop group but, just thought I'd 'say' on here about his freakin' SEXY bod. ;) <3 :P (sry)

    1. Hehe I do alot of Sexy Korea posts, all with different people. I have a LONNNNNNG list of people to include, including Max. Keep an eye on our facebook page to see when I post new ones. :)