Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The paparazzi are heartless

"Why haven't you written about Leeteuk's dad and grandparents dying"
I've been asked this question many times because I'm a blogger.. And now I will answer it. 
Because I have a heart.. I'm not heartless.. I don't like to take people's misery and get publicity off of it.. I think that the paparazzi are completely heartless and should not take advantage of Leeteuk's pain.. He's going through a HORRIBLE time and yet every Korean journalist in the world is taking advantage of it and making profit off of it.. I find this extremely cruel. I refuse to be this type of person.
So why haven't I written about this? 
Because I refuse to be a heartless blogger that only cares about popularity. Sure I love that my blog gets as many views as it does.. It's nice to have views.. But I'm not going to expoit and take advantage of someone else's pain for my own benefit. No thank you. 

In closing I'd just like to say..
Leeteuk, stay strong. People all over the world are here to support you and love you just like I do. I'm very sorry for your losses. It's a very horrible time for you, I know. Please stay strong. 

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