Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Discussion: The difference between American and Korean programs.

Here recently I got into a discussion with someone about the differences between American and Korean programs. And here's my thoughts about it. 

The difference between Korean dramas and American dramas.. 

American dramas, if romantic, tend to be very... Complicated.... Like alot of these complications wouldn't normally happen in normal relationships.. They're just put there to add interesting points. Say if there was a drama where someone was in love... They would have to overcome like millions of obstacles.. Sure there are alot of obstacles in relationships.. But in normal relationships.. There aren't usually millions of them. Koreans watching American dramas tend to think.. "Wow.. It's really hard for Americans to love each other."
With Korean dramas however.. Korean dramas are based on fairy tale love stories.. But are also slightly realistic. My opinion is that Korean programs tend to be more realistic anyways... The poor girl and the rich guy is like a forbidden love but it always ends up happening. Is the more fairy tale side of the drama.. But the realistic parts is that the good guy usually always loses.. and they still do go through obstacles.. There's the crazy mothers trying to prevent it.. Or there's the rich girls trying to destroy the girl... Or the good guys telling you to break it off because he's a jerkface.. Or there's something else.. But even though they do face many obstacles... They don't face millions of them. Maybe this is because Korean dramas tend to be shorter than American dramas do. Americans watching Koreans dramas tend to think... "Wow... Koreans are so perfect. I want a man like that."

Now where my discussion goes deeper.. Because I really have alot more to say about movies than I do dramas..
American movies are good to watch if you want to laugh.. Korean movies are good to watch if you want to cry. 
This is really something you can automatically confirm about most movies. 
The American romance movies are STRICTLY fairy-tale based. Half of the love stories that happen in American romance movies will never happen to anyone but maybe 1 in a million. It's strictly just one of those "I wish this would happen to me and because I know it won't... I will watch a movie about it." So I don't like to watch them..
Whereas Korean romance movies are so realistic.. Watching the movies you get this feeling like.. "Wow.. This could really happen..." And they're normally always SAD. SO SO SAD. Korean romance movies are either so heart touching that you cry... Or they're so heart breaking that you cry.. Either way it goes you will probably cry.. Take "More Than Blue" as an example of that. It's so heart touching.. Yet so heart breaking.. And I literally cried throughout the WHOLE movie. I usually don't cry through whole movies. Usually just at the end. But this movie... Had me crying through the whole thing. Like within 30 minutes of the movie... It gets EXTREMELY sad. If you haven't seen More Than Blue.. It is on Netflix if you have Netflix.. Or I'm sure you can find it somewhere else.. It is the saddest movie I have ever seen in my life. And eventually when I've watched it enough times to where I won't cry when I watch it... I will write a movie review on it. So you all can know what it's about. I really recommend you watch it though. It's an amazing movie. And this isn't the only movie like this.. Most Korean romance movies are usually a "Love gone wrong." sort of thing.. OR like in this case it's an "I love you so much but I'm dying of a terminal illness" kind of movie.
On to funny movies... 
American comedy movies... There's so many of them... You can't even count them all.. And they're great to watch. You laugh alot. Korean comedies... They do exist. There isn't necessarily ALOT of them.. Definitely not like American ones.. But they do exist and they're funny! Especially romantic comedies such as "Penny Pinchers" or "Please Teach Me English"
And with Korean romantic comedies.. They're so realistic. Take "Penny Pinchers" as an example. This movie is a prime example that love is definitely not a fairy tale... And happens where you least expect it. This movie is also on Netflix if you have it... Go watch it. It also has Song Joong Ki in it. Which is a major PLUS for me since I love Running Man and he use to be on it. 

The difference between reality shows.. Now this one is going to be the longest of all because they're on such opposite sides of the spectrum you can't even see a resemblance at all. 

American variety shows... Dear god... 
Okay so if you have ever watched an American variety show... You probably regret it, right? Haaaa. Just kidding. Not so much.. 
American variety shows.. Are.. Well...
Lets just say that American reality shows are the worst kind of shows. Which are loved by alot of people, I will give them that. But to me they're just extremely horrible. American reality shows are usually this scenario here..
"Let's put a bunch of people into a house together.. And record ALL OF THE DRAMA that happens from it." Americans and their drama... there's nothing like it. That is ALL American reality shows are.. Is showing peoples drama to the whole world. The sluts, the party people, the drunken buffoons, the betrayal, the hate.. Why do so many people watch these shows? Because of this one simple reason here.. 
It's a proven fact. And not drama like "Omg these people love each other and they're having problems" kinda drama. I mean like "OMG THIS B*TCH JUST PULLED MY HAIR IM GOING TO BEAT THE F*CK OUTTA HER AND THEN GO GRIND ON HER BOYFRIEND LIKE THE SLUT I AM" kinda drama.. And it's ABSOLUTELY REPULSIVE. 
Korean variety shows are pure AWESOMENESS. Korean variety shows even bring the celebrities on them. Whereas in American culture our celebrities tend to be idolized as like some form of gods and are too.. whats the word i'm looking for.. good? to be on these shows? But then on American reality shows.. These people become famous for being sluts or party people or drunken buffoons.. Please... With Korean variety shows.. You have the semi serious ones like "Hello Counselor" which is kinda like a more advanced and less drama filled Jerry Springer.. They bring people on this show who have problems.. And they bring celebrities as guests to hear the problems too.. And after the person tells their problems.. The whole building decides if it's really a problem or not. And they compete to see whos problem is bigger for money. Then you have the survivor type shows like "Law of the jungle" which btw celebrities are all on this show. It's amazing. Then you have a military based one.. "Real Men".. and then you have the best reality show I've ever seen which is just so interesting and so amazing you can't even really put it into words.. And I wish we had big buildings and people who would participate in this stuff here.. That's "Running Man" and then you have the show where celebrities come on with their mothers which is "Mamma Mia" Korean variety shows are so great and do feature putting random people into a house to watch their drunken bar fights and slutty girls wanting to jump every man known to existance's bones. 

So these are my thoughts.. What are yours? Let me know!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Obsession: BTS - Boy In Luv

Before I even post pictures.. I'm going to say something ahead of time.. Alot of you are probably really going to hate me because of 1 thing that I have to say about this music video. This is not a bad review.. I really like this song.. It's just this one thing that I have to say.. You'll probably get mad about. You'll read it later. 
This blog is going to be forever long.. Because I have SO MANY PICTURES. 

Ahead of time again let me tell you.. I LOVE BTS. I love everyone in BTS. I want to marry everyone in BTS. I think BTS is an amazing group. I think BTS should go far. I actually did like this music video. And I love this song. But this music video really had some down points. 

On a joking matter.. I made a bunch of memes for this music video.. So I will post them right now..

Okay as you can clearly see from half of the above memes... I don't like Rap Monster in this video. Not fully because he has his glasses off... But because of his messed up hairdo and hair color. Why don't I like him in this video? Because he has a twin that comes to mind whenever I see it.. 

Even everyone else was surprised that Randall showed up in their music video..

Epecially V... He must be a big fan of that movie.. 

To all Rap Monster fans.. Please don't kill me... This is meant to be purely funny.. But seriously you can't sit there and say there's absolutely no resemblance... LOL!!! Before you get mad at me.. Let me say.. Rap Monster is not an ugly guy. He's extremely adorable.. Even without his glasses.. I just cannot STAND the way he looks in this music video. And it's because of the hair. The hair style itself is just bad in my opinion but the worst thing they could have possibly done was bleach his hair.. And that's why I think he looks horrible. 
He's definitely one of those people who look better with glasses on.. Hmm.. Just like Randall.. 

Here's some pictures of Rap Monster with glasses off that don't make him look like Randall from Monsters Inc.. Kinda funny that his name is Rap MONSTER and he resembles a MONSTER from MONSTERS Inc... LOL! Anyways.. Here ya go.. 

He's extremely adorable!!!!! Just not in this music video.. I'm sorry Rap Monster. Don't hate me.. Because I love you. Just don't let them do this to you again :'( 

Okay on to subjects that won't cause an angry mob to come after me....

How many of you are so extremely happy to see Suga fully recovered and looking healthy?
In case you didn't know.. On December 8, 2013 Suga was taken into the hospital and diagnosed with Appendicitis.. On December 9 he had to have an emergency Appendectomy... But now he's healthy and bouncy and I'm so relieved. 

He's so adorable and I'm so glad that he's okay!!

Another thing.. 
With BTS.. If you haven't noticed in all of their other music videos... V was always a background person.. And Jimin was always the front man. I just have to say one thing...
SINCE WHEN HAS JIMIN BEEN A BACKGROUND PERSON??? Though I'm not complaining about V being the front man for basically this whole song.. He really deserves it.. I just find it odd how Jimin is not the front man. Jimin has been like the face of BTS since they debuted.. Because.. I mean, have you seen his face? Just sayin.. With Jimin being my bias it was a little disappointing that you didn't see too much of Jimin. 

But I honestly think it's a good thing. Because of the fact that V has finally gained the front position which he deserves.. 

It also gave a chance for more people to take the spotlight.. But they very much disappointed me with this too..
I would have loved to see alot more Jin... And Suga...

 But instead they took the excess time from not showing Jimin.. And showed Jungkook. I do love Jungkook.. But I also love all the other members that don't get alot of face time.. And it was very disappointing that they gave it all to Jungkook. 

Which I mean I do love Jungkook but he's always shown in the front. They really need to give the other members chances. lol..
Though I was very happy that they gave alot to J-Hope.

One of the scenes of this music video that cracked me up.. Was when Jimin and Jungkook are in the bathroom peeing.. Jimin is peeing and then Jungkook comes up and starts using the bathroom... Jimin looks down.. Laughs at Junkook... And is smiling at him the whole time. Basically saying. "Haha. Man I'm bigger than you."

Now.. Onto a scene which is really confusing to me..

Throughout the whole music video.. This girl is basically being abused by the members.. She's thrown around and pushed into lockers.. And yadda yadda.. But then... She gets pulled into the room with the members.. And the room gets dark.. And she is presented with a rose...

And she's HAPPY? 

"I have been abused and mistreated all day.. But that's okay.. Because they're giving me a rose. And they're adorable. Forget the fact that my back and arms are probably completely bruised because of how much they were throwing me and slinging me around.. As long as they gave me this flower... I'm the happiest girl in the world. It was all worth it......"

Are you kidding me? I mean I understand that the song is implying that she's a "bad girl" but even bad girls don't like to be thrown around like that...

Though when faced with a situation like this.. I would probably only remember I was getting thrown around and abused after I tackled Jimin to the ground and kissed his adorable cheek.. BUT. Still.
Jimin looks like the type that's just over there saying..
"Girl... Forget about the rest of today. I'm a good guy despite what you've seen. You should totally love me because I just gave you a rose. What other guy gives flowers in this day and age. Consider yourself lucky." "Let's pretend like you didn't get hurt today, okay?"

And I'm pretty sure that with the face he has... Girls everywhere would fall for it. Haha.

There are some times in this video that Rap Monster doesn't look bad.. 

But then... There are times where he does look like Randall...

Okay so I'm done with the review on this music video.. Now I have random pictures that I had nowhere else to put them in the blog.. But felt that either they were cool... Or extremely derpy. If you want to see them larger.. Just click on them and it will pop up bigger. 

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