Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Letters From Korea" - Jeong-hee

A letter from Jeong-hee.

HELLO :) My name is Jeong-hee Shim and I'm from Cheongju in Korea.
Cheongju is located in middle of Korea. As you know Seoul is big and thriving.
But Cheongju is small and quiet than Seoul. But to get to Seoul it takes no more than 1hour 30minutes.
Also, Cheongju is located in middle of Korea, so it's easy to travel anywhere.

From now on, I introduce Cheongju's representative tourist spots.

First, Sangdangsanseong. (Korean: 상당산성 It's the rampart which is pile up in order to prevent the invasion in 1716.)
In Sangdangsanseong, the promenade for the citizens and food-stuffs are at this place! In spring, people visit there more!! I like it there.

Second, Mu-sim river in this place. (Korean: 무심천) It's very beautiful when it becomes the spring. There are many cherry trees :0!

The cherry trees stand along the way. So beautiful. A photo doesn't come out well and I am sorry.^^;

Third, Cheongnamdea. (Korean: 청남대) It's the place used as the villa of the presidents in the past. Also this place has beautiful view.

I introduce Cheongju's representative food-stuffs just a minute, it's Jjoljjolhoddeok. (Korean: 쫄쫄호떡) It's popular winter snack in Korea. 
It's chewy and honey is contained in the dough. 

One more thing, Heajangguk. (Korean: 해장국) It's the food which Korean people eat mostly after drinking. :) haha

I get to write this writing and I am happy to introduce my hometown!
Cheongju is not a popular attraction, but this place feels fun.
If anyone comes to Korea, I wish they would stay here!^^

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