Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Live Hangout!

Starting probably sometime in late April or early May, I will start doing Live Hangouts on Google+ for this blog. Basically for the first few weeks/months (depending on the turn out) I will be doing a Q&A type thing so if anyone ANYWHERE has questions about me or my blog or anything at all, you can pop up and join the fun.

The name of the hangout will ALWAYS BE AND IT WILL NEVER CHANGE, So if someone else hosts a hangout and you think it's me, if it doesn't have the name:
HAS - Heart And Seoul
Then that person is not me or anyone of the HAS staff. The hangout name again will always be..
HAS - Heart And Seoul
To find out more about the Live Hangout and keep updated, you can Like us on Facebook or you can follow me (HAS Shanea) on Google+. These updates will tell dates, times, and topics. 
Here's the links for each of those to make it more simple for everyone.

So be ready for whenever I start these Hangouts and just remember that HAS's number one goal in internet life is just to have fun with kpoppers around the world. 

Thanks for reading, lovelies. 

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