Saturday, April 19, 2014

My new obsession is far from my normal.

So my new obsession is not what I'm normally obsessed with. I'm usually obsessed with something new or something Kpop... 
But my new obsession? Is from 1988. Yeah. Crazy, right?
My new obsession is "그대 그리고 나" by 소리새..

So like I said... Not my normal obsession right? Definitely not. And normally, it's not really the usual for someone out of the country to find old songs like this, since they aren't very widely known in other countries. Only in Korea. But thanks to "Immortal Songs 2" I have found so many new artists that I like, plus old songs. This being one of my favorite. 

I do like the original version of this song, but what really got me liking the song was on "Immortal Songs 2" Kang Bu Ja and Kim Tae Woo sang their own version of this song and it was absolutely breathtaking. Ever since I heard it, I listened to this song very very often. 

The great thing is that Kang Bu Ja isn't even a singer apparently, she's an actress. And her voice is actually really great. It's very surprising. Haha.

"Immortal Songs 2" is really a great show that lets you see modern day stars sing all sorts of Korean classics. It doesn't sound very interesting to some people, I know. And at first when I read the description of the show, I thought... Hmm... This could be boring saying I don't know any old songs. But really it's not! It's so great and so entertaining and there's performances that are upbeat and lively and then there are some that are sentimental and touching. And it's really introduced me to alot of great Korean stars and classics. 

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