Friday, May 30, 2014

Welcome our new addition to our staff!

We have a new member of our staff at HAS!
Everyone welcome HAS Glow

This is Glow. Her real name is Gloria, but everyone should call her Glow. K? :D
She's joined our staff because she loves everything Korean and because all of our staff already loved her before hand and she wanted to join. Hehe. 

Here are some things you should know about Glow. 
1) She's the one who introduced me to Kim Jong Kook. 
2) She actually has her own blog, which I helped name, called Incidental Brain Contusions. Haha! Don't ask why it's named that.. It's a long story. But she has her own Korean/Random stuff blog. Here's the link. 
3) She likes to play the piano, write poems, and work on stories. 
4) She's a Very sensitive person. If she sees someome crying and goes to console them, she will start crying too.
5) She is a crazy bitch. (The good kind) she said this. Lol.  
6) She loves being hyper.
7) She has A stuffed monkey named Yoseop. 

That one she may not have wanted me to put here. hahahahaha But that's okay because I have a stuffed sock monkey named Jong Kook. 

8) She's Seriously Awesome. She's Like my twin. Lol we're too much alike, its creepy. 
9) She is a hair stylist. I know thats not really the proper term for it but i dont know the proper term. Haha. 

Welcome her with kind words and open arms, lovelies. ♡

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Obsession: Se7en - When I Can't Sing

This song♡♡

So here's the music video if you haven't seen it!

Now, I've known this song for a long time, and have liked it.. But recently, after watching "Dream High 2" where JB from GOT7 was singing it, I've become extremely obsessed with it and can't take it off of repeat.

Here's JB's version.

I LOVE JB's version, but Se7en's voice is just so great. ♡♡ I can't eEven begin to explain it. His voice is so mesmerizing. Especially with this song. It draws you in and you just FEEL the emotion of the song, even if you don't understand Korean and don't know the lyrics. What gets me is the chorus.
"Even if I lose everything
Even if my popularity falls
And even if I cannot sing anymore
If I take on a new career
Just because I am me
Will you be able to love me?"

Those feels..
And not because I've experienced this myself since I'm not famous, but you can just imagine the pain it would give someone going through this. And if you think about it, I'm sure a lot of stars actually feel like this. I'm sure that when they date, they always wonder if the person would still love them and stay with them if they weren't famous. Its kinda sad. The life of a ccelebrity must be really hard. A lot harder than we would imagine. Maybe I'm just overthinking and its just a song. Haha.

But. This song is so addictive and I seriously can't get enough of it. ♡♡ 

Love you forever, lovelies! Thanks for reading!♡

Sunday, May 25, 2014


This is for all of my Korean friends who are Christians like me.
I've had a lot of my friends tell me they want to go to American churches and attend American church services. 
Well if you want to watch an American church, my church has a live stream online! So many people can watch it over the internet! 
It streams on Monday at 1 AM Korean time. Soit is in the middle of the night there but you can still watch it!
Here's the link! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Week in the News! May 23, 2014

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! It is the Korean Drama Queen here, bringing to you the latest Korean celebrity news of the week! (I am a day late...don't hurt me!)

Infinite had their comeback this week with their song "Last Romeo" and also had a showcase across Asia this week. What did you guys think of the song and did anyone attend a showcase? We would love to hear from you guys!!


On May 18, 2014, in a private ceremony, Choi Hyun-joon from the R&B group V.O.S. tied the knot with his girlfriend. It is reported that she is a fashion model. Congrats to the couple!! (I am a firm believer that Korean celebrities should have normal lives and get married just like the everyone else...unless they are my bias!!)




One of Korea's MAJOR concerts of the year is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a CRAZY line-up!! The concert will be June 7th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Below is the confirmed line up. *DISCLAIMER - Please be advised that this list will increase your heart rate and may cause blood pressure to rise from extreme excitement. Make sure you are sitting before continuing*


Minus Kris

I am gonna cry!

Are you still with me? If so, congrats to not having a ovary exploding heart attack!! Someone needs to buy Shan and I tickets!! If you should happen to go we would love to hear feedback and maybe some pictures!!


One more concert announcement before I am done. The Hyundai Card City Break Concert of 2014 will be held also at the Seoul Would Cup Stadium in August. (Official date will be announced later.) A few bands are already confirmed such as...

Lee Juck

Well, there you have it folks! This week's Korean celebrity news! Check back next week to see what is new!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Touchy Subject Alert

So this is going to be a very touchy subject to some people.. So if you're kinda sensitive to some things, maybe reading this isn't in your best interest. I just want to know if anyone ever feels the way I do..

You ever had that feeling when you're watching a drama or just random clip of your favorite Korean star, that you HAVE TO MARRY THEM AT ALL COSTS!?!?! 

And then the sad, harsh reality hits that even though it's really nice to think about, you know it'll never happen and the chances of you even meeting them to say "Hi, dude, I love your music/dramas/movies, can I have an autograph" are slim to none? 
And you get really depressed because you know it's true?
Yeah I'm kinda going through that right now. 

Here's why.

So I'm watching "Dream High 2" and if you don't know... JB from "JJ Project" and "GOT7" is in this drama.. 

Now, if you know me, you know I'm a huge fan of GOT7 and until recently Jackson was my bias. Well now it's JB. 
But anyways... I'm sitting here watching this and I think to myself. "I really love JB. I want to marry him."
But then I got hit with this thought.. "I would never even have a chance. Normal people like me... We would never have the chance. Even if we were famous in Korea. It's literally impossible." and the more I thought about it, the more I realized.. This is seriously true. Even if someone like me was to get famous.. The possibility of me dating JB or anyone like him for that matter, is just very very highly unlikely. Because even though we're completely awesome people and everyone loves us anyways, everyone has their "Type" that they like. And I happen to not be anyone's type. I would get friend-zoned to hell and back. 
And now I'm depressed.

But I was just wondering.. Does anyone else feel this way or is it only weird ole me who thinks like this? And if you do think this way, does it actually make you feel depressed? Like almost to the point of tears? or is that still just weird ole me? Let me know, lovelies, I'm very interested to see if I'm the only person like this. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Uh-ee - Crayon Pop

Now, this kind of trotty song is not something that I normally like. BUT. There's just something about Crayon Pop that's so different from all other groups. Their dances for one... They're absolutely ridiculous.  BUT THEY'RE RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME! Sersiously. Bar Bar Bar's "Jumping" dance was really popular everywhere. And I have a feeling the "Chicken" dance in this song will also get seriously popular. I mean come on.. They're doing a CHICKEN DANCE! How awesome is that??
More on the dance later. I honestly really like the song too. It's fun and it feels really old-school Korean-ish. Like it was an old Korean song and they remade it. That's what it feels like. I don't think that's the case. But that's just what it feels like. They really have great voices too. Sometimes it doesn't really show because of all the type of songs they do. Because all of their songs are higher pitch so it doesn't really sound like they'd have good voices. Turns out they do though. lol.

Just so you know. When I say chicken dance, I don't mean they're doing the traditional chicken dance. I mean there's wing flapping and chicken fighting. And it's hilarious.
^ The music video. 

Aside from the chicken part of the dance, the rest of the dance is pretty freaking cool. Like all Crayon Pop's  songs, this one is also a workout. That's one reason why I LOVE Crayon Pop songs. Is because they're good workout music in general, but the actual dances are really good for workouts too.

Crayon pop is just so much fun. Really. They're fun to watch, they're fun to listen to, and I'm pretty sure they're even fun to be around. 

Any takers to come learn this dance with me?  Bring a video camera. Let's go. It looks like fun. Hahaha. You think I'm joking. I'm serious, lovelies. :)