Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Obsession: Se7en - When I Can't Sing

This song♡♡

So here's the music video if you haven't seen it!

Now, I've known this song for a long time, and have liked it.. But recently, after watching "Dream High 2" where JB from GOT7 was singing it, I've become extremely obsessed with it and can't take it off of repeat.

Here's JB's version.

I LOVE JB's version, but Se7en's voice is just so great. ♡♡ I can't eEven begin to explain it. His voice is so mesmerizing. Especially with this song. It draws you in and you just FEEL the emotion of the song, even if you don't understand Korean and don't know the lyrics. What gets me is the chorus.
"Even if I lose everything
Even if my popularity falls
And even if I cannot sing anymore
If I take on a new career
Just because I am me
Will you be able to love me?"

Those feels..
And not because I've experienced this myself since I'm not famous, but you can just imagine the pain it would give someone going through this. And if you think about it, I'm sure a lot of stars actually feel like this. I'm sure that when they date, they always wonder if the person would still love them and stay with them if they weren't famous. Its kinda sad. The life of a ccelebrity must be really hard. A lot harder than we would imagine. Maybe I'm just overthinking and its just a song. Haha.

But. This song is so addictive and I seriously can't get enough of it. ♡♡ 

Love you forever, lovelies! Thanks for reading!♡

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  1. This has always been my favorite song by Se7en! It's so deep and real and I just love it!!!