Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Week in the News! May 23, 2014

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! It is the Korean Drama Queen here, bringing to you the latest Korean celebrity news of the week! (I am a day late...don't hurt me!)

Infinite had their comeback this week with their song "Last Romeo" and also had a showcase across Asia this week. What did you guys think of the song and did anyone attend a showcase? We would love to hear from you guys!!


On May 18, 2014, in a private ceremony, Choi Hyun-joon from the R&B group V.O.S. tied the knot with his girlfriend. It is reported that she is a fashion model. Congrats to the couple!! (I am a firm believer that Korean celebrities should have normal lives and get married just like the everyone else...unless they are my bias!!)




One of Korea's MAJOR concerts of the year is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a CRAZY line-up!! The concert will be June 7th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Below is the confirmed line up. *DISCLAIMER - Please be advised that this list will increase your heart rate and may cause blood pressure to rise from extreme excitement. Make sure you are sitting before continuing*


Minus Kris

I am gonna cry!

Are you still with me? If so, congrats to not having a ovary exploding heart attack!! Someone needs to buy Shan and I tickets!! If you should happen to go we would love to hear feedback and maybe some pictures!!


One more concert announcement before I am done. The Hyundai Card City Break Concert of 2014 will be held also at the Seoul Would Cup Stadium in August. (Official date will be announced later.) A few bands are already confirmed such as...

Lee Juck

Well, there you have it folks! This week's Korean celebrity news! Check back next week to see what is new!!

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