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U-Kiss - Quit Playing

(^Kudos to HAS Vince for making this picture for me way before I even added him to the staff. In every new song I do about U-Kiss, I put this picture. lol)


In case you have forgotten, my lovelies, U-Kiss is by far my bias K-pop group and my favorite K-pop group has just now killed me and I am in Heaven BECAUSE OF THIS MUSIC VIDEO! DEAR GOD!!!!!! HOLY CRAPPP!!!

Oh, you haven't seen it? Usually I say this is okay, but THIS IS NOT OKAY! If you haven't seen it, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! LIKE NOW!! I can't even stress just how much you need to watch this. Omg is it hot in here? I think my blood pressure is up. Excuse me while I go cry tears of joy in the corner.

Ahem... Now.. Let me make one thing perfectly clear to the dancers.... KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF ELI AND KISEOP OR I WILL GUT YOU WITH A RUSTY SPOON! 
Okay so that's a joke.. But O...M....G... Just stop. Stop. STOP.

Wanna know just how sexy this song/music video/dance is? IT GOT BANNED! U-Kiss is the first guy group to ever have a dance banned from broadcasting because of it being too racy. Korean broadcasting stations are very smart.. Because old Ahjumma's should not be watching sexy guys dance sexy with girls.. Their poor weak hearts would not be able to stand it. 

Here's a performance video. 

I was not joking when I stated that my blood pressure was up.. My face is on fire. Like.. I can't even take this level of sexy. I really can't. I'm not cut out for all of this. 

All this freaking out over sexiness and I have completely forgot to state the point of this whole blog post. Here goes.
Eli... Can we get married now? I think it's pretty freaking official that you're ready to be my husband. 

Now after reading comments on the music video.. And I have a strong opinion about this... It's pretty clear that I need to beat some hoes up for seriously trash talking them. Guys, get a grip. They're amazing. So what if they had an distasteful dance in your opinion? Let them. Half of you guys are over here watching a naked slut roll around in bed or swinging from a wrecking ball. Just stop. COUNTLESS Korean girl groups get their choreography banned for racy dancing and unappropriate stuff.. And everyone overlooks it.. Why? Because they're girls.. People say "Koreans are suppose to be different from us" STOP. We're all people. Sure they're alot different from us culture wise.. But do you think all Koreans don't have sex? I'm pretty sure they have to because otherwise there would be no more Koreans... Do you think they don't have teenage pregnancies? They do. Just not nearly as much as America. Do you think there's no sex before marriage? THERE IS.  And why do you say "Koreans are suppose to be different" ONLY ON THE GUYS MUSIC VIDEOS? Why are the girls allowed to dance as slutty as they want but God forbid ONE GUY GROUP WITH ONE DANCE THATS NOT EVEN THAT BAD do it.. And you bash them to hell and back. Seriously it makes me extremely mad. After all U-Kiss has been through, they deserve to be like this. This music video is catching everyones attention whether you like it or not. And I'm very happy about it. There are worse things in the world and I applaud U-Kiss for being so super sexy that I have a headache from my blood pressure being up. Not kidding, either. Now of course my rant was not towards every kpop fans.. But just the ones that think this is completely unacceptable. It's FINE. Loosen up. Live life and stop the hate, man. U-Kiss being sexy is definitely not something ANYONE should hate.. 

Before I go any further.. Let me just take this time to welcome new U-Kiss member, Jun. You're cute. I love your voice. And I think you're a great addition to the group. I will always miss Dongho though. Just so everyone knows.. And I really wish that for this sexy concept AJ could have been in on it. But it's okay. Because you make up for it. 

That being said lets give individual member shots from the new album, eh?

I can't even deal with Kiseop. I just.... I... Holy crap.. That is all.

 Eli... I just... Ughhhh.

 Jun is so cute...


Back to the actual music video..

Now keep in mind, I'm not really saying the music video is amazing. I JUST LOVE THE SEXINESS. Ughhhh. The music video I feel could have been better than just focusing on sex. Though I do like the concept, as a music video it could have been alot better. That being said, there's really not alot to say about the music video except stuff that I will explain with pictures.. 

First pictures are just member pictures.







Kiseop.... I just can't even handle him anymore... He's extremely sexy beyond even words... Ugh... 

First things first... There's some things that need to stop. Like now.. Let me show you..

This all needs to stop right now. GET OFF MY MEN. That is all.

One of the things I love about this music video is that as soon as it starts, one of the first things you see is Kiseop taking off his shirt.. Oh yeah...

At this point, I didn't even care about the 2 on the left. I only cared about the sexy man taking off his shirt. <3

No offense, but I have captured the ugliest picture of Eli in history.

I'm sorry but it's not attractive... lol. 

Sometimes when Kiseop is around girls, he starts looking very uninterested.. 

Still so sexy, though. Bahhh. 

I love Eli's "Nastyyyy" parts. lol

He looks so cool and all he's saying is nasty. lol!

Okay, maybe it's just me, but seeing Kevin grinding on girls and stuff is extremely hilarious to me... Like..

Oooo Imma smack that booty!

Oooo look at that booty!

Ooo I'm gettin da booty!

Oooo I got the booty!
Haha sorry it may only be funny to me... But still...

Kiseop looks like he wants to kiss me!

He also looks like he wants to spit water at me... -_-

Group gettin da booty and booty tappin! lol!!

And then just random dancin stuffs.

Okay, so I'm done with this long post. And sorry for the rant earlier... But.. What can I say? I'm very opinionated. 
Stay lovely, lovelies! And make sure you read HAS Vince's post on Rise by Taeyang.. It's the one before mine. :)

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