Friday, June 27, 2014

GOT7 - A

I was very nervous to listen to GOT7's new song. That's why I'm a tad bit late. Why was I scared, you ask? Because I literally love every song that GOT7 had made before then so I had HUGE expectations and was scared it might not live up to them. I was EXTREMELY happy to find that it was a great song. And even had a cute music video. Normally I don't like these types of songs, but there is just something about GOT7 that I LOVE!

Here's the music video!

The number one thing I like about this music video is Youngjae is the main star. 

The main people they show and that sing is Youngjae, Mark, and JB. Something you don't normally see. Usually the front person is always just JB (for good reason though)

First things first... Let me elaborate on the hairstyles.. Let's first go ahead and establish that JB and Jackson look amazing in absolutely anything they could ever do to themselves.

Mark also looks good in probably anything, and Jr. I don't think will EVER change his style. lol.

Youngjae looks amazing like this.. I don't even really know if he changed anything.. He just looks amazing. 

But then we get to BamBam and Yugyeom, who I just don't think look right.. Bambam looks okay, I guess, just not as good as usual. I like him with dark hair more.

But then there's Yugyeom.. Who I couldn't even get a good picture of.. Who just doesn't look right AT ALL. It's just not working for him. Dark hair is also better for him. 

Okay does anyone else besides me realize how extremely awkward and loner-ish they make bambam seem?... Everyone walks in with a partner except BamBam. He's left by himself to look ridiculously awkward.. 

Like, couldn't they have put 3 of them together with their arms around each other so he wouldn't look to awkward? Wouldn't that make sense?

Even when they are about to push Youngjae forward, everyone else is snickering and whispering with each other but BamBam is on his own with a complete awkward smile and is just looking and I'm sure he's whispering to Youngjae "Dammit, Youngjae.. Stop singing and just go over there so I can be part of the group". and then they push him. Because Bambam is just tired of being awkward. 
That's my take on it anyways. 
But the best part.. After Youngjae sings his part.. JB regrets pushing him to her and is like "NO. This is my woman. Get outta my way!" and throws Youngjae. lol.


But. At least after that, BamBam is part of the group again as they do their menu stuff. 

But then after that, he no longer exists... Again.. Because in the next part they only cut out him from the couch shot. LOL

Poor Bambam.. LOL. But honestly it's worth it, because Jackson's face is all we need in that scene. Dear God, I love him. His smile kills me everytime and he smiles so much. 

Flash to night time and they're following her.

And then she turns around and everyone's like "Nahhh.. I ain't followin you".

LOVED IT. Haha. Right after that, if she had happened to just glance back and see Jackson, the rest of this music video would have been invalid because there's absolutely no way you could not fall for that face. THAT FACE THOUGH!!

And then of course, Mark is just like "Screw it. Imma flip in front of you and you will love me."

And.. She still does nothing.. 

Just looks at him like he's stupid. lol

Flash to the store where they're in line behind her. The best and most noticeable thing? Mark's sexy face. The 2nd best thing? The fact that Jr. and Jackson are laying on the ground just to see her.

 When I realized that, it cracked me up so hard..

Then they're walking after her with carts.
Mark looks bored.
Youngjae is pushing his cart along with Bambam's cart (Bambam is in his cart.) lol.
Jackson looks like he's trying to chase his cart. Haha
And Jr. is just cruising along. Lol!

Next comes one of my favorite parts.. The girls buys the conditioner..

So then of course the guys behind her also have to buy that same conditioner. And everyone succeeds....

Except Mark.

Who gets faced with the creepy lady.

Poor Mark. Hahaha.

Flash to Jackson looking super sexy rapping by the old school cars.

Dayum... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

Flash back to the store where BamBam, Jr, and JB are riding in the carts and the rest are pushing them. Only 2 of the cart pushers look happy. The other one (Mark) looks like he's struggling. Like BamBam's heavy. 

And then Jackson is over Mark's shoulder like "WOO!! YEAH!!" lol. 
Then Bambam pulls magical chips outta his butt in the cart and Mark thinks.. "Hmm.. Food.. I need that to be able to get the strength to push him"

Flash to the car (which is not moving) where JB looks absolutely fabulous. 

Youngjae and Bambam look adorable and Yugyeom hides his face.

and Jackson is NOT THERE

There are only 2 possibilities as to why Jackson is not there... 1. He was rapping by the cars at that time. or 2. the girl attacked him by then because he's too sexy for words.

I love this dance. It's cute.

The style of this song and dance really reminds me of the "B Class Life" song from Dream High 2. 

Lol maybe it's because they're both singing about letters.. And because JB and Jr. are in that show. But it really does remind me of it.. Except this song is faster.. And better.. lol 

GOT7 is AMAZING! What do you think, lovelies?

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