Monday, June 2, 2014

My favorite K-Drama Kiss.

This is going to be a totally perverted post...

If you're an obsessed K-Drama watcher, you've seen many of them. And most end up looking like this..

But then there are select few that end up like this...

Now I will give you my 2 favorite K-drama kisses. The ones that have stayed in my mind and will probably stay in my mind forever... And the funny thing? They're from the same series!!! Haha!

My 2nd favorite K-Drama kiss is from "Reply 1997" and it's not just a normal kiss. 

HOT. HOT. HOT. HOTTTT. I've never seen Seo In Guk be so sexy in my life. Seriously. SEXYYYY OMGGGGGGGGGG! AGHHHHH!
Okay sorry. I guess I'm a huge pervert. LOL!

My all time favorite K-Drama kiss?
Oh yes it's this one. Most people would think my 2nd favorite kiss would be my favorite, because of just how intimate it is.. But I'll explain why this one is my favorite after you watch it. 

This is BY FAR my favorite K-Drama kiss to this day. The one that has stuck in my brain since I've watched it.. 
Here's why..
1) You have to really know the characters. If you haven't watched the drama, then you really probably think this kiss sucks. But after knowing the characters and their personalities and their pasts... Seeing this kiss was like a huge relief because half the time I didn't think these 2 were going to work out...
2) All she was asking for was a hug... And then he comes out of nowhere, SURPRISE KISS!! And even now as I'm watching this again... I'm like "OH YEAHHHH!!! THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!" even though I've seen it like 50 times AT MINIMUM. 
3) And the most important reason.. Is because not only is he kissing her like that for a long time.. But after its finished and they're just sitting there, he's like.. "Nuh-Uh. I gotta kiss her again" and pecks her on the lips. I swear to you I want to cry every single time I watch this kiss scene, but for some reason it's just so addictive that I can't stop watching it.. 
4) To be COMPLETELY honest, EVERY SINGLE KISS IN "REPLY 1994" was extremely memorable. Seriously watch all of them.

Now the last kiss was a very close 2nd, but I figured that my 2 favorite kiss scenes shouldn't be from the same drama. Lol! The last kiss is absolutely adorable. Because it really shows you Trash's adorable and funky, weird, playful side. 

I LOVE "Reply 1994" so much. It's definitely my favorite drama. The writer of the "Reply" series is a major genius and a huge inspiration to me because I plan on becoming a script writer. This man knows his stuff.. Really.. He really makes the best dramas. I really hope there's another "Reply" drama coming out. If you run out of 1990's ones to do, by that time you can start on early 2000's.  

So I ask you, lovelies, what is your favorite K-Drama kiss? I really want to know! Leave me comments below!

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