Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Okay ya know this is way too much for me. Wayyyyy too much for me like OMG way too much.

Okay so let's start at the part where the advertisement came out for RISE on instagram, I almost died when I saw Tae-oppa (yes I went there) walking down the street shirtless, but then when I saw his next post of him sitting down with the title of his new album, I stopped and was literally paralyzed for a few seconds. Why? well besides the obvious, I was honestly expecting that Taeyang was...gone? Or at least fading away, because he has been kind of inactive in music, but I know some are like no he hasn't but what I mean is he takes sort of..."gaps"?. And if you all know anything about the entertainment industry you know that usually when a band-group-singer takes a "gap" it is usually a hit for them and they usually are replaced. In this case I thought it would be someone like Jay Park. But NO Taeyang comes back like a BAWS, a baws with sexy blonde hair and an amazing ***** body which he should never flash to the fans his fans except maybe me:) (I have the advantage of being a guy and let's face it his fans are mad nasty and perverted as kdjfvojd lololol jk you know who you are ;) hahaha

In his new video(way down there below:)) he made the entire video an universal award winning grammy standing ovation act with nothing but his standing in one spot singing like the melodic thug(?) angel he is. I say that because he is Christian, a thug(a good one), and his voice is heavenly esp. in this one. But enough rambling and sounding like a sinner, please if you want to take this moment to scroll down and see the vid and come back please do so because this next part that I talk about is going to be all about the trailer for RISE and other things about the RISE. ;)

Okay.....AHHH YAS YAAAS. YAAAS, I think I'm gunna stay in outer space for right now, coming back down to earth is a little to much for me right now.

Okay so anyway this vid is ONLY one of all the amazing songs for this album, so hoping he makes videos for the at least 2 more of his songs.
The RISE album is supposed to be as Taeyang said in an interview that this album is supposed to be "unusual" hip hop.
But let me tell you, I haven't heard every song on the album but I am completely sold onto Korean Hip Hop versus American or any other hip hop cause like omg wow. I am completely in love with this album and my heart is beating out of control right now. It just literally makes me melt.
The RISE album is available for digital download since like 2 days ago (6-2-14) so if you haven't already downloaded it for free somewhere, PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU BUY THE ALBUM. Because even though Tae-oppa would rather give you his music for free, I think we should support him through buying his music so that he can see that we love heeem.
Anyway, most of the album features him singing in sort of a "softer" sounding but crisp, dynamic feel. It is so amazing I could cry. I would love to see him perform in America this year.
The trailer for the album also gives a sort of a theme for the album. Sort of this LA type, solo feel. In the trailer we saw a man whispering "It's time to rise." Which kinda creeped me out because I was like what is my Tae-oppa doing roaming around in America with a big black man hidden around a corner whispering into his ear?!!! I WAS SO STUNNED xDDD

But each time I see the trailer things keep coming to me like, why is he punching the air? And why does the sun seem so bright but it is still dark? And why does Tae-oppa's eyes look even better when they glow a fiery yellow? Is it all because he wants me? Hmm. I think that's why..
But if you look at it I think this is all fitting into the "unusual" theme he wants for his album but I also think that he has some things that he wants to get out during this album, I think that way because of the entire concept the album was built around and presents. So if you're not Korean or read Korean, you might want to search out some good translations for the songs on RISE because this seems like this album is gonna be a core hitter.

Anyway sorry for being away so long and I hope you enjoyed my blog for now till next time;)
Oh and also DON'T forget to support Oppa, he needs to see us more often, not just during concerts so buy his new album RISE. Love ya, 사랑해 ;)

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